From Tom Brady To Byron Leftwich: 2009 QB Ratings

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots signals that he will attempt a two-point conversion after touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills in the fourth quarter at Gillette Stadium on September 14, 2009 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

The Elite

1. Tom Brady- No doubt the best QB in the NFL. 3 Super Bowls to his credit, and he puts up unbelieveable numbers when hes healthy. Coming off an injury he proved that he still had it in Week 1 when he brought his team back from a 14 pont deficet with 2:00 minutes left. Overall thats the most important part of being a QB, because its not how you start, but how you finish. And nobody finishes better then Tom Brady

2. Peyton Manning- One of the most consisentley great QB's of all time. Manning finally got a ring in 2007, and has put up numbers as good as any other QB in history throughout his career. You can almost guarentee 4,000 Yards and 30 TD's for him every season. If you can pencil a QB in for those kind of numbers hes pretty good.

3. Drew Brees- He could easily be number 1 on this list, but until he gets a ring I cant feel comfartable putting him there. After his 5,000 Yard season last year he proved that he was elite. The second QB to ever throw for 5,000 Yards hes the best QB statistically, but not the best overall QB,


On the Brink of Greatness

4. Phillip Rivers- Hes taken the backseat to LT for years now its his team as he proved last year. It looks like this will be a top guy for years to come.

5. Aaron Rodgers- He did a great job following a legend last season as the stats were there, but the Packers record wasnt great although you could blame the defense he has to get part of the blame. After a great preseason, and a comeback drive in Week 1 it looks like hes filled the final whole in his game. We could be looking at the next elite NFL QB,

6. Ben Roethlisberger- He is a pure winner. He might not make it pretty, but he does what it takes to win, and at the end of the day thats what counts.


7. Kurt Warner- Hes now 38, and has two of the NFL's best WR's on his side. So you might wonder, why isnt he higher on this list? The reason is that at age 38 I feel hes not going to do what he did last year in a career reving year, but he will still be good.

8. Eli Manning- Just like Ben Roethlisberger hes just a pure winner, and he does what it takes.

9. Tony Romo- Now that he no longer has Terell Owens to hassle him hes poised to finally win along with the big numbers he put up.

10. Donovan McNabb- If not for inconcisentley he would be a lot higher on this list, but you just cant be sure hes going to play well or stay healthy.

11. Matt Ryan- Last years offensive rookie of the year now added Tony Gonzalez to an already great offense. Expect a big 2009 from Rodgers.

12. Matt Hasselbeck- People forget last year year he was considered a top QB, and now he added T.J Houshmanzadeh.

13. Matt Schaub- Hes always had the talent, and put up the numbers, but winning and staying healthy are the problems.

14. Jay Cutler- One of the best statistical QB's with a lot of talent since the day he was drafted, but can he win with bad WR's?

15. Chad Pennington- He took a team from 1 to 11 wins last season with some help from the Wildcat, although he cant throw 20 Yards hes always right on target.

Boom or Bust QB's

16. Carson Palmer- Once considered elite, Palmer still has the potential to be great if he stays healthy.

17. Matt Casell- He was impressive last year, but whether or not hes a system QB remains to be seen.

18. Joe Flacco- He looked impressive Week 1, and has a great arm, and great size. He could develop into a top QB in 2009.

19. Shaun Hill- A solid QB on a team lost in the mix he could play better then people expect.

20. Trent Edwards- A good young QB with potential he could have a big year now that T.O has arrived.

21. David Garrard- Hes very underrated, but hes not a superstar either.

Game Managers

22. Brett Favre- Hes not the Brett Favre of 1998, but he has a great RB, and a great defense. Hes not going to be asked to win games, but he may be able to win them 1 or 2 if they fall behind.

23. Mark Sanchez- He could be a sleeper this year, but I imagine him makin his biggest impact in a few years.

24. Kerry Collins- Hes not going to win games for the Titans, but hes not going to lose them either.

25. Jason Campbell- Just an averege QB, and thats what he is, and will be.

26. Kyle Orton- He could be better or worse then the 26th QB, but for now this is where you have to put him.

27. Brady Quinn- Quinn is an interesting player now going into his 3rd season trying to make something of his career.

The Below Averege

28. Jake Delhomme- After throwing 6 picks against the Eagles in the playoffs, and throwing another 4 in Week 1 he doesnt seem like the Jake Delhomme of old.

29. Jamarcus Russel- The big kid with a rocket arm hasnt been impressive in his short career.

30. Matt Stafford- Although the Lions dont have much to lose I think starting Staford as a rookie is a bad idea.

31. Marc Bulger- Not what he used to be.

32. Byron Leftwich- As he proved as a Jaguar hes not an NFL starting QB, and the Bucs are not going to be a good team this year.