If The Broncos Trade Brandon Marshall, Where Would He Go?

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst IJune 17, 2009

As of now, the Denver Broncos have said that they do not plan to trade WR Brandon Marshall after he requested a trade in a meeting with Owner Pat Bowlen.

Well, Broncos fans—they said that about Jay Cutler to.

Thus, I cannot help but speculate about where Brandon Marshall could go.  I'm inclined to believe that Denver will send him to an NFC team before an AFC team—but, if the deal is right, I think the Broncos would trade Marshall to the AFC.

That is why I tried to think of any team that might be interested and had something of value to trade that they would be willing to trade (even the Raiders).

Before I begin, I will say that the universal conditional is (so why repeat it each time?): Is the team willing to take a chance on Marshall regardless of the baggage?


New York Giants

The Giants drafted WR Hakeem Nicks in the first round of the Draft in order to replace WR Plexico Burress.  However, rookie receivers rarely produce big numbers, and the Giants are thinking Super Bowl. 

Thus, the G-Men could be willing to send Nicks and a low draft-pick (say, 4th round which is the round that the Broncos selected Marshall in 2006) in exchange for Marshall.

The biggest roadblock for the Giants however is Marshall's character issues and legal troubles.  But if they think that one great year and a Super Bowl ring would suffice, then the G-Men would make the deal. 

The follow up question however is: Would the Broncos want to christen the NFC champ by trading Marshall to the Giants?


Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler is already advocating for the Bears to make an offer for Brandon Marshall.  They already traded their 2010 1st round pick to Denver for Jay Cutler, thus, it's hard to believe that Chicago will trade more draft picks.

They can offer defensive-players however, such as CB Corey Graham, LB Nick Roach and rookie DE Jarron Gilbert for Brandon Marshall and a draft-pick.

The Bears acquired Jay Cutler with the idea of contending for the Super Bowl, so the Bears could once again make a trade in order to protect their investment in Cutler and enhance their chances.

I picked those players, because other than draft picks, I doubt that Denver would want Chicago's receivers, unless the Bears are willing to trade rookie WR Juaquin Iglesias or OT Chris Williams.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have Antonio Bryant and Kellen Winslow II as go-to receivers for the Quarterback to be named later, but after that, not much else.

One problem I have with this scenario is the mix of personalities.  Bryant, Winslow and Marshall all have checkered pasts, so I'm not sure that Tampa would want to deal with all three.

However, if Tampa Bay thinks they need another weapon to compete in the loaded NFC South, then I think they would trade for Marshall.


Seattle Seahawks

Okay, so they signed TJ Houshmandzadeh, but "The Housh" is going on 32 and had only average production in 2008.

After that, the Seahawks must rely on TE John Carlson, rookie WR Deon Butler, and the health of WR Nate Burleson and WR Deion Branch.

I'm still not sure about whether Matt Hasselbeck has anything left, but I do know that when a quarterback has receivers that can get open—it will take pressure off him, which can reduce the possibility of injury to Hasselbeck.

A scenario that seems feasible would be for Seattle to send Deion Branch and a draft pick to Denver for Marshall, where Branch would play for a former New England coach—which is the system that Branch began in back in 2002.

Arizona Cardinals

Sometimes deals that make too much sense, just don't happen.

It would make the most sense for Denver to swap WR Brandon Marshall for WR Anquan Boldin.

For whatever reason, I just doubt that this one will happen.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles aren't in dire need for a receiver, but like the Giants, could use a more polished one. 

The Eagles could trade a draft pick and anyone of their many receivers: Hank Baskett, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Kevin Curtis, etc.

Baltimore Ravens 

Baltimore only has draft picks to trade, while the Ravens generally don't trade picks. 

The last one that I remember was a trade for Willis McGahee, but if Denver wants a first-round pick or an equivalent player, then I doubt that Baltimore would trade.

So they might be interested but I don't believe that they will acquire Brandon Marshall.

New York Jets

If the Jets are willing to make an impressive offer, I think the Broncos would bite.

Really, the biggest question mark for the Jets is the experience of Mark Sanchez and whether Jericho Cotchery can be the number one receiver. 

Even then, the next best receiver is TE Dustin Keller, thus the Jets could use help at the receiver position regardless.

If the Jets are willing to go all-in on the deal and trade a first-round pick and a player or an additional pick, then I think that the Broncos would accept.


Oakland Raiders

I'm throwing this one there out just for kicks.  Considering that Al Davis loves to stock-pile receivers, I wouldn't rule out an offer.

In the draft, the Raiders selected of course, WR Derrius Heyward-Bey and WR Louis Murphy, both of whom have solid pro-potential.

The other wild card is the status of DE Derrick Burgess.  The Raiders are shopping Burgess, so if Davis pulls another rare trade with Denver, then don't be surprised if the Raiders acquire Brandon Marshall for Derrick Burgess, Louis Murphy and a draft-pick (and maybe Javon Walker as a salary throw-in).


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