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  18. 35 days #NBA2K16 drops if you pre-order to get it 4 days early! Check out ya boy http://t.co/5HDxeyqdY2 #BeTheStory http://t.co/Jdu3R8AfUK

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  26. 8s

  27. Sunday's Best courtesy of @xo_nickwidit

  28. So sick.

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  30. Brooklyn museum

  31. Check out the next big thing:  @NikeYoungAthletes 

  32. From the Nation’s Capital to the capital of the world. Follow @footlocker for clues on my NYC tour. #ALLFORTHEGAME

  33. Back in the DMV taking over @NikeBasketball all day, follow for updates #ALLFORTHEGAME

  34. DC! Headed to the Nike store in an hour to show off the #KD8 Young Tigers. Who’s coming through??

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