In Other News: Farewell Ben Brown

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In Other News: Farewell Ben Brown

That photo is the photo that many MLB fans saw sitting in the No. 4 spot for MLB, a very a spot, for the aspiring writer.

Well, in case you didn't notice, my good friend Ben Brown is leaving Bleacher Report to begin an internship at some inferior place.

Brown is very important to me. Although he is in a grade higher than me, we share the same math class at our local school. 

He talked me into joining B/R, and I found out I loved it.

Without Brown, you wouldn't be reading this article today.

But, Brown and I do argue about everything, from Felix Hernanez, to crazy Yankee trades, to Steroids, to predictions, to Jeff Clement, to Chris Shelton, to the Mariner's offseason, to politics, to how bad the Mariners will be this year, and religion.

Yes, Brown and I have different views on everything, but, his views, whether right or wrong, made us better writers.


He made us look at our facts one more time.

And, he was always critiquing my writing:

"Make it longer, Shannon Stewart!"

"You really need to work on your spelling!"

Brown has taught me a lot, and I hope he taught you a lot, and I want to with him well in his career and life.

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