ESPN Sports Center Confims Raider Hatred ??

Panty Raider AKA Big RaidCorrespondent IJuly 27, 2009

ALAMEDA, CA - MAY 08:  The Oakland Raiders huddle together during the Raiders minicamp at the team's permanent training facility on May 8, 2009 in Alameda, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

This really isn't as much of an article as it is shedding light on a media bias of The Oakland Raiders vs  other teams in the NFL.

Following my daily routine Coffee, smoke, sports center. I was left annoyed pissed off and confused. This time it was not a direct attack at the Raider organization that accomplished this, but a very indirect round about bias. One of those read between the lines things. A left handed analysis. 

Currently the talk is will Mark Sanchez start for the Jets? What are his chances? Rex (The Better Defensive coach) Ryan was quoted as saying he has no issues starting a Rookie QB. Coming from Baltimore where Flacco had great success as a rookie had given him the confidence that, in the right situation a rookie can succeed as a starting signal caller.Rex was quoted as saying that coming out of Minicamp and OTA's, that the jets were happy with the progress that Sanchez showed, and that he only needed to improve on Reading defensive sets, being more careful with the ball throwing fewer int's and they don't see why he can't be a starter for The Jets.. Sports center analyst went on to chime in how positive this was, and that the coach is making an intelligent call. "Keeping it simple" as the Female Bobble head put it so that Sanchez can and would succeed. Acknowledging Rex Ryan as bringing his QB along the right way.


Isn't the exact same thing that Cable said about Russell when he was questioned as to whether Russell could be the starter of The Raiders? When Cable was asked if Russell could lead the Raiders, if Russell could be the face of the Raider Organization, Cable answered. "If Russell continues to put in the extra work and does the things a NFL QB should do. Watch the film, read the playbook.. Russell would be a great QB in the NFL"...

Sounds the same to me...

What is the difference in the statements both coaches made? One was made by a coach for the Oakland Raiders. Instead of seeing the positive in the statement Cable made giving him the same accolades given Rex Ryan. Media types and haters would have you believe that Cables statements expressed a concern with his 3rd year (2nd as a starter) QB. They further surmised that Cable's statement expressed that Russell work ethic and football IQ was in question. If Russell did this or that maybe..

As I swallowed my last gulps of coffee my ire continued to rise. My Raider pride began to swell as it became painfully obvious once again. The MEDIA, BSPN, THE NFL are scared. Continually attempting to put down the Raiders at every turn. Calling similar moves by other organizations wise moves, continually trying to affirm that certain draft pics were reaches even though so called "reputable" clubs were right there waiting to grab the same player, calling players a bust before they've played a single down, before they've even compete in their 1st training camp. Those are tactics of scared competition and biased mediots trying to play head games prepping to line up for a Big I told you so.  These games won't work. The I told you so's will be that of the TRUE Raider fans willing to stick it out with their team. It hasn't always been pretty, but that is what makes the game so special. Being able to revel in the glory of turning a franchise around. The ability to wade through adversity and come out on top. To return to glory when all those say it isn't possible. These are the life lessons of the Greatest game to played. Failure is not about getting knocked on your butt, failure is not get back up dusting yourself off and trying again and again despite others saying what you can and can't do. Failure is not believing in you.

Win lose or Tie.. Silver and black till the DAY I DIE !!!