1. DeSean Jackson on beating NYG: 'They said we couldn't do it' (VIDEO) https://t.co/lszS6LWxIu #Redskins #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/o27CmSP0X9

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  6. Jay Gruden joked to DeSean Jackson last week: "Can you return punts still? I think you’re getting old now." https://t.co/phhHrHS61B

  7. You know, DeSean Jackson is putting up some Hall of Fame career numbers.

  8. Before TD grab, DeSean Jackson eyed his defender and thought, ‘Who is this guy?’ https://t.co/U34aWt4f08

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  13. DeSean Jackson has 19 career TD catches of 60+ yards, tied for 4th most in NFL history and 4 behind. Jerry Rice's record 23.

  14. With touchdown reception, DeSean Jackson shows he’s back to full health, @DanRothDC writes: https://t.co/FXM09XEKWu https://t.co/QVA8TFG98S

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  25. WATCH: Redskins WR DeSean Jackson made a 63-yard TD catch vs. Giants https://t.co/83YWBb8bhs https://t.co/tXDX7Uxjl3

  26. Washington puts DeSean Jackson back to field a punt against Tom Coughlin. That'll get some people heated.

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  28. Gruden: Can't Expect D-Jax to Be Immediate Star Upon Return

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  30. DeSean Jackson is back deep to return this punt.

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  33. DeSean Jackson channels 2010 walk-off punt return as he jogs along goal line against Giants. https://t.co/z56EoA0gsE https://t.co/DBS16qQy0P

  34. VIDEO: DeSean Jackson casually prances into the end zone after burning Giants defense. TD! https://t.co/81udgIH16p https://t.co/LzzcMlFUeC

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  36. Jackson Uses More Than Speed to Hurt Defenses

  37. DeSean Jackson has 18 career receiving TD of at least 50 yards, most in the NFL since entering the league in 2008 https://t.co/hobx1SCDNb

  38. DeSean Jackson is doing D-Jax things again. 63-yard deeeeep TD and just prances into the end zone. #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/bDpiJ2QeTN

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  40. DeSean 'Not Really Worried About' Hamstring Anymore

  41. Loved everything about that DeSean Jackson play except the last 4 seconds.

  42. DeSean Jackson in past 2 games: 7 catches for 153 yards and two TDs, with another 40 minutes to go here.

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  44. DeSean Jackson Likely To Play

  45. Washington went right at CB Jayron Hosley and DeSean Jackson ran by him, then beat Brandon Meriweather deep.

  46. DRC out, Jayron Hosley in, Redskins go right at him, result it 63 yard TD for DeSean Jackson, who burnt Hosley like a piece of toast.

  47. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  48. Out Since Wk 1, Can We Trust DeSean After Getting 'Green Light'?

  49. Smart offense by Washington. DRC was not in on that play, so they attacked Jayron Hosley, who happened to be DeSean Jackson. Of course.

  50. That pushes DeSean Jackson into 4th-place all time for TD receptions of 50 yards or more. That's the 23rd of his career

  51. Jackson Ready to Return from Hamstring Injury

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  53. DeSean Jackson long TD vs Giants. Have you ever heard that before? https://t.co/ZPJDGWABky

  54. Kirk Cousins drops a 63-yard DIME to DeSean Jackson for the TD! Redskins lead Giants, 10-0.

  55. DeSean Jackson Ruled Out For Week 7

  56. TMZ: DeSean's Home Scene of Gang-Related Robbery

  57. For anyone who is critical of DeSean Jackson, how do you compete with that?? #Redskins might actually lead division!?!.. #RedskinsTalk..

  58. Cousins to Desean Jackson for 63 yard TD....Redskins 10, #Giants 0 10:18 left 2nd Qtr #nyg

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  61. Kirk Cousins to DeSean Jackson for a 63-yard touchdown. ... With DRC out, Washington goes right over the top for a 10-0 lead.

  62. Kirk Cousins to DeSean Jackson for 63 yards and a score. Washington leads 10-0.

  63. DeSean Jackson Expected To Miss Week 7

  64. Redskins' Offense Can't Wait for Jackson to Return

  65. A 63-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson. #Giants using duct tape back there. #Redskins take advantage. 2nd week in a row for DJax.

  66. #Redskins dialed up the deep shot and DeSean Jackson torched #NYG defense by 2 steps. Great throw by Cousins. 10-0 and FedEx Field is alive.

  67. Revis Says He Doesn't Care If DeSean Jackson Plays or Not

  68. Jackson, Culliver and Breeland Practice Wed.

  69. Washington takes a 10-0 lead on Kirk Cousins 63-yard TD pass to DeSean Jackson. #NYGvsWAS

  70. Giants trail, 10-0. DeSean Jackson with that TD. Beat Jayron Hosley and Brandon Meriweather deep.

  71. DeSean (Hammy) Practices for 1st Time Since Sept. 13

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  73. Perfect throw off play-action from Kirk Cousins to DeSean Jackson, who foolishly hasn't learned to cross goal line quickly as possible.

  74. Kirk Cousins to DeSean Jackson for 63 yards! Feel the burn. #NYGvsWAS https://t.co/o9XBSin14G

  75. Redskins Hopeful Culliver Will Play; Doubt Up on Jackson

  76. Jackson (Hamstring) Still Absent from Practice Wed.

  77. He's baaaaaaaack! Cousins to DeSean Jackson. 63 yards. #Redskins 10, Giants 0. #RedskinsTalk

  78. DeSean Jackson 63-yard TD. Add insult to injury, walks the goal line again. Shades of 2010. Ouch. #Giants #Redskins