In Other News...A Reaction, "The Relationship Between Judaism and Baseball"

Shanan H.Analyst IJanuary 17, 2009

This is a reaction article to Ben Brown's article "The Relationship Between Christianity and Baseball."  I would recomend reading Ben's article first; 

Here it is:

Baseball is not a Christan sport. It is not a Jewish sport. It is not an Atheist sport. It is not a non-religious sport. It's a sport.

Sports are meant to get away from the daily grind of day, to let your body relax, and watch the Yankees win.

I could care less who's playing the game (Unless Manny's playing, because then I boo a lot!) or the people who are playing the game's skin color, religion, country of birth, etc.

There is a relationship with baseball to Christianity: Christians play the sport. However, there is the same relation of baseball to many other religions.

Judaism helps make a big revenue for baseball. Think about this.

The fourth most popular name in a New York phone book is Cohen, a Jewish name. That means there are a lot of Jews in NY; more than 2 million, to be exact! That means two million Jewish Yankee or Met fans. Two million people, who are likely to walk through the gate of Shea/Citi field or Yankee Stadium.

And David is right in the comment he left on Ben's article; just because Christians play on a team, it doesn't make it a Christian team. Just because the Mets have many Jewish fans and two Shawn Greens, both of them, doesn't make them a Jewish team.

That doesnt't mean Ben's article was a bad idea, however.

Actually, it addresses a very important issue in baseball, and come to think of it, America, and the world: Religion.

My opinion: Anyone can belive what they want. All religions are great with me.

If you have any questions about me, this article, or Judaism, leave a comment or a post.