Did the Seattle Seahawks Make a Mistake By Passing on Mark Sanchez?

Lars HansonCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2017

It's two weeks into the 2009 regular season in the NFL and wouldn’t you know it Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is down with another injury.

Hasselbeck left mid way through the second quarter with what is now reported as a fractured rib which was caused by a hit made by 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis as Hasselbeck was stretching out towards the goal line.

Hasselbeck said today during a the Seahawks press conference that he quote "couldn’t breath" and that was easy to see right after he suffered the hit.

Now rewind to April 25 in New York City when the Seahawks had the fourth overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft.

There had been reports that the Seahawks would be drafting QB Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez as well as LB Aaron Curry or WR Michael Crabtree.

Well now the Seahawks can laugh at the 49ers organization for drafting Crabtree because the Seahawks smartly bowed out of that idea.

Stafford was long gone when he signed the night before the draft with the Detroit Lions and is having some rookie growing pains in Detroit but wouldn’t any quarterback?

As the Seahawks front office was at the team head quarters in Renton Washington they waited to see what the Kansas City Chiefs would do with the third overall pick because they had been hot on the case for the best player in the draft, linebacker Aaron Curry from Wake Forrest.

Well they decided against that idea and went with LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson, passing on Curry.

Once the Seahawks front office heard this news every single person in the war room was rejoicing in the fact that the Seahawks could now get "their man" in Aaron Curry.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell went to the podium and announced this.

And with that being said the Seahawks passed on QB Mark Sanchez, who many said that the Seahawks should have drafted over Aaron Curry.

ESPN.com's Todd McShay even gave them an A- because the Seahawks passed on Sanchez.

And with the fifth overall pick in the draft the Seahawks were hot on the case to draft the prize that the Seahawks passed on and the New York Jets drafted Mark Sanchez.

Now as it stands here is the comparison between Matt Hasselbeck and Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez: 435 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT and 32/53 passing.

Hasselbeck: 376 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT's and 35/54 passing.

They look almost alike but this season Sanchez has made the smart decisions against a good defense in the Houston Texans and a great defense in the New England Patriots.

Hasselbeck has made poor decisions against a weak Rams defense and a great 49ers defense.

Now I do not count the quarterback scramble which caused his rib injury as a poor decision, it was actually the best available option at the time at it wouldn’t have made sense for him to slide anyway.

Now if you want to compare the two teams on offense the Seahawks have a much better crop of wide receivers and tight ends. They have a solid rushing game with Jones and James but it will need to be improved.

And if you want to say that Hasselbeck has had more pressure on him because of his weak offensive line it should be noted that Sanchez has taken more sacks than Hasselbeck has.

Sanchez has been sacked twice while Hasselbeck has been sacked once.

Now to be fair this comparison can't be made by comparing Hasselbeck and Sanchez it has to include the player chosen by the Seahawks. Aaron Curry.

Right now Aaron Curry has eight tackles, all solo tackles. He hasnt recorded a sack nor and INT.

The Aaron Curry pick was really more of a luxury pick and a safe pick than a "hey let's look at our needs for a second" pick.

At the time Leroy Hill was still franchised by the Seahawks and truthfully they could have taken Sanchez fourth overall and USC LB Ray Maualuga in the second round and filled two for the price of one.

So the case is strongly in favor that the Seahawks would have been better off taking QB Mark Sanchez fourth overall, has him waiting in the wings basically to take over this season because we all knew Hasselbeck would have some injury.

Now I know there are going to be people saying that Seneca Wallace is the future quarterback for the Seahawks if Hasselbeck goes down.

Ok let me put that in terms for another team. Michael Vick being the future starting QB for the Eagles. Pat White as the long term QB for the Dolphins.

It won't happen. It just won't because Seneca Wallace is not a starting quarterback in the NFL.

He's a great backup and one of the best specialists in the NFL as a wildcat quarterback but he is not fit to be a 16 game starting QB.

So nothing would have changed for Seneca Wallace had the Seahawks drafted Mark Sanchez.

And a couple more added notes. The Seahawks aren’t led by the offense. They are led by the defense who still hasn’t been playing well despite the money put into the defense.

The Seahawks need to take the model of the Steelers, I know it will be hard for Seahawks fans but just think about it and let's look forward to the next year’s draft.

Matt Hasselbeck and Walter Jones are still here. The Seahawks will most likely be picking at eight (Denver) and 18 (Seahawks pick).

The Seahawks build around the defense but keep the offense as the support. The defense leads like the Steelers and Titans defense's do and the offense just gets them the clinching win.

So that would be drafting FS Eric Berry (8) and RB Jahvid Best (18). The defense gets a great safety in Eric Berry who would acquaint to Troy Polamalu for the Seahawks.

Then Jahvid Best would be like Willie Parker or Chris Johnson or even Adrian Peterson. Hasselbeck becomes Bret Favre and that is just a contributor. 200+ yards and 2 TDs per game but don't make the big throw or mistake because now you have the assets around you that you no longer have to make that throw.

All of a sudden the Seahawks have a great defense and a solid offense. The frame work of the Steelers, Titans, Vikings, and others.


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