1. DeSean Jackson sees no problem with what Eddie Lacy did.

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  6. ICYMI—#Redskins need consistent production from DeSean Jackson. https://t.co/dzOd34tYz0 #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/BL1tUeaRgw

  7. #Redskins need consistent production from DeSean Jackson. https://t.co/dzOd34tYz0 #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/aE24a1Tk3V

  8. Can't wait to see the matchup between DeSean Jackson, a noted #NYG killer, & the guy he calls, "just another guy on the field" (Prince).

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  13. DeSean Jackson on whether he keeps tabs on his former team, the Eagles: "I could care less."

  14. DeSean Jackson on @PrinceAmukamara: "Just another guy on the field.''

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  18. Desean Jackson on the Eagles situation: "I couldn't care less."

  19. DeSean Jackson on @PrinceAmukamara: "Just another guy on the field." #Giants #Redskins

  20. DeSean Jackson on what is going on in Philadelphia: 'I could care less.' #Giants #Eagles

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  24. DeSean Jackson on keeping up with his former team, the Eagles: "I could care less.''

  25. Desean Jackson on Giants: "They got our number now. They've beat us three times, and we're all aware of that.

  26. Desean Jackson on Kirk Cousins: "It doesn't really matter what he does or doesn't do. He's our guy."

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  31. DeSean Jackson on why the Redskins are so much better at home: "I don't know. I don't look into all that, bro.''

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  33. DeSean 'Not Really Worried About' Hamstring Anymore

  34. DeSean Jackson on the Giants: "They got our number right now.''

  35. WATCH LIVE: DeSean Jackson talking now from the podium about his work to fight pediatric cancer https://t.co/bd0PPXJsv8

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  37. DeSean Jackson Likely To Play

  38. Redskins just announced DeSean expected to come back in the game. trainers sitting w him on bench.

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  42. Cousins rebounds from interception with TD pass to DeSean Jackson.

  43. Jackson Ready to Return from Hamstring Injury

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  45. Washington got DeSean Jackson matched up against safety Colin Jones in the slot - didn’t go well for them, as you might expect

  46. DeSean TD got us like. https://t.co/Mjvw6b12Bl

  47. DeSean Jackson Ruled Out For Week 7

  48. TMZ: DeSean's Home Scene of Gang-Related Robbery

  49.  #Touchdown @DeSeanJackson11! WATCH: https://t.co/fpJ1T5D8Gj https://t.co/wQ25yKxpPF

  50. Welcome back, DeSean. No. 11 puts up his first TD of the season in #WASvsCAR: https://t.co/PY9Np3Vsan https://t.co/PamB51CZTt

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  53. Ron Rivera thought secondary played well without Charles Tillman other than one play (the DeSean Jackson TD).

  54. DeSean Jackson on the Chris Culliver interception overturn: "We play tackle football. It's not two-hand touch." #Redskins

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  56. Redskins' Offense Can't Wait for Jackson to Return

  57. DeSean Jackson burns Panthers for first TD https://t.co/ZpEyAP84KR

  58. WATCH: DeSean Jackson caught a 56-yard TD pass from Kirk Cousins https://t.co/UNClYlqwGb https://t.co/zplA2LvAv3

  59. Revis Says He Doesn't Care If DeSean Jackson Plays or Not

  60. Jackson, Culliver and Breeland Practice Wed.

  61. VIDEO: DeSean Jackson turns on jets to burn Panthers' secondary for 56-yard TD catch! https://t.co/WkA3MD933E https://t.co/5pin9tLccs

  62. DeSean (Hammy) Practices for 1st Time Since Sept. 13

  63. Jackson, Culliver Absent from Practice Friday

  64. WARNING: DeSean Jackson is doing DeSean Jackson things. 56 yards and ZOOOOOOM: Touchdown. #WASvsCAR https://t.co/qV31bZ2vCi

  65. Redskins Hopeful Culliver Will Play; Doubt Up on Jackson

  66. Jackson (Hamstring) Still Absent from Practice Wed.

  67. DeSean Jackson TD...Deep ball from the slot. That always gives the D trouble.

  68. The #Redskins strike back in #WASvsCAR with a DeSean Jackson touchdown! https://t.co/HioAhXRLuq

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  70. DeSean Has One of Fastest First Steps Among WRs

  71. DeSean Jackson is worth all the headaches. The Redskins offense is low key kinda nasty

  72. You often have to go down to high school level to see a WR that wide open -- DeSean Jackson torches Colin Jones for TD. 7-7 CAR-WAS

  73. Was Jackson Injury Due to Poor Conditioning?

  74. DeSean a Singular Talent Who Might Not Work in DC

  75. 2nd time today DeSean Jackson has been left WIDE open by the way. He's not a big guy, but…should probably cover him.

  76. That's now 22 TDs by DeSean Jackson on passes of 50-plus yards. Ties Joey Galloway for fifth most all-time since the AFL-NFL merger...