Why Maclin Could Fall to Minnesota

Mark JohnsonContributor IApril 20, 2009

ST. LOUIS, MO - AUGUST 30: Jeremy Maclin #9 of the University of Missouri Tigers looks to get past Bo Flowers #24 of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini during the State Farm Arch Rivalry game at the Edward Jones Dome on August 30, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Tigers beat the Fighting Illini 52-42.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

As we get closer to the NFL Draft, we see the bigger picture starting to reveal itself, giving us the opportunity to speculate with more accuracy which teams are set on which positions. With what we have learned this week, the Minnesota Vikings could be getting ready to welcome a talented new wide receiver to the team.

While Maclin is projected as the second best receiver in the NFL draft, the need for receivers among the top 21 teams may not be enough for any of them to bring him home.

According to many mock drafts set up by experts at NFL.com, Maclin has been expected to fall to the Jacksonville Jaguars as the eighth pick overall. The reason is obvious: Jacksonville is in need of a No. 1 receiver...or is it?

According to reports, Jacksonville has just acquired veteran pro-bowler Torry Holt, quite possibly giving itself the needed puzzle piece to building a team ready to make a run for the playoffs. Signing 32-year-old Torry Holt proves that Jacksonville is playing as a here and now team that wants to do some damage this year.

With that said, there are few teams ahead of Minnesota in the draft that are in need of a receiver.

One of the teams is clearly the Oakland Raiders. It is almost common knowledge that Oakland is serious about acquiring a top notch receiver in 2009 via the NFL draft. Most are saying the man for the Job in Oakland is Michael Crabtree. The 6'2" stud from Texas Tech would undoubtedly improve the offensive production of the young Oakland Raiders offense, while giving Jeff Garcia or JaMarcus Russel a go-to guy.

The next team in need is the Washington Redskins. While the redskins could use some significant help in the slot, a defensive end, such as Tyson Jackson, would benefit them far more as they would then have a man to play opposite Andre Carter in order to keep their defense in the top 10.

Third, we have the N.Y. Jets who, after losing Favre, are in need of a passing threat. While Maclin would suffice in this position, it would be hard for N.Y. to pass on a future franchise player such as Josh Freeman. The 6'6" quarterback from Kansas State would take two to three years of development, after which he could put his accuracy to its full potential, putting him among the NFL's elite.

This accounts for those in need of a receiver, leaving one more team: The Minnesota Vikings, who are in need of an OT as well, but without a doubt, if Maclin is available at 22, he will be wearing purple and gold next season.

Now this is mere speculation, as is anyone's mock draft or predictions, but there is something to be said for Jacksonville acquiring Torry Holt. Please share your opinions and where you believe Maclin will end up in 2009.