Tony Romo and Jason Garret: Gone in 2010?

Jamie BrownCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2009

That's what the word on the street is.

That's what Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants fans are praying for.

It is completely possible. 

Some may not know, but Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers both see their contracts coming to an end before the start of the 2010 season, they are the top candidates for replacing Romo if worst comes to worst.

The 2009 season, or better known to Romo as "Crunch Time," could be Romo's last chance to stay in Dallas. As well as offensive coordinator Jason Garret's.

Here's why.

Tony Romo has had problems getting accustomed to the league, not from a statistical point of view, or physical point of view, but a mental point of view.

He has not won a game in the playoffs. He has not been able to utilize his weapon receiver in Owens as much as fans would have liked. And, to be completely honest, he cracks under pressure.

When he tries to evade rushing defenders he doesn't keep his head up, looking downfield, but instead he continues to try and find space to wind up for a pass. He is reasonably fast, he should try to gain a few yards on the ground. He only had 41 rushing yards last season.

But next season should be different, it needs to be different. Jerry Jones went out of his way to make Romo happy all offseason. Jerry released star receiver Terrell Owens, who must have brought in millions of dollars selling jerseys alone. Jones also gave an arm and a leg (first- and third-round draft picks) for wide receiver Roy Williams.

Since he did all of this for Romo, who will get the blame if the Cowboys don't go deep into the playoffs this year?

It can't be the lack of chemistry, TO is long gone.

It can't be because of a lacking pass or running game, they are solid.

It can't be the defense, because, well, it is probably the best in the NFC.

So once people see it wasn't any of the reasons stated above, all heads will turn to a whistling, innocent looking, Tony Romo.

And then they will turn sharply to Garret.

The coordinator is always the first to go.

You need to remember, the Dallas fans are the ones that booed Troy Aikman, who brought three rings back to the city. Not to mention four NFC Championships.

Garret will be chased out of town, never to work there again.

And then Romo will be next.

Wade Phillips, however, won't be. He is not only the head coach, but he is the defensive coordinator, and the defense is almost flawless, not lacking in strategy, and they have DeMarcus Ware.

You could say Peyton Manning didn't win a playoff game for a few years when he started in the NFL, but I think Jerry Jones could be getting fed up. As stated before, Jones has done a lot for Romo this offseason and he is expecting big things in return.

Also, Colts fans are a bit more forgiving.

Yet all of this drama can be avoided if Romo leads his team. You forget he went 13-3 back in 2007. He could be able to do it again if he gets his confidence issues under control.

One step at a time, Tony.

The first thing he will need to do is win the first five games of the season.

Visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers is first, then the Giants and Carolina Panthers visit Cowboy Stadium.

Then Dallas ventures first to Denver, and, after that, on to Kansas City.

Out of these games, I see Romo and his 'Boys going 4-1, with a loss to the Giants. Doing this, or better, will shut up all of the "haters," and Romo will get his '07 confidence back.

But, if they do any worse, I can guarantee rallying fans on Romo's lawn, pitchforks and torches in hand.

Garret will already be on a plane to Mexico.


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