Fantasy Football Rankings: Keeper League QBs

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IAugust 22, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - AUGUST 15:  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers waits for the snap behind center Jason Spitz #72 against the Cleveland Browns during the preseason game at Lambeau Field on August 15, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

In a keeper or dynasty league, you have to balance youth with experience. Usually, in these kind of leagues, the strongest teams each year have a roster that includes veterans and some young budding talent. When it comes to grabbing your fantasy QB in a keeper league, this is wise to keep in mind. I’m not saying you should pass on Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford just because they are young, but for a starting QB, you’d be better suited with an experienced passer and, then, stash one of the youngsters on the bench for the future.  With in mind, I (Bruno Boys Dominic) provide you (Bruno Boys Nation) with my Top-30 Keeper League QBs.

1) Drew Brees (NO) – Age 30

It’s true, youth is a valuable thing in keeper leagues, but you don’t pass up a stud QB like Brees for it. He’ll produce for many more seasons to come.

2) Tom Brady (NE) – Age 32

Like fine wine, Brady should get even better with age. He’ll be a top three QB for at least another five years.

3) Aaron Rodgers (GB) – Age 25

For several seasons, this young gun studied behind Favre, and last year, he finally got his chance to show he belonged. He did more than that as he showed he was ready to be one of the elite. Add in that he has plenty of young talent to throw to, and he should be a stud for a while.

4) Matt Ryan (ATL) – Age 24

Some may disagree with Ryan here, but everything about his game screams superstar. Getting him now means you could have your QB position locked down for the next decade.

5) Peyton Manning (IND) – Age 33

Manning lovers will think it sacrilegious to see him at 5 but the truth is, his O-line is deteriorating and losing Dungy might hurt more than they’ll let on. He’s still at No. 5 though because well, he’s Peyton Manning.

6) Philip Rivers (SD) – Age 27

Not as young as you would think, but very tough and a very good QB on a dynamic offense. The only reason he is not rated higher here is because that dynamic offense is getting older and the running game steals a lot of TDs.

7) Matt Schaub (HOU) – Age 28

If injuries weren’t such a concern, he might be ranked higher because when healthy he’s as good as they come. The Texans are a young team on the brink of becoming a major force in the league. Oh, and did I mention he has Andre Johnson to throw the ball to for several years?

8) Jay Cutler (CHI) – Age 26

Say what you want about Cutler, he’s still got one of the best arms in the league and the potential to be a stud QB year in and year out. Greg Olsen and Matt Forte are only going to get better and as Chicago starts to build upon their other receivers, Cutler will have the weapons around him to put up big numbers on a consistent basis.

9) Tony Romo (DAL) – Age 29

TO is gone which could be a good thing. However, Romo needs to re-convince me and many other fantasy owners that he still belongs in the upper tier of QBs. With Witten in the end zone and the three headed monster of Barber, Jones and Choice running the ball, I expect to be completely convinced in no time.

10) Ben Rothlisberger (PIT) - Age 27

He’s really only had a year of stellar fantasy production, but you can’t argue with his end results. If the O-line can improve and his red zone weapons start to mature, Big Ben has shown he can put up big numbers in the past and that he can do it again. Concerns about Hines Ward retiring will be at play here, but I expect Limas Sweed to take over that role quite well.

11) Carson Palmer (CIN) - Age 29

A great QB when he’s not lying on his back in the Doctor’s office. Palmer has the potential to put up big stats, but he needs to last the entire season and put a spark back in the Bengal’s offense.

12) Donovan McNabb (PHI) - Age 33

With new weapons surrounding him and an improved offensive line, McNabb’s biggest knock is going to be whether or not he can play long enough to take advantage. He’s getting up there in age but still has the goods to put up big numbers. You may only get three to five more years of production, but he’ll still probably outshine some of your younger options. Vick is not a concern, yet.

13) Eli Manning (NYG) - Age 28

His interceptions will drive you mad, but each year, he looks even more composed in the pocket. Much of that is thanks to one of the league’s most dominant offensive lines and an incredible running game. Of course, the success of the running game is what takes away lots of his TDs. However, the Giants are eventually going to develop or find a replacement for Burress. And when they do, Manning could begin to gain some serious fantasy momentum.

14) Trent Edwards (BUF) - Age 25

A little risk involved with picking Edwards up, but hey, nothing’s a given in life. With TO in town, Edwards should definitely become a solid fantasy option in 2009. Plus, he’s young which is great if he continues to perform well. The bad news: TO always leaves. And, when he does, Edwards may need more players to compliment Lee Evans in order to truly break out.

15) Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) - Age 33

He’d be much higher if he were a spry 28 year old and back issues didn’t take him out last season. Still, when he’s on, he’s on. And now he’s got a number 1 receiver in T.J. Houshmanzadeh. Good for at least two to three more years.

16) Matt Cassel (KC) - Age 27

Plainly put, he’s got to prove that he’s the real deal and not a product of the Patriots successful system. Tony Gonzalez would have helped loads, but a talented Dwayne Bowe isn’t too shabby.

17) Kyle Orton (DEN) - Age 26

He doesn’t always make the right decisions on the field which makes him inconsistent at times, but Orton has all the tools to succeed. Plus, he’s never had a receiving duo like Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal nor the coaching of someone like McDaniels. Even if Marshall leaves after the season, Knowshon Moreno is there to catch balls in the backfield.

18) Kurt Warner (ARI) - Age 38

Where were you all those years Kurt? Let’s be clear, Warner is only a good pick up in your keeper league if you have another younger option at the position or you feel confident you can pick up a decent QB next year. In other words, he’s not long term. That being said, if he stays healthy, you’ll have a fantasy monster on your team in 2009.

19) Joe Flacco (BAL) - Age 24

As a rookie, Flacco led his team to the playoffs. That’s impressive. His fantasy numbers, not so much. He might be ranked higher, but I think he’s got a few years before he can be considered a starting fantasy QB. Ray Rice should get better and better. And, eventually the Ravens will sign a true number one receiver, giving him plenty of weapons. So, if you have a spot to keep him, hold on and reap the rewards down the road.

20) Mark Sanchez (NYJ) - Age 22

Sometimes you have to go all in and nothing says gambling like taking a rookie QB. Sanchez was drafted to be the face and future of the Jets franchise. That means they’ll give him whatever he needs to succeed. And, that includes an elite wide out. It’s just a question of when.

21) Brett Favre (MIN) - Age 39
22) David Garrard (JAX) - Age 31
23) Brady Quinn (CLE) - Age 24
24) Matthew Stafford (DET) - Age 21
25) Michael Vick (PHI) - Age 29
26) Chad Henne (MIA) - Age 24
27) Shaun Hill (SF) - Age 29
28) Jake Delhomme (CAR) - Age 34
29) Jason Campbell (WAS) - Age 27
30) Matt Leinart (ARI) - Age 26





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