Predicting Redskins' Most Important Games of 2014 Season

Shae Cronin@@BetBigDCCorrespondent IMay 2, 2014

Predicting Redskins' Most Important Games of 2014 Season

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    Although penciling in predictions based off of your team's schedule this early in the year may come off as a bit crazed, you'll find less of your peers laughing at you if you instead just circle the games that project as significant or entertaining. 

    Let's take a look at some of the more important games of the Redskins' (seemingly) tough 2014 schedule.

Seattle Seahawks

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    Monday, October 6 in Washington

    In their first meeting since the first round of the playoffs two years ago, the Redskins host the Seahawks at FedEx Field on Monday Night Football in Week 5. 

    Remnants from the last game between these two aren't necessarily morsels Redskins fans choose to remember. Not only did they blow their early lead, and ultimately the game, but Robert Griffin III crumbled to the dirt with a bum knee in what now serves as a vivid nightmare for Redskins fans, and the relentless drama that ensued over the next 12 months was bleach in the wound.

    Hosting the reigning Super Bowl champions under the national spotlight is no small feat, but guys like Trent Williams and RG3 will want their revenge from what feels like forever ago. 

    This game has early-season blockbuster potential. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Sunday, September 14 in Washington 

    Given their combined record from a season ago, many Redskins fans will make the mistake of looking right past both the Texans and Jaguars to open the season. But coming off just three wins themselves, hopefully the Redskins and coaches don't make the same mistake. 

    It may be early in the season and not count against the division or conference record, but with a tough remaining schedule, the Redskins will have to take care of business against teams with less talent. They draw the Jaguars at home, and there's very little room for error. 

St. Louis Rams

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    Sunday, December 7 in Washington

    In the two games prior to Week 14 against the Rams, the Redskins play both the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts on the road, neither of which sound attractive. 

    And following their Week 14 matchup against St. Louis, the Redskins enter division battles against New York, Philadelphia and Dallas to close out the season. 

    In what could be tough back-to-back road trips, the Redskins could benefit from a win over the Rams to help regain some confidence before buckling down and fighting through the NFC East to finish out the year. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Saturday, December 20 in Washington 

    Sure, it's a division game, and it projects as a crucial matchup to finish out the year. But the main attraction—dependent on respective records at this point—are the theatrics involved in DeSean Jackson against his former team in his new home at FedEx Field. 

    Although these two play earlier in the year during Week 3 in Philly, the late-season clash and potential ramifications makes for better drama. 

Dallas Cowboys

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    Sunday, December 28 in Washington 

    Two seasons ago, when the Redskins hosted the Dallas Cowboys to close out the season and ultimately win the NFC East division title, the game served as the highest-rated NFL regular-season prime-time game ever on NBC, and it was also the highest-rated NFL regular-season prime-time broadcast on any network in 15 years, according to NBC (via The Washington Post).

    So yeah, the NFL might want to go ahead and try its hand at that matchup again.

    Additionally, the Redskins-Cowboys game is one of the best rivalries in sports, and scheduling a division game to end the season always carries the possibility of playoff implications. 

    This game is a win for everyone.