NFL Draft Follows Madden Format: New Mock Draft With New Order

Joe WillettSenior Writer IApril 16, 2008

The NFL has made a move that is making a lot of people scratch their heads.  In an attempt to make the 2008 Draft as well as future Drafts more popular and exciting, they are using a random draft order.

This format mimics the optional draft in EA's Madden video game in franchise mode. 

The actual teams won't be announced until just 1 hour before the Draft, which should make the draft rooms extremely hectic deciding which player they will choose with the newly acquired pick.

However, since I am extremely good friends with Roger Goodell, I was given inside information about which teams will draft where this season.

Without further ado, here is the most up-to-date mock draft possible

1. New England Patriots-Darren McFadden

That's right, Goodell felt that, since the Patriots are the most important team to the NFL, they should get the first pick instead of their seventh pick that was previously held.  They take McFadden because they decided that there was to much pressure on Tom Brady.  Unfortunately, the Man-Genious in New York says that the Patriots had inside information on McFadden and the NFL confiscates the pick.  To make this completely fair, McFadden is never allowed in the NFL.

2. Chicago Bears-J. Lehman

My draft my team.  Although I can't say they will do good with it.  Chicago wanted a home town product, but since they didn't think Mendenhall deserved to get picked this early, they took his defensive counterpart.  Instead of helping a position of need like OL, RB, QB, WR, they help out the linebackers with a person that was going to go in the late rounds.

3. Indianapolis Colts-Matt Ryan

Let's face it, Peyton Manning is going to get injured doing one of those commercials eventually.  The Colts need a back-up plan, and Matt Ryan is just that plan.  They Colts get this pick because the NFL really wanted to keep the Pats-Colts rivalry alive.

4. Miami Dolphins-DeSean Jackson

Ted Ginn just wasn't a good pick last season, and they didn't want to draft another WR before he deserved to be picked.  So they take Jackson in hopes to make fans forget last years horrible pick and start to be mad about this years horrible pick.

5. Oakland Raiders-Jake Long

With so many Oakland Raiders fans, the NFL just had to give these guys a high pick, I mean, some of those Raiders fans are scary.  (Hell, I've almost "felt a 45 in my mouth")  Al Davis finally makes some sense and drafts a sensible player.  Raiders fans, on the other hand, wonder why the "Raydas" didn't take McFadden.

In an attempt to avoid a mid-term paper sized article, I will only give the team, player, and extremely brief explanation on why the team made the pick.

6. Seattle Seahawks-Rashard Mendenhal-Shaun Alexander is old and not the same.

7. Dallas Cowboys-Darren McFadden-They really wanted him and convinced Goddell to re-instate him.  Doesn't work and is a waste of a Draft pick.

8. Atlanta Falcons-Aqib Talib-A guy with character issues to help the fans forget Michael Vick.

9. Detroit Lions-Shaheer McBride-Lions love to draft WR's and this guy has a slightly funny name so that Lions fans can at least laugh at something besides futility.

10. New York Giants-John David Booty-The Giants won all the "booty" last season and wanted to make sure they kept it.

11. Philedelphia Eagles-Joe Flacco-They took McNabb's replacement last season a little earlier than he should have been picked, why not do the same this year.

12. San Diego Chargers-Dennis Dixon-They wanted the fastest RB-QB combo in football, plain and simple.

13. San Fransisco 49ers- Domanique Rodgers Cromartie-name too long for explanation.

14. Denver Broncos-Justin King-After getting burned by Devin Hester twice in one game, the Broncos take the fastest CB in the draft based on 40-time.

15. Baltimore Ravens-Colt Brennan-If he did it for Hawaii, he can do it for Baltimore.  Right???

16. Chicago Bears-Mario Manningham-My team my draft.  I steal a pick from the Cowboys and give one to the Bears.  Still could have used it better.

17. Arizona Cardinals-Glenn Dorsey-Why the hell not?  He hasn't been picked yet.

18. Houston Texans- Dorien Bryant-They learned how a good KR can help a team last year.  Although Bryant isn't great and they still have a good returner, they choose this guy.

19. Tennesse Titans-Mike Dragosavich-Sure, taking a kicker isn't conventional, but neither is almost making the playoffs while your QB throws 9 TDs and 17 INTs.

20. Carolina Panthers-Matt Flynn-They need a championship and a QB.  Flynn is a championship winning QB.

21. Buffalo Bills-Chad Henne-Keeping with the Bills trend of putting in new QB's when the old ones were fine, and my trend of taking QBs way before they deserve to be picked, the Bills pick Henne.

22. New York Jets-no pick-since the Jets always seem to tattle on the Pats, (like the way I stated earlier) they use up all their time looking for something that the Pats are doing and they forgot to make a pick.

23. St. Louis Rams-Dexter Jackson-They need a lot of upsets and a speedy receiver.  Jackson is both without having a first name DeSean.

24. Minnesota Vikings-Andre' Woodson-The Vikings need a QB, unfortunately, with my inside info, Woodson is going to be a bust.  (some sort of pipe injury, the facts are hazy)

25. Pittsburg Steelers-Chris Long-They get a "Steel" by Long lasting this "Long."  I love puns!!!

26. Jacksonville Jaguars-Jonathan Stewart-Trying to create a new trend, the Jags attempt to create the triple threat running back system.  (They take a running back in the 2nd round as well so that they have a RB per down)

27. Cleveland Browns-Isaiah Gardner-I randomly landed on a player at a random position.  Enjoy the strong safety.

28. New Orleans Saints-Taj Smith-Soon to be nick-named the "Tajmanian Devil."

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Yvenson Bernard-I don't like the Bucs so they get Yvenson Bernard.

30. Washington Redskins-Nehemia Warrick-Gotta replace Sean Taylor and I like his name.  (if you haven't noticed, instead of making real picks, I have been finding a lot of fun names)

31. Cincinatti Bengals-Mike Tyson-They have been kicking off players who have been misbehaving.  Mike Tyson will help pick up the slack.

32. Kansas City Chiefs-Vernon Gholston-he's good, possible real pick.

Well, there you have it, the most up to date Mock Draft on the market.

The Packers don't get a pick, when you get to pull a few strings, the teams you don't want to pick, don't get to pick.

Also, everybody mentioned (with the obvious exception of Mike Tyson) are all in the Draft according to

I'm Joe W. 


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