Eli Manning Bruises Heel Before Touchdown to Former Tar Heel

Josh BermanCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 04:  Quarterback Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants passes during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 4, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

On a play early in the fourth quarter in week four against the Chiefs, Eli Manning has been pulled from the game after sustaining an injury to what appears to be his heel.

Initial reports from the Giants sideline stat that it is a "bruise;" however, judging by the replay, it is possibly an Achilles tendon issue.

Eli Manning was in the process of planting his right foot when the injury occurred, and he came down on it in a very awkward manner, causing the injury. Manning was not touched nor rushed on the play, and it appears to be self-inflicted.

Eli had thrown two touchdowns, both to WR Steve Smith, prior to this play and the  next play did result in a touchdown by Hakeem Nicks, the first of his career.

It will be catastrophic if Eli cannot play for any amount of time; even though the Giants have an awful Raiders team at home next week. If Eli ever needed a week off this season, that would be the best week available.

Eli is backed up by former first-round draft choice of the Houston Texans, David Carr. Despite his beating throughout his career with Houston, he does have a lot of skill and is one of the better back ups around the league.

Unfortunately, some of the Giants fans who laughed this off-season when Carr signed an extension may be abruptly shut up.

If Eli, who has not missed a start since receiving the starting job, cannot go, Rhett Bomar will be called up from the practice squad. He is a rookie out of Sam Houston State who beat out Andre Woodson (now with the Redskins) for the third QB spot.

Eli is walking around on the sidelines, as I am writing this article in "real time;" I will delay the publishing of this article until after Carr's first series and Eli's initial post-game comments.

Carr goes three and out on his first series with two incompletions; remember he doesn't really need to try hard in a one-sided game like this, so don't panic yet.

Eli is standing around on the sideline with an earpiece listening to the game, while Carr takes a big sack. The significance is Eli looks okay. He hasn't been carted off, he didn't go for X-rays; the fact that he is still there is a good sign.

Eli has played through injury before, hurting his shoulder against Dallas last season and not missing a start.

As FOX shows the replay again, it can be seen he tweaks his heel and then heaves the ball trying not to put pressure on it.

Also, FOX may have corrected me, the play Eli got hurt on did not result in a touchdown the play after, a shotgun where Eli did not need to move much, did.

As a side note although I recognize my title may be inaccurate, but I like the ring to it and I'm not changing it; sorry.

Eli was able to walk out on the field to shake hands, he has a quick interview coming up soon.

Change of plans: FOX cut to the Dallas game, so Eli's interview won't be released until later.

Final Notes: Giants' fans, DON'T PANIC! Eli looked fine standing on the sidelines and I personally think he will be okay. Eli is very tough, and despite FOX's hype, I don't think it is a major injury.

He may miss next week against Oakland, but Carr can handle it. We will just have to wait and follow the story throughout the week. Good luck, Eli!