Fantasy Football: Monday Morning Huddle

The ProdigyCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 20:  Terrell Owens #81 of the Buffalo Bills gets ready to take the field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 20, 2009 in Orchard Park, New York. Buffalo 33-20. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)


[Evening Edition]

So What did we see in Week Two in the NFL

With so much to watch, I can only say thank you “DirecTV” and “Sunday ticket.” There is never too much football at my house on Sunday. With multiple screens and the ticket I not only caught all the action, but I saw plenty. 

I watched as Drew Brees and his unstoppable passing game made the Eagles defense look Pop-Warner. For much of the afternoon, the Saints passing game was flying in high gear and because the safeties couldn’t cheat up, their running was equally effective racking up 133-net yards. 

I also followed the Jets-Patriots chess match and it was everything folks paid to see. Ryan brought a variety of blitzes and there’s no question that he was able to flush Brady at times and keep him off balance. Perhaps the most amazing part of watching this classic battle was the poise of the rookie quarterback. Sanchez plays years ahead of his time. He has that swagger and confidence on the field. ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer has described what Sanchez possesses as an “it” quality. The Jets are now 2-0, I think Dilfer is right. 

I waited two weeks, but in two games I saw both offensive coordinators finally realize that only good things happen when you get the ball to your playmakers. Now the Rams just have too much to overcome, but when you give Steven Jackson enough touches (he had 21, still needs more) he will produce. With 17 carries and a couple of grabs, Jackson totaled 119-yards. 

In the Bills-Buc’s matchup, Edwards finally took some shots and connected not just once, but twice with his receivers. Edwards could have had a third big pass play had Terrell Owens not let the opportunity slip through his hands, but he made amends in the 4th quarter with a 43-yard grab to seal the win for Buffalo. 

During the course of my Sunday ritual of catching all the action (or as much as I can with multiple computers and three TV screens) I managed to follow; 

  1. Brett Favre continues to play efficient and effective as a game manager, doing just what he needs to do (completing 23 of 27 passes) to help the Vikings be successful.
  2. Adrian Peterson (the future 2009 NFL rushing title king) runs hard for another 92-yards on the ground. He now has leads the NFL with 272-yards rushing.
  3. Kurt Warner dissects the Jaguar secondary on his way to setting an NFL record for completion percentage in a game. Warner completed 24 of 26 passes (92.3%).
  4. Michael Turner get his usual workload (28 carries) and normal production on Sunday (105-rushing yards).
  5. Larry Johnson earns every one of his 78-yards on the ground against the Raiders on Sunday. He had 24 carries, but I am skeptical about that continuing.
With quite a few outstanding moments and shockers in week two, we are left with even more to remember. So what will you recall from Sunday? Here's what I will remember from week two;

10 Things I remember from Sunday...

1. The Great Ray Lewis stepping up in the big moment and making the game saving run stuff against the Chargers. Poor Darren Sproles, never had a chance.
2. Terrell Owens getting exactly what he asked for and then oops, dropping what would have been a potential 80-yard touchdown pass from Trent Edward. Nice going T.O.
3. That one of the fantasy owners in my home league picked up Brett Favre off of waivers and started him instead of Matt Schaub. Nice call.
4. For a brief moment it looked like the Eagles were going to give Brees and the Saints a good game, when Kolb connected with DeSean Jackson for a 71-yard strike.
5. Titan’s running back Chris Johnson breaking loose for not one, not two, but three long touchdowns against the Texans and still losing.
6. Watching Frank Gore gash and dash his way through the Seahawks defense for over 240-yards of offense that included two scintillating runs of 79 and 80-yards.
7. The Bronco’s defense starting to resemble the old Orange Crush of the 70’s allowing only two field goals, stuffing the run (2.6-yds per carry), and recording four sacks.
8. The Chargers scat back Darren Sproles (150-yards of total offense) scoring on an 81-yard pass play, making it so easy for San Diego fans to forget about their other running back.
9. The Cowboy’s  Marion Barber running hard through the Giants defense and pulling up lame on his way to a potential score; he was a barbarian.
10. Watching Eli Manning once again disproving all the nay-sayers and showing everyone why they should not doubt his pedigree. Manning led another 4th quarter comeback win, passing to virtually a handful of “what’s his name” receivers.
By David Ortega

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