"Don" Pioli Draft Day '09

Elliott DuncanContributor IApril 22, 2009

If you’re an avid Chiefs fan then you know who Scott Pioli is. You know what team he came from, you know his reputation, and you know that he’s famous for draft day trades. If you aren’t an avid Chiefs fan, then you should know that Scott Pioli is the General Manager for the Kansas City Chiefs.

He came from the Patriots, the infamous team that has won three out of four super bowls in a decade. He drafted superstar star quarterback Tom Brady in the fifth round and then current Chiefs starter Matt Cassel in the fifth round.

He has made numerous draft day trades, including sending a fourth rounder to Oakland for one of the best wide receivers ever in Randy Moss.

And if you didn’t know that…well now you do. Scott’s new team holds the third pick in this year’s draft. He already sent our second rounder for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel, one of the more eye popping trades in recent years.

The 2009 draft is a big event. Not only for the Chiefs, but for every team in the NFL.  It just so happens that this is one of the most exciting years for Chiefs fans in recent history. Our third pick is going to be very useful. I can see us doing several things with it.

If we keep the third pick, there are only three athletes I can see the Chiefs taking: 1) Aaron Curry, linebacker from Wake Forest 2) Eugene Monroe, offensive tackle from Virginia, or 3) Michael Crabtree, wide receiver from Texas Tech.

Aaron Curry is widely considered the “safest” pick in this year’s draft. He had an outstanding collegiate career at Wake Forest.

However, he wasn’t asked to showcase his blitzing abilities, something that the Chiefs need desperately. I feel that just because he wasn’t asked to do it doesn’t mean that he can’t do it.

Curry is the best defensive player in this draft, and if he is available I have a hard time seeing Kansas City passing him up. The addition of veteran linebackers Zach Thomas and Mike Vrabel may push KC away from drafting him, though both would be great mentors.

Eugene Monroe was the reason Branden Albert played left guard in college instead of left tackle. Monroe is an amazing athlete, and if KC drafted him we could have an offensive line that could dominate for years.

It already reminds me of Willie Roaf and Will Shields. Brian Waters hasn’t showed up for the KC workouts yet, and if we do decide to trade him this will replace Curry as my main pick for the number three pick.

Michael Crabtree is one pick that I don’t necessarily see the Chiefs making, but one that I wouldn’t be surprised about. Todd Haley had success will two number one receivers in Arizona, leading them to a super bowl last season. Pairing Crabtree and Bowe could be an outstanding receiver duo.

Now. What do we do if we are able to trade out of the top five? Who are the leading teams? I’m not going to get into the draft chart, because frankly, the draft chart is moot this season. The cost of trading out of the top five is too expensive. It’s going to be very difficult to trade out of the top five, but if anyone can do it, it’s Pioli.

There are only two teams that I can see as potential trading partners: the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns. The Denver Broncos traded away franchise quarterback Jay Cutler (yes, I’m sure you all remember).

The Browns have already put Brady Quinn on the trading block, and have expressed interest in Mark Sanchez. Both teams would have to trade into the top three—The Seattle Seahawks have also expressed interest in Sanchez and draft at pick 4four.

I can potentially see both of these teams getting into a bidding war, providing the Broncos want Sanchez enough. Denver has two first round picks, which is probably going to be the asking price for our third pick this season.

If Cleveland is intent on drafting Sanchez, then I can definitely see them trading into the top five. If both want Sanchez that badly, then I will gladly let them fight over it. Pioli has already confirmed that he will listen to any offer from any NFL team.

If Pioli is sure that this trade will help the Chiefs, I’m sure he will take it, regardless of being in the same division.

If Atlanta offers a draft day trade for Tony Gonzalez, I believe it’s going to be a second and a fifth. The Chiefs reportedly turned down a second rounder, and if Pioli can manage a fifth then I’m sure he will.

Brian Waters has been linked to the Buffalo Bills within the last few weeks. The Bills reportedly offered a third and a fifth for him.

The last person that I think has the potential to be traded is Tyler Thigpen. I don’t want him traded—I still would like him to be given a chance at starter actually.

But reality is, Cassel is Pioli’s man for the job. As soon as Cassel was traded to the Chiefs, Thigpen knew his role was back to being just a backup. He isn’t happy with the situation, but understands that he is under contract.

He hasn’t demanded a trade or anything, but it may just be courtesy from management to send him to maybe Tamba Bay, Jaxonville, or another quarterback needy team. I don’t see Thiggy bringing in a second or third rounder, but maybe a fourth or fifth. I don’t want him to go, but he might be one draft day trade that we may regret.

Larry Johnson has also been linked to a trade (nowhere in particular, just out of Kansas City). I don’t agree with it however. I don’t think LJ will be traded. Infact, I think he will be a very important part of our offense this season.

With LJ pounding the ball, Charles will complement him perfectly. A big bruising back along with a smaller, speedy back. I can see the Chiefs run game improving a lot this season, providing our offensive line is stable.

Just a few thoughts before I go to bed. Draft is only a few days away. I just can’t help but feel more and more excited with each passing minute.


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