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Shaq Freestyles for Pharrell

By Dan Carson (Photo: YouTube)

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    Shaq's Great Response to LBJ's Haters

    by Kyle Newport

    Some people may say that LeBron James switching uniforms may hurt his legacy, but Shaquille O'Neal thinks that idea is laughable. James has played for only two teams—the Cleveland Cavalie... Read More »

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    Shaq Tries Out Runway Modeling

    by Kyle Newport

    At this point, nobody knows what to expect when they turn on Inside the NBA on TNT during the 2014 NBA playoffs. Between Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley, there is sure to be somethi... Read More »

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    Shaq Invents Shaqcrobatics

    by Dan Carson

    Monday night’s edition of Inside the NBA featured a couple firsts, with Kenny Smith inventing the word “ comfortability ” and Shaquille O’Neal attempting a bit of Shaqcrobatics with a... Read More »

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    Shaq Messes with Chuck's Chair

    by Gabe Zaldivar

    Shaquille O'Neal took time away from breaking down the Wizards' loss to the Pacers to pull the ol ' "mess with his colleagues' chairs" gag on Inside the NBA . Per usual, come for the ... Read More »

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    Watch Shaq Trip on a Garbage Can During 'Inside the NBA'

    by Alec Nathan

    There's never a dull moment on the Inside the NBA set, and that was especially true Sunday night as Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Co. had a bit of fun at the expense of Shaquille O'Neal ...... Read More »