Fantasy Football 2009 Top 100 (May 6th, 2009)

Matt KahkonenCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - JANUARY 4:   Adrian Peterson #28 of the Minnesota Vikings carries the ball in the first half against the Philadelphia Eagles during the NFC Wild Card playoff game on January 4,2009 at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Top 100 (May 6th, 2009)

1. Adrian Peterson—RB Vikings: Put simply, Adrian Peterson is the most electrifying player in the NFL, and he still has plenty of 200+ yd rushing games in the tank.

2. Michael Turner—RB Falcons: He outscored AP last season in fantasy points, and as the Falcons offense improves, so will his numbers.

3. Matt Forte—RB Bears: Last year he was effective as both an RB and WR, and having Cutler behind center can only help his production.

4. Brandon Jacobs—RB Giants: Without Ward cutting into his carries, Jacobs will have many more opportunities.

5.  Maurice Jones-Drew—RB Jaguars: Like Jacobs, Drew no longer has Taylor vulturing carries from him.

6.  Clinton Portis—RB Redskins: Will get a ton of carries every game as long as he's healthy, and should put up close to 100 yards each week.

7. Steve Slaton—RB Texans: He didn't start the 2008 season as the No. 1 RB on the depth chart and still put up killer numbers. Imagine what he'll do with a full season.

8. Chris Johnson—RB Titans: If Lendale White would stop stealing goal-line carries, this guy could rival AP and Turner.

9. Brian Westbrook—RB Eagles: If it weren't for his injury history, he'd be ranked higher. As it is, he's the ultimate risk-reward pick.

10. DeAngelo Williams—RB Panthers: Did the most with the carries he got and will put up a ton of yards—even if Jonathan Stewart manages to steal some scores.

11. LaDanian Tomlinson—RB Chargers: He claims he was injured last year, and he still did halfway decent. I say he's healthy now and could be a top RB again.

12. Tom Brady—QB Patriots: The Pats say he's good to go, which means he'll be the best fantasy QB this year.

13. Drew Brees—QB Saints: All he needs to do is what he did in '08 to justify going this high, and Colston was out for half the season last year.

14. Marion Barber—RB Cowboys: He's a TD machine, but Felix Jones and Tashard Choice are too talented to not start cutting into his carries.

15. Calvin Johnson—WR Lions: He's a freak of nature and is only going to get better. If Culpepper has improved at all, then Johnson should easily beat his numbers from last year.

16. Larry Fitzgerald—WR Cardinals: He's arguably the best WR in the league and has Kurt Warner throwing him the ball.

17. Steven Jackson—RB Rams: The Rams suspect offensive line is still iffy, even after drafting Jason Smith. However, Jackson should still have a solid—if not great—year.

18. Andre Johnson—WR Texans: This number would be higher if Matt Schaub could ever stay healthy for an entire season.

19. Frank Gore—RB 49ers: If he can stay healthy he could be a top-10 scorer this year.

20. Randy Moss—WR Patriots: I'd rank him higher, but he's only getting older, and it's possible that Brady isn't quite where he was two years ago.

21. Ryan Grant—RB Packers: He really needs to show that he can be an every-down back this year, or he's going to find himself on the bench.

22. Kevin Smith—RB Lions: Quietly put up a nice rookie campaign, and as the Lions improve, so should Smith's numbers.

23. Greg Jennings—WR Packers: Has taken Donald Driver's spot as the top target in Green Bay and should continue to be a TD machine.

24. Roddy White—WR Falcons: Matt Ryan is only going to get better, which bodes well for White.

25. Ronnie Brown—RB Dolphins: He's had long enough to recover from his injury now and should put up some nice fantasy numbers.

26. Marques Colston—WR Saints: If he's healthy all year, he's a shoe-in for 1,000 yards and around 8 TDs.

27. Marshawn Lynch—RB Bills: Fred Jackson is getting older, and Lynch needs to prove himself. I think he'll do just that.

28. Reggie Wayne—WR Colts: He'll be as consistent as he always is as long as Manning is throwing to him.

29. Steve Smith—WR Panthers: With Jake Delhomme healthy, Smith is a top WR option again.

30. Kurt Warner—QB Cardinals: Has the potential to throw 30-40 TD's if he stays healthy all season.

31. Anquan Boldin—WR Cardinals: Seems to be a bit injury prone, and doesn't get the end zone targets that Fitzgerald does.

32. Peyton Manning—QB Colts: Will get his 30 TD's like he always does.

33. Brandon Marshall—WR Broncos: His numbers will suffer from the change at QB.

34. Joseph Addai—RB Colts: With Donald Brown coming in to take some carries away, Addai won't get the chances he used to have.

35. Pierre Thomas—RB Saints: Proved he can be a legitimate NFL running back and should get the starting gig.

36. Jonathan Stewart—RB Panthers: Gets enough carries, especially around the goal line, to put up good numbers.

37. Reggie Bush—RB Saints: Great in PPR leagues and still a solid flex option in any format.

38. Derrick Ward—RB Buccaneers: With a suspect passing game, the Bucs should be running Ward until his feet fall off.

39. Terrell Owens—WR Bills: If he has chemistry with Edwards, he'll be a stud...otherwise, look out.

40. T.J. Houshmandzadeh—WR Seahawks: If Hasselbeck is healthy, T.J. will be his number one target.

41. Dwayne Bowe—WR Chiefs: Having a good QB throwing to him now should really help his consistency.

42. Jason Witten—TE Cowboys: He's the number one guy in Dallas now, and he should reap the benefits.

43. Aaron Rodgers—QB Packers: Should put up 30ish TDs and a ton of yards.

44. Darren McFadden—RB Raiders: Look for this to be his breakout year. If he gets the carries he deserves, I don't think 1,400 yards is out of the question. Then is the Raiders.

45. Philip Rivers—QB Chargers: Has been consistently solid and should continue to be so.

46. Willie Parker—RB Steelers: Rashard Mendenhall should cut into his carries, and he never seems to get many goal-line carries.

47. Thomas Jones—RB Jets: Shonn Greene could cut into his carries, and there are rumors that he could end up in Cleveland sharing time with Jamal Lewis.

48. Tony Gonzalez—TE Falcons: Should be a favorite target of Matt Ryan.

49. Antonio Gates—TE Chargers: Will be his usual self now that he's healthy.

50. Chris Wells3RB Cardinals: Hightower gets the goal line carries, Wells gets everything else.

51. Larry Johnson—RB Chiefs: Cassell should help him return to form, but Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles will hurt his stock.

52. Kevin Walter—WR Texans: Possibly the best No. 2 WR in the NFL.

53. Santonio Holmes—WR Steelers: If the playoffs were any indication, Ben Roethlisberger will be throwing to this guy a whole lot more in the future.

54. Donovan McNabb—QB Eagles: Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy are just two more weapons for McNabb to use.

55. Braylon Edwards—WR Browns: If he could stop dropping the ball, he'd be a stud.

56. Knowshon Moreno—RB Broncos: Should get most of the carries in Denver if he stays healthy.

57. Bernard Berrian—WR Vikings: If the Vikes get Favre, this number goes up. If not, he's still a solid deep threat.

58. Roy Williams—WR Cowboys: He'll get more targets with TO gone.

59. Matt Ryan—QB Falcons: He's only going to improve, and Tony Gonzalez will help him do that.

60. Wes Welker—WR Patriots: This guy's money in PPR leagues, and is still a great No. 2 in any other format.

61. Shonn Greene—RB Jets: Could end up as the starter if the Jones trade happens. If not, he'll still get his shot.

62. Michael Crabtree—WR 49ers: He has all the skills necessary to step right in and dominate. SF's quarterback issues are the only thing hurting him.

63. Hines Ward—WR Steelers: He'll be steady as always, although he's getting older.

64. Vincent Jackson—WR Chargers: A big target in the end zone; will rack up some TD's.

65. Tony Romo—QB Cowboys: Losing TO hurts, although he's still a top-five QB.

66. Le'Ron McClain—RB Ravens: Should get most of the carries, including every goal line carry.

67. Antonio Bryant—WR Buccaneers: Not likely to replicate last year's success, but should still put up good numbers.

68. Jamal Lewis—RB Browns: He's a starting RB with very little competition. That's why he's here.

69. Eddie Royal—WR Broncos: Losing Cutler will hurt Royal the most.

70. Santana Moss—WR Redskins: A hit or miss guy on a week to week basis, but has the skills to be a monster.

71. Torry Holt—WR Jaguars: Should produce more than he did in '08.

72. Matt Cassell—QB Chiefs: He's good, but he'll miss the weapons he had in New England.

73. DeSean Jackson—WR Eagles: Should continue to be a productive deep threat.

74. Ted Ginn Jr.—WR Dolphins: Will be a good deep threat, return man, and wildcat weapon.

75. Julius Jones—RB Seahawks: Won't get the TDs, but should put up some decent yards.

76. Derrick Mason—WR Ravens: Flacco's No. 1 guy should get his catches each and every week.

77. Laveraneus Coles—WR Bengals: He's going to be Carson Palmer's new best friend.

78. Kyle Orton—QB Broncos: Orton is no Cutler, but he has way more weapons that he did in Chicago.

79. Fred Taylor—RB Patriots: Should get most of the carries in NE, which should mean a decent fantasy year.

80. Dallas Clark—TE Colts: One of Manning's favorites will get his catches like always.

81. Ahmad Bradshaw—RB Giants: Will cut into Jacob's carries and should put up similar numbers to what Ward did last year.

82. Tim Hightower—RB Cardinals: He's a TD machine.

83. Donnie Avery—WR Rams: With Holt gone, he'll get the majority of targets.

84. Cedric Benson—RB Bengals: He'll never live up to his potential, but he might be able to be a decent flex option this year.

85. Matt Schaub—QB Texans: If he stays healthy, he'll throw close to 30 TDs.

86. Donald Brown—RB Colts: He'll split carries with Addai to start...but Addai is injury prone.

87. Steve Breaston—WR Cardinals: Even as a No. 3 he'll get close to 1,000 yards. If Boldin or Fitz goes down, he turns into a must-start.

88. David Garrard—QB Jaguars: He's always steady, and Holt gives him a legitimate target.

89. Ben Roethlisberger—QB Steelers: Will throw for 20, rush for a few, and have a solid season.

90. Lee Evans—WR Bills: If Edwards can get it together, Evans could find himself wide open a lot, with TO getting the double teams.

91. Darius Heyward-Bey—WR Raiders: He was the seventh pick, and Al Davis is going to want to use his new toy as often as possible, if only to prove the naysayers wrong.

92. LeSean McCoy—RB Eagles: If Westbrook goes down—and he probably will—McCoy will be the man.

93. Lance Moore—WR Saints: Showed last year that he's the definitive No. 2 WR in New Orleans.

94. Devin Hester—WR Bears: Having Cutler throwing to him should really increase his effectiveness in the deep passing game.

95. Jerricho Cotchery—WR Jets: He's going to be the top target, but he'll likely have a rookie throwing him the ball.

96. Lendale White—RB Titans: Should take some goal-line carries from CJ, and might approach 1,000 yards if he's lucky.

97. Owen Daniels—TE Texans: Probably the best of the second-tier tight ends out there.

98. Carson Palmer—QB Bengals: Lost T.J., gained Coles...doesn't really add up, although he should do OK.

99. Kevin Curtis—WR Eagles: McNabb's steadiest target.

100. Brett Favre—QB ???: Just in case, I'm covering my ass.


Potential Sleepers:

Brandon Pettigrew—TE Lions: The Lions have never had a great tight end option, and Pettigrew will come in and contribute immediately.

Felix Jones—RB Cowboys: He should get his fair share of carries as well as handle return duties, but he'll really shine if Barber goes down.

Percy Harvin—WR Vikings: Will return kicks, punts, run the ball, and catch the ball. He could be a sort of Reggie Bush-lite.

Rashard Mendenhall—RB Steelers: If he can stop fumbling the ball, he could start taking a good number of carries from Parker.

Darren Sproles—RB Chargers: Even if LT is 100%, Sproles proved that he's too dangerous to ride the bench.


Stay Far Far Away:

Chad Ochocinco—WR Bengals: He's getting old, and even with Carson Palmer back, I'd be shocked if he even approaches 1,000 yards.

Laurence Maroney—RB Patriots: With Fred Taylor in New England, Maroney will be relegated to a limited supporting role.

Vernon Davis—TE 49ers: He should be a beast, but the fact is that he isn't, and he won't be.

Earnest Graham—RB Buccaneers: Derrick Ward will take the majority of the carries here. Graham will be lucky to snag a few TD's.

Justin Fargas—RB Raiders: McFadden is too talented not to get most of the work this year.


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