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  5. As #Skins game @ ATL nears, @MikeJoneswapo examines the debt QB Kirk Cousins owes to OC Kyle Shanahan. https://t.co/hVlDnkMSvR

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  10. Kirk Cousins grateful for time under current Falcons coaches Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur http://t.co/4WeVT9m81H

  11. Kirk Cousins grateful for time under current Falcons coaches Kyle Shanahan and Matt LaFleur http://t.co/Fp55sGHOHX

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  29. The last NFL QB with passes of 39+ yards to 3 different receivers was Kirk Cousins vs. Eagles last year - Helu 55, Garcon 43, DeSean 81.

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  49. About to potentially fall to 1-3, Seattle's defense made a play when they needed it. The #Eagles defense let Kirk Cousins drive 90 yards.