New York Giants' 2009 Season Breakdown and My Predictions

Lewis OliverCorrespondent IMarch 24, 2009

The two reasons I put the Giants' RB Brandon Jacobs in the picture instead of QB and supposed face of the Giants Eli Manning are, because no matter how much people argue it, Jacobs is quickly becoming the Giants face.

He stands for everything the Giants are supposed to be: big, tough, never knows when to stop, and only knows how to win.

The second reason is the Giants don't rely on a QB very often to win. They have won three Super Bowls with defense. That being said, the Giants' offense is going to be based on Brandon Jacobs—he and the young and hopeful Ahmad Bradshaw.

They will need to play very well in order for the Giants to be successful. Especially if Plaxico goes to jail and the Giants don't get a new receiver for Eli to throw to.

Right now, the Giants' receiving staff is horribly weak. They are looking at Dominic Hixon where Plax plays and Steve Smith on the other side of him. This leaves us with Mario, Moss, and Tyree to fight for slot and fourth.

That's not promising depth.

That being said, the Giants still have a chance at another postseason run. Maybe even a chance for a NFC East title. So let's get to the breakdown of the Giants' games on the year.


Giants Vs. Cowboys

This will have one home and one away game. The Cowboys are much better off without their distraction (TO). That being said this game will still be a battle.

The Giants' new wave defense will be tested in these games against one of the top rated lines in the NFL. The Cowboys also have questions as to how well Romo will do with out his huge target T.O. A lot also rides on how well Barber will be able to run.

Right now I see the Giants going 2-0 as the Cowboys have much in question right now. This could change over the time with the draft, trades and the remaining FA.


Giants Vs. Eagles

A great rivalry that has many memorable games. We all know how last years postseason game ended between these two and you know many of the Giants have lost sleep wanting that game back.

I feel that the Giants will come out in the first game firing on all cylinders and attack McNabb.

They will take the first game due to the fact that they want revenge but fall to them in the second game. This could also be another playoff preview. If Jacobs shows up like he usually does against the Eagles, then they might and that's still a big might go 2-0 Vs. the Eagles.

That being said, I still will say 1-1 because the Eagles are either the top team or second best team in the NFC East in my opinion.


Giants Vs. Redskins

This should be a good set of games. The Giants play very well against the Redskins, usually. I truly think the Giants will go 2-0 against the Redskins. Eli, as a starter, is an impressive 5-2 in this rivalry, including his latest where he threw for 305 yards without Plaxico. So I'll say 2-0 here to


Falcons at Giants

I can see the Giants losing this game because the Falcons are a good team that's only getting better. QB Matt Ryan will have to face pressure that he's never seen before with the Giants' D-line.

This could cause some problems for a young QB. RB Turner should help with this problem as hes a very talented Back.

All in all, I still see the Giants winning this game. The Giants' D-line will be to much for Matt Ryan, and Jacobs should have a pretty good game which will help contribute to a win for NY


Caroline at Giants

This one will be great. I will be looking forward to it all season. A rematch for all rematches. The game where RBs were all over the place. Derrick Ward had an outstanding 215 yards and Stewart and Williams paired up for four TDs.

That was a heck of a game, and I look forward to seeing what they do this season against each other.

I give the Giants this win because unless Jake can step up and be a QB, the Giants beat the Panthers at their best running game, without Plaxico, so I think they can do it again


Raiders at Giants

Oakland is still not a talented team. They are a good running team with a great cornerback. This alone isn't enough to top the Giants. Russel doesn't have good enough receivers to push past the Giants and pull out this upset.


Chargers at Giants

This is one that I've been waiting for since 2005. A match between Eli and Rivers. Who will win? Who will play better?

When you think about it, why don't more people discuss who's the better of these two QBs instead of who's the better Manning Brother. I'm expecting a great game that can go either way.

Since the Giants ' schedule looks weak other than a few games, I'm going to give this game to the Chargers. This one is still able to go either way, though.


Cardinals at Giants

Well since this is a team that doesn't run much and the Giants' defence is based around getting to the QB and making him make mistakes, I'm tempted to give this one to the Giants.

That being said, Fitz and Boldin are just too good for the Giants or any D-backs. I'm still giving this one to the Giants in a close one, because they will wear down the O-line and get to Kurt, and the run game will prevail late in the game which will lead to a W for the G-Men.


Giants at Saints

The Saints had a very good team last year. The only problem was they couldn't finish games. Until they prove otherwise I'm going with the Giants in this one. They will be able to contain the run and will be able to get through the Saints' less-than-stellar defence.

The only way the Saints will win this game is with a huge game from Brees, and that still might not be enough. This will be Shockey's first game against his old team. This will make the game that much more interesting. Especially at my house, since my mom loves Shockey.

I still don't think that will be enough for the Saints to come out victorious.


Giants at Tampa Bay

Do the Bucs have a QB yet? I think the Bucs will be horrible next year, with so many questions about this team. There are so many positions they need to address and I don't think they will win this game or many other for that matter.


Giants at Broncos

Every Giants fan remembers the 2005 meeting between these two. Eli is down late in the fourth. Every Giants fan sits silent, hoping for the best from their young QB. Seeing the drive take place perfectly in my mind, being caped off with a Toomer TD.

Both these teams are very different from then. Back then, Jake Plummer was the QB of Denver and Tiki was the RB. If McDaniel's doesn't pull his head out of his butt and start working of that 28th-ranked defence, this game won't even be a contest.


Giants at Chiefs

I don't believe that the Chiefs are ready to compete with the big boys yet. An ancient LB and an unproven QB who might be horrible won't make this team a contender. Giants will win this one.


Giants at Vikings

Every Giants fan is already hating this game. The Giants have faced the Vikings three times in the last four years. They are 0-3 in those games.

They did almost win last year with David Carr at QB. With Eli at QB they lost both games and Eli threw eight Ints. Both those games were at home, which everyone knows Eli plays better on the road, so we will all hope for the best.

I'm still going to say Vikings win. Eli hasn't proven he can play well against them. They are basically the Patriots for Peyton, or in more recent memory, the Chargers to Peyton.


So my prediction is the Giants go 13-3 to 15-1, as they seem to have a weak schedule from the looks of it and win the NFC East for a third time in five years. If they do make the playoffs, I'll go on to analyze to the best of my ability those games to.

When the season starts up, I'll be doing a weekly analysis of all the Giants' games. I hope you enjoy them.


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