MLB 2009 Predictions: Everything from Awards to Playoffs

Shanan H.Analyst IMarch 30, 2017

Who will win Cy Young?  The MVP?  The World Series Trophy?  Well, my predictions are all here, and, unless you're a Red Sox fan, I hope your favorite team or player is going to do good.



AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez:  King Felix is the most underrated player.  People will at least toss around his name for the award.  He is, however, going against the likes of C.C. Sabathia and Jon Lester. 

NLCY: Johan Santana:  Not Lincecum. With the fresh bullpen around Santana, his win-loss record will support his ERA. Twenty wins might be possible. 

AL MVP: Rodriguez:  Excpect 40-50 homers and a .300 average, and no body challenging him for this award.

NL MVP: Pujols:  Better than A-Rod?  I don't know, but he's the best in the NL.

AL Comback Player:  Posada:  In perhaps his last year, he'll have a great year,

NLCBP: Chris Carpenter:  Coming back from injury, he'll be the ace of the Cards, and may even have his name tossed around for Cy Young.

Rolaids: Jokim Soria:  People will figure out who he is, eventually.

ROTY AL: Matt Wieters:  Everyone says it's him!  He'll win it, unless David Price can do something extraordinary. 

NL ROTY:  Cameron Maybin:  Again, everyone says him.  He'll be around a good group of kids, too, so he'll have a great year.

Manager AL:  Joe Maddon:  When he leads the Rays to the playoffs, again, he'll win it.

Manager NL:  Torre:  Very smart, he'll squeeze the dodgers into the second round of the playoffs.




Yankees vs. Rays- Yankees in five.

Indians vs. Angels- Angels in five.



Dodgers vs. Cubs- Dodgers in five.

Marlins vs. Mets- Mets in four.



Yankees vs. Angels-Yankees in five.



Dodgers vs. Mets- Mets in four.


World Series

Yankees vs. Mets- Yankees in five.

That's it.  If you don't agree, tell me!