Boston Celtics: 5 Quirks That Make Rajon Rondo Who He Is

Pat DeCola@Pat_DeColaCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2012

Boston Celtics: 5 Quirks That Make Rajon Rondo Who He Is

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    If a poll among NBA players asked which of their peers is the most misunderstood, I'd bet my life that Rajon Rondo would come in as an overwhelming first-place vote.

    I've had one conversation with Rondo in my life.

    Two years ago after a preseason game against the Philadelphia 76ers in Manchester, N.H., after wrapping up an interview with Shaquille O'Neal, who told me he was the new "Godfather of Sudbury," a suburb of Boston, Rondo came out of the showers and was sniffling up a storm.

    I said, "Hey, Rajon, you okay? Getting sick? Long season ahead of you."

    His response?

    "Nah, man. Allergies."

    And that was it.

    The point is that Rondo plays close to the vest. Not much is known about the mercurial point guard. He's emotionless at times, yet fiery when it matters.

    That being said, there are five things about him that make him who he is when it comes to his personality, his demeanor on the floor and his domination of the game of basketball.

His Attitude

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    This is the area of Rajon Rondo's mystique that has been rearing its ugly head lately, particularly over the past two years. 

    Now, when I say "ugly", it doesn't always mean it's a negative thing. When Rondo went after Kris Humphries last month, he was supposedly defending Kevin Garnett. It was a questionable motive because Humphries' foul on Garnett was pretty soft, but there were likely some words exchanged earlier in the game.

    Humphries was probably running his mouth, and Rondo was there to shut it up. His teammates respect him for it, and there's no doubt they'd have his back too.

    Now, when he's doing things like this; those need to stop.

His Athleticism

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    Okay, the move in the video was on Andrew Bynum, who doesn't have any knees, but still.

    We just haven't seen athleticism like this in the NBA before.

    All of the top point guards in the NBA (Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose when healthy) each have their own unique set of skills that sets them apart. 

    Rondo's athleticism, stop-on-a-dime body control and overall flashy—yet effective—style of play, give the Boston Celtics a real standout player.

His Court Vision

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    Jeff Van Gundy summed it up best in the accompanying video. Rajon Rondo's court vision is like no other.

    How many times has it seemed like Rondo had a clear shot, but ended up making a risky pass for an even easier score, that you say to yourself: "Oh, I see why he did that."

    The guy just knows what to do out on the floor. Part of that is tied in with his athleticism and body control, allowing his movements to catch up to his eyes and make the corresponding move. 

    Where he really excels is on defense, though. Much like a sneaking safety or cornerback in football, Rondo's ability to anticipate passing lanes and pester his opposition into literally tossing the ball into his hands is unparalleled. 

His Insane Passing Skills

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    This one hardly even needs any explaining.

    You've all seen the jaw-dropping passes that Rajon Rondo routinely completes with ease. Just look at this pass from Rondo to Ray Allen in a game against the Golden State Warriors last season. I've never seen any other player in the league intentionally complete a pass like this. He truly is a one-of-a-kind talent in this respect.

    But it isn't always just about the flashy passes. His ability to consistently find his guys and give them the pass that they need, even if they're routine, is astounding. 

His Ability to Be the Point Guard the Celtics Need Him to Be

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    On some nights, Rajon Rondo needs to dish out 22 assists and score seven points.

    On others, he'll need to score 27 and help on 12. 

    There's no telling night-to-night what kind of point guard the Celtics need him to be. All we know is that for every game, Rondo is exactly the point guard that the Boston Celtics want.

    Chris Paul in Celtic green is exciting, sure. But how would he mesh with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett? 

    Unless things change drastically, the Celtics are not better suited having any other starting point guard running their offense. Rondo plays one of the most crucial roles of any player to his respective team; his role is clearly defined, and he does it extraordinarily well.

    What more could we ask for?