New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans: Instant Grades, Analysis for New York

Rocco Constantino@@br_jets_reportContributor IDecember 17, 2012

New York Jets vs. Tennessee Titans: Instant Grades, Analysis for New York

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    Well, that's a wrap.

    Mark Sanchez threw away the 2012 season and it should now land him on the bench as it is time to see what Greg McElroy could do.

    Sanchez threw four interceptions and fumbled away a gift to end the game as the Jets fell to the Titans 14-10.

    With their eighth loss, the Jets are now officially eliminated from playoff contention.

    It's now time to give extended playing time to young players like Demario Davis, Antonio Allen and anybody else the Jets figure could possibly have a future here.

Quarterbacks: F

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    When it came down to it, Mark Sanchez threw away the season.  All four of his interceptions were brutal, including one with 1:50 left in the game.  

    To make matters worse, when the Jets were given a gift after another ridiculous punt by Brett Kern, Sanchez fumbled away a low snap.

    Sanchez finished 13-for-28 for 131 yards and four interceptions.

    With the Jets eliminated, it's time to see what Greg McElroy can do.


    Give Mark Sanchez credit for a nice touchdown pass to Jeff Cumberland as well as recovering a Joe McKnight fumble on the play before.

    For much of the quarter though, Sanchez again looked indecisive and skittish.  It's getting really hard to come up with different adjectives to describe his play.

    His interception came on a bad overthrow of Jeff Cumberland. 

    The Jets' play calling and coaching decisions have put Sanchez in a spot where he isn't likely to succeed once again.  He's been asked to throw the ball to intermediate and deep receivers and he just not is able to do it.


    For those who have been crying for Tim Tebow to get a whole series or even a whole game, that's why he hasn't.

    He did well for a couple of individual plays, but eventually the negatives are going to outweigh the positives.  The Jets and Tebow simply don't have the talent to convert 3rd-and-longs when he is in the game.

    Then when Mark Sanchez was re-inserted, he threw an interception on his first pass.

    That could have been the only full drive you will ever see for Tim Tebow in a Jets uniform.


    Mark Sanchez was just 2-for-5 in the first quarter, but did lead the Jets to a field goal on their first drive.  He had two incomplete passes called back due to Titans penalties as well.

Offense: F

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    The Jets managed just 10 points against a poor Titans defense.

    The offense was short-circuited by atrocious play from Mark Sanchez and questionable play calling.

    When the receivers can't get open, the running backs don't have any room, the offensive line can't block and the quarterback can't complete passes consistently, the result is what you saw tonight.

    The offense was inept for most of the night, but gutted out a huge drive with the season on the line.

    For the first time in a while, the offensive line struggled mightily to protect Sanchez consistently.


    The offense looked terrible for much of the quarter, but took advantage of a horrific 30-yard punt by Brett Kern and punched in their first touchdown of the game.

    Joe McKnight gave the team a nice burst, but his fumble almost cost the Jets drastically.


    The Jets were held without a first-half touchdown for the fourth straight game.  Their biggest plays have been penalties by the Titans.  

    Pretty brutal as usual.


    The Jets got on the board first with a sustained drive that ended in a field goal and a 3-0 lead.  Shonn Greene and Bilal Powell ran for just 17 yards on six carries on the initial drive as the Jets were helped by three key Titans penalties.  

    Jeff Cumberland needs to make that catch in the end zone if he wants to be an NFL tight end.

    On the plus side, Braylon Edwards looks like he'll fit right in after being away for two seasons.  Not only did he have his first reception, but he was also seen directing Clyde Gates where to line up on a play.  That's the kind of veteran leadership the Jets have been lacking at the position.

Defense: A-

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    For a large portion of the game, the defense continued its dominant play.  Aside from Chris Johnson's 94-yard touchdown run, the Jets did a good job against one of the most dangerous backs in the league.

    The big problem was that when the Jets took a 10-7 lead, the defense let Jake Locker march right down the field and take the lead right back.

    The Jets once again showed an improved ability to get to the quarterback and confuse a young Jake Locker, but even a strong defense couldn't overcome that putrid offensive performance.


    The Jets defense did a nice job for most of the quarter, but allowed Jake Locker to get into a rhythm after they were given a lead to protect. 

    There's no way they should allow the Titans to march right down the field and answer their touchdown with a score of their own.

    Earlier in the quarter, the Jets defense rescued the team after a brutal Mark Sanchez interception for the second time this game.

    Aside from the big play by Chris Johnson, this defense has turned in a terrific performance.

    Quinton Coples continued his improvement and gained his fourth sack of the season.  The sack forced the Titans to punt from their own end zone, which ended up being a 30-yard shank by Brett Kern.

    Mike DeVito had a nice stuff of Chris Johnson for a two-yard loss inside their own 10-yard-line.


    The Jets slipped up bad on Chris Johnson's 94-yard touchdown run, right from the play call.  The Jets put eight men in the box and when LaRon Landry was blocked out of the play by the tight end, the Jets had no shot.  

    The defense did a very nice job in rebounding from allowing the big play and saving Mark Sanchez after his interception.

    Sacks by Calvin Pace and Garrett McIntyre have snuffed out Titans drives before they really got going. 


    The Titans moved the ball easily against the Jets defense n their first drive behind solid running from Chris Johnson and a couple of deep hookups between Jake Locker and Nate Washington.

    This isn't the Jaguars or Cardinals.  The Titans can pick up yardage in big chunks. 

    Don't think that the Jake Locker scramble for 15 yards is going to be his last big-gainer of this game.

Special Teams: A-

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    It was a relatively quiet game on special teams for the Jets.  Everyone did their job and there were no big plays, either positive or negative.  Antonio Allen generated great pressure on Brett Kern's final punt to force his second shank, but the offense could do nothing with it.

    Robert Malone finished with six punts for an average of 42.3 yards and three punts inside the 20.  It was a good job under tough conditions.


    The third quarter was another uneventful quarter for the special teams.  Robert Malone's punting has been fine and nobody has made any critical mistakes.


    Jeremy Kerley now leads the NFL in fair catches after two more in the second quarter.  I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    Nothing else to speak of on special teams in this quarter.


    Nick Folk hit a chip-shot field goal and Muhammad Wilkerson blocked a Titans field goal.  All good on special teams so far.

Coaching: D

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    This game was marked with questionable decisions at the quarterback position and inconsistent play calling.  Inserting Tim Tebow into the game for a full series threw off the rhythm of the offense.  Later, after Mark Sanchez hit two consecutive nie passes, in came Tebow again for no reason.

    Then, as the game progressed, Tony Sparano thought it was a good idea for Sanchez to take to the air with dangerous intermediate passes.

    The Jets needed a better game plan and better play calling along the way.


    The Jets didn't learn from their first half mistake.  After Mark Sanchez hit perhaps his nicest pass of the game for 22 yards to Jeff Cumberland, Tim Tebow came trotting out onto the field to replace him.  

    The play resulted in a fumble, but luckily the Titans' ninth penalty of the game rescued the play.

    Besides inserting Tebow into the game when they shouldn't be, Tony Sparano needs to be questioned as to why he has Sanchez slinging the ball all over the field.  The play calling has been as bad as its been all year. 


    If  the Jets wanted to give Tim Tebow a full series to see what he could do, there were much better times to do it.  Mark Sanchez had been effective in moving the offense, so there really was no time to make the change.

    Then of course when Sanchez was inserted back into the game, he threw an interception on the first pass the threw.

    The Jets offensive coaches will get a slight tick up for throwing a few new Tebow plays into the mix.  Those wrinkles caught the Titans off guard. 

    I also liked the move to try to get something out of the final 50 seconds of the half.  Rex Ryan was criticized for throwing away the final minute-and-a-half of the first half of the Jaguars game.  Even though it didn't amount to anything, at least they tried.


    The play calling near the end zone left a little to be desired as the Jets had to settle for a field goal on a 1st-and-goal from the six-yard-line.

    The Jets seem to have a run-heavy game plan, which is the right call from the start.

    Rex Ryan is going to have to find ways to get pressure to Jake Locker when the Titans look for the deep ball.  The Titans can bust the game open quickly if they don't