NBA All-Star Reserves 2013: Players Who Deserve Starting Roles

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NBA All-Star Reserves 2013: Players Who Deserve Starting Roles
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The NBA All-Star weekend is in full swing at the moment, with the All-Star Game between the East and the West the last remaining headline act to be played.

Voting has closed, and whilst there's little doubt about the inclusion of Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant to their respective starting teams, certain players have every right to feel that they got snubbed from the team in 2013.

Not necessarily in terms of the All-Star Game itself, but in terms of reserves who emphatically deserved starting roles and didn't end up getting them in the end.

Here's the biggest starting team snubs from this year's All-Star Game.

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Kyrie Irving, Backcourt, East Team

When starting backcourt player Rajon Rondo went down with a season-ending injury, it was largely assumed that Kyrie Irving would take his place in the team.

The fact that coach Erik Spoelstra named anyone other than Irving to take that spot is just ridiculous; the fact he named forward Chris Bosh is simply ludicrous.

Irving showed in both the Rising Stars Challenge and the Three-Point Challenge that he is the brightest young star in the NBA right now and the hottest guard in the game. For him to be snubbed for Bosh is without doubt the most ridiculous thing the All-Star weekend has seen in a number of years and an example of the sheer power abuse from Spoelstra to name the Heat's Bosh to the starting team.

Four forwards and one guard? That's just insane.

Irving, hopefully, will light it up off the bench and prove what a poor and horrendous decision this was for the East manager to make. Even in a game that doesn't matter, this was a shocker of a snub from the powers that be.

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Tyson Chandler, Frontcourt, East Team

Kevin Garnett is a fantastic player and will go down as a legend of the game, but how he got picked here ahead of Tyson Chandler is beyond me.

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year has had a much better year than Garnett and has every right to feel robbed about the fact he's on the bench.

One glance where the New York Knicks are at the moment and one glance where the Boston Celtics are at the moment should prove that to be true. Chandler is shooting 0.673 and averaged 11.1 boards per game. Garnett, on the other hand, is shooting just over 0.500 and averages 7.7 rebounds.

You do the math.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tim Duncan, Frontcourt, West Team

For Tim Duncan to be named to the bench shows just how ridiculous the selections have gotten; there's no way Blake Griffin or Dwight Howard deserved to be put into this team above that of Duncan, who has been terrific once again this year.

Duncan leads all power forwards in player efficiency rating this year and ranks second amongst all centers in the game at the moment. By comparison, Howard—who is on the struggling Lakers this year—doesn't even rank inside the top 20 players at the moment.

The guy practically averages a double-double every time he steps on to the court, and works so hard for whatever team he's put on—making him a seemingly sure-pick for the Western Conference's starting team in 2013. But no, they went for Dwight Howard.

Because it's not like the Spurs have the best record in the league or anything.

Thank goodness this game doesn't matter.

Which reserves do you think most deserved a starting spot in 2013?

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