Kevin Durant Rocks Sonics Throwback Hat During OKC Thunder Practice

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 13, 2013

Photo via Darnell Mayberry.
Photo via Darnell Mayberry.

Kevin Durant has the Seattle SuperSonics on his brain.

No, seriously, he does. Or on the external part of his noggin at least.

Reporters spotted the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar sporting a throwback Sonics cap at practice on Monday (h/t Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman).

Before any extravagant rumors begin to surface, Durant is no stranger to repping the city of Seattle. It's where he began his career, where he won the Rookie of the Year Award and where Ken Griffey Jr. used to play baseball (though I'm not sure if that last part matters).

Of course, Durant could be donning this latest batch of Sonics memorabilia in support of Seattle's attempts to bring the team back.

The Maloof brothers are either intent on selling the Kings to a group of Seattle investors or hell-bent on screwing over the city of Sacramento (or both) and have thrown the NBA for yet another loop by making it even more difficult for the league to keep the Kings in Sactown.

I'd like to believe that Durant isn't a fan of the Maloofs (I'd like to believe no one is), so I won't take his fashion preferences as a grand gesture of goodwill toward the sorry excuse for owners (human beings?) that are presently running the Kings (into the ground).

It is safe to assume that Durant would welcome the NBA's return to Seattle. For Oklahoma City fans, I implore you not to worry. I doubt he'd demand a trade anytime soon.

Earlier in the relocation process that the Maloofs have turned into a not-so-private purgatory, Durant was happy to hear that Seattle had an opportunity to bring back the Sonics.

He also expressed remorse for Sacramento, because he's Kevin Durant, and that's what he does. He wins us over with a charming smile, humane sense of responsibility, the occasional technical foul and apparently a terrific collection of Seattle keepsakes.

Here's my question to the Durantula, however: How much longer can you get away with adorning yourself in Sonics attire?

Say Seattle pries the Kings from Sacramento and the Sonics live on. Will Durant still feel compelled to wear the clothing—accessories and all—of another team, when that team is active? Or does he have some moral obligation to cease and desist with the support of Seattle—or specifically the Sonics?

I suppose we'll never know unless the Maloofs have their way, in which case we'll know very soon.

Relocation or not, the Sonics live on through Durant and his wardrobe. For now, that's enough.