Exit: Mike Martz, Enter: Jimmy Raye

Jonathan BeckmanContributor IMay 29, 2009

Let me ask you a question: How many times, during the 2008 NFL season, did you question the direction of the 49ers offense? Personally, at seasons’ end, the tally was… 11,338 times. No exaggeration!

Mike Martz belonged in a system where he had a gun slinging QB, three superb WR’s, and a finesse offensive line. Not a team that consisted of a suspect QB, a power-running offensive line, an All-Pro Running Back, and a bunch of young/inexperienced WR’s. I know they say “opposites attract”, but in these circumstances, it was terrible match…not made in heaven.

As the weeks went on, his play-calling gradually became worst; I compare it to a child, forcefully attempting to shove a square block, in to a triangle slot- it just doesn’t work. Like a child, Martz ignored the obvious signs; instead of swallowing his pride, and making adjustments, he pushed harder!

Instead of relying on running back Frank Gore to carry this team, he chose to put the team and the game in the hands of J.T. O’Sullivan. As crazy as it sounds, to him, it was a perfect formula. What is even more shocking is that he was surprised with the outcome. The guy was unsuccessful under Martz in Detroit; what makes you think he will be successful anywhere else? Mike Martz and J.T. O’Sullivan, collectively, ruined the 2008 San Francisco season. The play calling was so predictable- on 1st down, they would pass; 2nd down, they will run; and 3rd down, they will pass… it’s that simple. When Martz would attempt to get creative & slick, usually, a turnover would occur; immediately after that, Martz would “sigh”, and look around for someone to blame. Meanwhile, he was the culprit.

When this 49ers offense was generating positive, scoring drives, they were simply pounding the run; after successfully running the ball, holes in the passing defense would open up, where the QB can hit the WR down the field. It’s really that simple. Why Martz chose to ignore the winning formula, I don’t know. What I do know is that the 49ers organization shared my mindset, and immediately fired Martz at seasons’ end.

Who did they bring in?

 A man who has been part of the NFL family for 32 years; 11 of those years as an Offensive Coordinator (for Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Washington, New England, Oakland and St. Louis). This man’s name is Jimmy Raye.

Exit: Mike Martz, Enter: Jimmy Raye

Coach Raye knows what it takes to have a successful offense- generating a healthy, aggressive running attack. Last year, Raye was the Running Back’s Coach for the New York Jets; where he was responsible for the 9th best running assault in the NFL. Pretty Impressive, huh?

Though, in 11 years of coaching, he was only responsible for one top-10 offense (K.C. Chiefs in 2000), he seems to share the same vision as Coach Singletary- Smash-mouth football; run the ball down the other teams throat; dominate time of possession; EFFICIENCY- limit turnovers; catch the opposing team off-guard, and finally WIN football games.

It is mandatory that the Head Coach and his Coordinators are on the same page- seeing eye to eye; having a common goal. Unlike last season, where Coach Singletary & Mike Martz had a teenage relationship, all the coaches seemed to be on the same ship, with one destination: Championship!