Redskins QB Kirk Cousins to Start over RG3: 4 Things Worth Noting

John Bibb@@JohnBibbAnalyst IIIDecember 15, 2012

Washington Redskins' rookie QBs:  Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins combined have six interceptions in 2012—RG3 four and Cousins two.
Washington Redskins' rookie QBs: Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins combined have six interceptions in 2012—RG3 four and Cousins two.Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins fans awoke Sunday morning to learn not only will RG3 not start against the Browns but he will not be dressed and listed officially as inactive, according to a report on

While the Washington Redskins announcement late Saturday that rookie QB Kirk Cousins will start Sunday, Dec. 16 against the Cleveland Browns is not earth-shattering news, it does raise some interesting points to ponder.  I have come up with four intriguing questions with this announcement, all of which are noteworthy.

1.  Is the knee injury to Robert Griffin III more serious than initially thought?

With the 'Skins playing their cards close to their vest all week as to who will get the starting nod, no one knows for sure the extent of the injury, but the one positive thing to take out of it is it prohibited the Browns from preparing exclusively for Cousins as the conductor of the 'Skins' offensive train.


2.  Are the Redskins playing it safe with RG3 not starting?

Let's hope the team would err on the side of caution and not put his knee injury ahead of winning. There is much more on the line in the long term than a single victory in the remaining quarter of the season.  Yes, the 'Skins are on the cusp of making the playoffs for the first time in six years.  When all is said and done on Sunday, I hope we will be giving the team credit for their decision, not blame.


3.  How does this effect RG3's chances as 2012 NFL Rookie of the Year?

Without a doubt it will have a lasting effect on the selection committee.  You can spout off statistic after statistic or NFL rookie record after record, but the bottom line is going to start with someone pointing out he didn't start Week 15.  It may not be the deciding factor, but it certainly comes into play in the overall equation.  

Let's not forget all of the records RG3 has surpassed in his rookie season and records that are still attainable.  His touchdown-to-interception differential of plus-14 is still tied with Dan Marino (1983) and many more are within reach.


4.  Should Cousins step into his first start in the NFL and have a career game, have the Redskins created a "quarterback controversy?"

I could not imagine a more intriguing argument from every armchair QB and 'Skins fan should this scenario come true.  Or better yet, what if Cousins leads the 'Skins to another come-from-behind win? I certainly am putting the cart before the horse, but that is what hypothetical scenarios are built upon. It raises an interesting point to ponder and nonetheless another noteworthy topic of pregame chatter that will be unavoidable Sunday. 

I wish the team and the Cousins-led offense all of the success they have experienced with RG3 at the helm in recent weeks.  It is a tremendous opportunity for Cousins to prove not only his validity as a starting QB in the NFL, but also the sheer genius of the Redskins taking him with their fourth-round draft pick.  

RG3 said it best, as only he could, with his own announcement Saturday night on his Twitter page. "The decision was not my own...But I will be there for my team!!! In every way I possibly can." 


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