Kevin Durant Reps Seattle, Visits Louisville Women's Team After Baylor Upset

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2013

No boys allowed. Unless that boy is Kevin Durant sporting a Seattle Mariners hat.

Fifth-seeded Louisville pulled off one of the greatest upsets in women's NCAA basketball tournament history when it defeated Baylor, which had won 32 straight games.

Following the victory, the ladies' celebration took an Oklahoma City Thunder-esque turn when they were greeted by Durant and what appears to be his giggling entourage in their locker room.

Never mind the grade-school rules Durant and crew are breaking. This was no time to obey a law that was decreed while you were still learning how to glue macaroni on a sheet of paper and call it "art."

It was a time to party. And jump. And scream. And hug. And if you're a member of Durant's crew, cackle like you were still making those not-so-edible works of art.

It was also a time to rep the city of Seattle.

Oklahoma City's star forward was donning a Mariners cap at the game, perhaps in anticipation of baseball's season beginning the very next day.

Before cries of "random" litter the comments section, remember, Durant was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics before they moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder. There's history between the Durantula and that city.

With Seattle currently attempting to pry the Sacramento Kings out of Sacramento, Durant's silent and nostalgic endorsement couldn't have come at a better time.

Now, when Sacramento appeals before the NBA's Board of Governors, the group of investors from The Emerald City can intervene with a "But Kevin Durant is totally cool with us purchasing the team" form of rebuttal.

I jest. Sort of.

My main focus is Durant visiting the locker room. What a shock that must have been for a Louisville team that had just shocked the college basketball sphere only moments before.

One minute, you're bouncing around like you just don't care, and the next, you're taking pictures with an NBA MVP candidate. 


How about Durant's minions? How good do they have it?

If you hang with James Harden, you're obsessing over fresh "heat." If you're chilling with Kris Humphries, you're bolstering his already massive ego or constructing a time machine.

With Durant, though, you're women's locker-room hopping.

Advantage: Kevin.