7 Receivers Robert Griffin III Would Love to See on Next Year's Roster

Brian Paxton@@thebrianpaxtonContributor IIINovember 29, 2012

7 Receivers Robert Griffin III Would Love to See on Next Year's Roster

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    Robert Griffin III would have broken every rookie record in football by now if he had better receivers around him.

    Eight drops against the New York Giants and then ten drops against the Pittsburgh Steelers almost cost the Washington Redskins the season. If they win those two games, they're 7-4 and sitting atop the division with the playoffs all but guaranteed. That's the difference that having good receivers would make.

    Leonard Hankerson and Aldrick Robinson are young guys who have just been flat-out inconsistent this year. They have talent, but haven't done much with it. Santana Moss has lost a step, Pierre Garcon hasn't been around much of the year, and the most memorable thing Josh Morgan has done all year is throw a football at Cortland Finnegan, which probably cost the Redskins another win (8-3).

    If Garcon is healthy, this isn't a bad group of receivers. But without him, this is an average group that just hasn't played well. The Redskins should definitely be looking for some help to give RGIII some more weapons next year.

    Here's a list of guys they could go after.

Terrance Williams

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    Terrance Williams would probably love to be reunited with Robert Griffin III, but it's Williams play without the rookie phenom that should have the Redskins excited.

    The Baylor standout led the Big 12 with 1,340 receiving yards and scored 10 touchdowns this year. Those are stupid numbers. He has a unique ability to stretch the field and at 6'3" that is only part of his game. The Redskins need a big guy who can get downfield and make plays on the ball. Williams can be that and a deep threat.

    However, since the Redskins won't be picking until at least the middle of the second round, it's unlikely that Williams would be available. He's projected to go anywhere from mid-first to early second, so he probably won't get his reunion.

Dwayne Bowe

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    Dwayne Bowe wants out of Kansas City, and who can blame him? The 28-year-old has dealt with mediocre quarterbacks for far too long.

    Bowe often draws criticism for ducking away from passes over the middle and not trying, but who can blame him when the team is as bad as it is. I think those issues are highly exaggerated, and I see a big receiver with crazy hands in the red zone.

    With Garcon on the opposite side, Bowe could have a monster year in the Redskins offense. Something tells me he'd be excited to play in an explosive offense with arguably the best young quarterback in pro football. He'd definitely get his touches and would give RGIII another solid option on third down.

    The only problem with signing Bowe is that he'll likely take up a fair amount of cap room that the 'Skins don't have because of the $18 million cap penalty they'll take in the offseason. As good as I think Bowe would be in D.C., it might be better to devote those resources elsewhere.

Tavon Austin

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    Tavon Austin is already light years ahead of Brandon Banks, and he has yet to play a down in the NFL.

    The West Virginia Mountaineers receiver would come in and immediately be a return threat, utility guy and a quality receiver. As hard as the coaches are trying, they are unable to make Banks any of these.

    Austin could probably still be around in the third round when the Redskins pick, and he would definitely upgrade this offense. He's a playmaker, and Washington has very few of those right now.

    He is quite a bit undersized, but still has two inches and 20 pounds on Banks. If the Redskins are comfortable with Banks they should have no qualms about taking Austin. The only problem is whether they want to spend a mid-round pick on him or another piece.

Marquess Wilson

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    At 6-4, Wilson needs to put on more weight. Still, he could be a red zone threat and should be available in rounds 3-5.

    Marquess Wilson is a big guy. He's someone you can send on a fade route and tell him to just go get it. While a bit underweight, he can bulk up in an NFL system. Wilson is a legitimate red-zone threat who could be found as late as the fifth round. (The Redskins happen to have two fifth-round picks next year.)

    The biggest problem with Wilson is the controversy surrounding him during his time at Washington State. But with Mike Leach running the program, I'm not sure how much you can hold whatever happened against him.

    I think Wilson could be a great developmental prospect and a great pro down the line if he gets into the right system. The Redskins locker room is strong enough now to handle young guys with problems, so that doesn't scare me with him. The bottom line is he's a low-risk, high-reward type guy who fills a need.

    Sounds good to me.

Devery Henderson

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    Ah yes, Devery Henderson.

    While a bit older than you'd like to see, Henderson is a great deep threat with solid hands. While he'll probably re-sign with New Orleans, he wouldn't be a bad guy to have on your team at the right price.

    He has plenty of experience getting downfield and making big plays for Drew Brees, and I would expect the same rapport between him and RGIII. Aldrick Robinson has made a few huge plays in the past two games, but he's still young and inconsistent. And while Henderson can run any route, Robinson hasn't done much of anything besides those few big plays.

    Henderson has had a quiet year this season, but he's still a solid role player. He wouldn't come in and change the offense entirely, but he'd be another piece in a Washington offense looking for good receivers.

    Again, I don't think he'll find his way to D.C., but if he did he would definitely help.

Robert Woods

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    It's very likely that USC's Robert Woods will be gone before the Redskins even make their first selection, but if he drops for whatever reason, Woods is an immense talent who could come in and start right away.

    Even hobbled with an ankle injury, Woods was able to be one of the better receivers in the country. He has great speed and size, and he runs crisp routes. He can easily get separation, and like Pierre Garcon, he is fantastic running after the catch.

    If his injury drops him to the middle of the second round, the Redskins could find themselves with an emerging superstar in their offense.

    RGIII would love throwing to this guy.

Da'Rick Rogers

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    Da'Rick Rogers is probably the most controversial guy on this list. He was kicked off Tennessee's football team for a drug violation and wound up playing for Tennessee Tech.

    Rogers is a sure-fire first-rounder without the drug violation. He's big, physical, fast and makes insane catches. Someone will take a flier on Rogers in the third round—maybe even earlier—and will not be disappointed.

    If he is around in the third or even fourth round, I think he's too good to pass up. He has a lot of issues he needs to work out, but again with a strong locker room to keep him in check and guys like Santana Moss to mentor him he could easily put it all behind him. He just needs to grow up a bit.

    This guy has the talent to be one of the better rookie receivers in the NFL next year, he needs someone to get him focused on the game.