Things an Indianapolis Colts Fan Says

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIJune 28, 2013

Things an Indianapolis Colts Fan Says

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    Whether you're a diehard fan, a total homer or just a native of Indianapolis that has been sucked into the culture that is the Indianapolis Colts, there are a few things that all fans say at some point in time.

    There's still about a month before training camp begins for the Blue and White, and that gives us writers time to come up with some more entertaining, and slightly humorous, pieces for the fans.

    So, for this week, let's look at the things you will here almost every Colts fan you know say.

"Bob Lamey Is a Total Homer, but Who Cares?"

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    "We're going to the Super Bowl!  We're going to the Super Bowl!"

    When it comes to the official voice for the Colts, there's no one else that really comes to mind for fans except Mr. Bob Lamey.

    Sure, his announcing is totally biased, but that's what makes him such a treat to listen to.  Whether it's a bad play or a touchdown, the emotion in Lamey's voice makes it clear that he is a diehard Colts fan.

    If you don't have access to a TV for a game, then odds are that you'll be tuning in to listen to Lamey call the game that Sunday.

"The Patriots Are All Cheaters!"

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    The Patriots-Colts rivalry was one of the better non-division rivalries in the NFL, but Colts fans will always make one excuse any time they lost.

    "Well, looks like the Patriots cheated once again."

    The Spygate scandal was a big deal a few years ago, but all of that buzz has gone away for the most part. 

    Not in Indy.

    I know a few Patriots fans that still get flak for Spygate from Colts fans, and it's quite funny.  One of my favorite quotes recently was, "Sure, you guys got Tim Tebow, but that's just Bill Belichick just trying to hide the fact that they're all still cheaters."

    That was an actual quote I heard.

    The rivalry may be slowing down without Manning, but fans from both sides will continue to get into it from time to time.

"[Free Agent X] Is Going to Take over This Year!"

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    Whether it's LaRon Landry or Darrius Heyward-Bey, everyone thinks that one of these free agents is going to take over in 2013.

    To be honest, the Colts had a good offseason and brought in some nice players to fill in holes for this team.

    Are any of these guys going to be Pro Bowlers this season?  Probably not.

    That's not saying that any of them are going to be bad, I think these picks were good and that the hefty majority of them will make a positive contribution on the team.  Still, it's hard to see any of these guys completely dominating this season.

    Still, fans love to set the bar high when it comes to their favorite team.

"Remember the 2011 Season? Me Neither!"

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    Did this picture make you instinctively laugh, cry or go into an uncontrollable rampage? 

    Those are the three most common reactions when seeing Curtis Painter throw a football in a Colts uniform.  The 2011 season was one fans would love to forget, with loss after loss and the worst record in the NFL.

    Still, there's some good that came from Painter and company.  The Colts were able to earn the No. 1 overall pick and grab Andrew Luck, who turned this team around so quickly.

    Other than that however, it was still an ugly season to watch.

"Andrew Luck Is the Next Peyton Manning"

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    It's perfectly understandable as to why you want to compare these two quarterbacks.  Luck was able to come in after the departure of Peyton Manning and instantly bring this team to the playoffs, breaking Manning's record for rookie passing yards in a season in the process.

    Still, it might not be fair to either guy to make those comparisons.

    What Manning did for the Colts can't really be measured.  Sure, the numbers and a Super Bowl win say a lot, but there's so much he did other than that.  He got the city of Indianapolis interested in football and turned it from a basketball town to a football town in basically a decade.

    Meanwhile, Luck is busy cementing his own legacy.  The comparisons between him and Manning will continue, but he's busy getting his own ring and making his own mark on Indianapolis.

    The comparisons won't stop, but fans should remember that these two guys will have different histories in Indy when it's all said and done.