2009 NFL Season Projections

John VetschContributor ISeptember 8, 2009

After looking at each team's 2009 schedule and adding up their projected wins and losses, these are my projections for the season.

Teams like Tennessee and Miami come back down to Earth, New England and Green Bay finish with two of the league's best records while Denver, Tampa, and St Louis have long seasons.

Surprise risers - Jacksonville and San Francisco
Surprise fallers - NY Giants and Arizona


Patriots (14-2)  Magic Tom is back...enough said.
Jets (8-8)  Rex Ryan will have this defense in the top 10, but Sanchez will struggle.
Dolphins (8-8)  Pennington can't and won't match last year's performance.
Bills (4-12)  Team is tough to read, but they were the worst team in preseason.

Steelers (13-3)  Superbowl 43 winner only got better.
Ravens (10-6)  Flacco and Ray Rice will carry the offense. Can Ray still carry the D?
Bengals (8-8)  A healthy C. Palmer and rejuvenated Ocho Cinco sparks this team.
Browns (4-12)  Quinn will start and he will struggle. Defense still has holes.

Colts (11-5)  Manning wants his AFC South title back...and will get it.
Jaguars (9-7)  Young team full of good character and hungry players. Lots of ?s.
Texans (8-8)  High-powered offense with a healthy Schaub. Can the D step up?
Titans (7-9)  Collins will come back down to earth. Will V. Young finish the season?

Chargers (11-5)  6 guaranteed victories is always nice. This division blows.
Raiders (5-11)  Don't get the wrong idea...the Raiders are still bad.
Chiefs (4-12)  New coach, new QB, new defense...long season.
Broncos (2-14)  See above


Eagles (11-5)  A healthy McNabb with all kinds of weapons will take this division.
Cowboys (10-6)  Felix Jones and MBIII will cary this team despite Romo.
Redskins (9-7)  Jason Campbell will save his career this year. Big year.
Giants (8-8)  Eli will struggle with his new WRs. Frustrating year in NY.

Packers (12-4)  A Rodgers will join Peyton and Brady as an elite QB. D will surprise.
Vikings (11-5)  Favre wins a few and also loses a few. AP and the D hold steady.
Bears (10-6)  Cutler wins 5 by himself but the defense has some holes.
Lions (4-12)  Better, but Stafford will struggle. Still no defense.

Saints (10-6)  Brees will carry this team as usual, but can the D hold the lead?
Falcons (9-7)  Matt Ryan is the real deal. D will be better, but still not ready.
Panthers (6-10)  This team has problems...and it starts at the QB position.
Buccaneers (3-13)  New coach, new team...long year in Tampa.

Seahawks (11-5)  Hasselbeck is back and will carry this team...sleeper MVP candidate.
49ers (9-7)  Young and hungry team. Not sure about S. Hill though.
Cardinals (7-9)  Too old at QB...to many questions everywhere else. Luck runs out.
Rams (2-14)  Team is a one man band named Steven Jackson. Just isn't enough.


New England over Pittsburgh

Green Bay over Philly

Rematch of Superbow 31.
Patriots over Packers - Magic Tom and Bad Bill re-take the crown.