1. #Browns Farmer on why Bowe isn't producing: "My job is to bring the talent here'' ...Not sure why he's not contributing

  2. Dwayne Bowe Caught 3-of-5 Targets For 31 Yards Thursday Night

  3. Watch: Bowe Makes 1st Catch of the Year

  4. McCown to Start, Bowe Active for 3rd Time This Season

  5. Banished Bowe Could Play Sunday with Hawkins in Doubt

  6. BOWE! He lives!

  7. Dwayne Bowe’s consecutive game with a catch streak alive at 1. #Browns

  8. If the Browns front office was still illegally texting in suggestions to coaches I'm thinking it'd go something like this - FORCE FEED BOWE

  9. Big-Money Bowe Signing Looking Worse Every Week

  10. Pettine: Top 4 WRs 'Entrenched' Ahead of Bowe

  11. Notes: Bowe Doesn't Appear to Be in Browns Plans

  12. #Browns inactive list includes 4 former No. 1 picks: Gilbert, Haden, Whitner, Bowe. #100yearswar.

  13. Browns inactives: QB McCown, CB Gilbert, CB Haden, S Whitner, OL Bitonio, WR Bowe, TE Bibbs

  14. Inactives for the Browns: QB McCown, CB Gilbert, CB Hayden, SS Whitner, G Bitonio, WR Bowe, TE Bibbs. Manziel starts at QB

  15. Bowe Being Kept Off Field Both a Good and Bad Thing

  16. Week 5 Inactives: Bowe a Healthy Scratch Again

  17. Bowe Acquisition Looking Like a Bust

  18. Updated: #Browns Gilbert and Bowe among inactives, Roethlisberger active but they're not saying who's starting yet https://t.co/5Opig1FVPt

  19. Dwayne Bowe and DeMarco Murray lead @ChrisWesseling's list of top 10 free agent busts https://t.co/yDAOLoraSY https://t.co/U4ldcLEVqT

  20. Bowe: 'Once I Hit the Field, You Guys Will Love It'

  21. Bowe: 'It Starts Sunday; It's Going to Happen'

  22. Pettine: We're Not Cutting Dwayne Bowe

  23. Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, cornerback Justin Gilbert among inactive #Browns players vs. #Steelers: https://t.co/fsZoHm4SFS

  24. Puzzler that Justin Gilbert won't play. Questions just don't stop with him. Not a puzzler that Bowe won't play.

  25. Inactives vs the Steelers: QB Josh McCown, CBs Justin Gilbert and Joe Haden, WR Dwayne Bowe, S Donte Whitner, OG... https://t.co/zWlkpxjAbN

  26. Browns inactives. No surprise about Bowe. Flip basically said as much on Wednesday pic.twitter.com/aOTR1IDS2V

  27. Browns WR Dwayne Bowe (hamstring) will be active today

  28. Report: Browns Want to Move on from Bowe

  29. #Browns inactives include Justin Gilbert, Dwayne Bowe and Josh McCown https://t.co/1VJE1KBYKf

  30. #Browns inactives include: Josh McCown, Justin Gilbert, Dwayne Bowe.

  31. Dwayne Bowe Expects to Play Sunday

  32. Browns WR Dwayne Bowe:"Yesterday & today, I put together two great practices. I am feeling pretty confident I can go out on Sunday & play."

  33. McCown, Dwayne Bowe,, Haden, DWhitner, JGilbert inactive for Browns vs Steelers

  34. #Browns WR Dwayne Bowe inactive for the sixth time in 10 games this season.

  35. Browns WR Dwayne Bowe (hamstring) will be inactive vs. #Jets, sources say. A 3rd stringer on the depth chart, his deal has $9M guaranteed

  36. OC DeFilippo 'I Told Dwayne We Expect More Out of Him'

  37. Jimmy Graham, Dwayne Bowe and the 20 worst dead money deals in the NFL (by @WillLaws) https://t.co/lz7asjZYu6 https://t.co/f2Pn43nWId

  38. The moon landing. The fall of the Berlin Wall. Dwayne Bowe catching a pass for the Browns. https://t.co/Juu8lAWip7

  39. Browns first depth chart. WR Dwayne Bowe is still third-team pic.twitter.com/eHt750ayJ7

  40. Pettine Ends Speculation: Bowe Won't Be Cut

  41. The Browns are paying Dwayne Bowe $9 million for 1 catch! Go stand outside FirstEnergy Stadium! https://t.co/ZUODZJjb6e

  42. After watching last night's game I understand why Dwayne Bowe has been inactive so much. He's really been.. "inactive"

  43. Bowe: Browns Will Show We're a High-Powered Offense

  44. Bowe Returns to Practice, Confident He'll Be Ready

  45. #Browns WR Bowe played 15 of 53 snaps (28%) and Marlon Moore player 20 (38%). Bowe caught his 1st 3 passes of the season for 31

  46. Dwayne Bowe played fewest snaps (15 of 53, 28%) among #Browns WRs. Travis Benjamin had 51, Taylor Gabriel 48 and Marlon Moore 20.

  47. #Browns notebook: Drought ends for $9 million man Dwayne Bowe: https://t.co/WwvVCUOk8O

  48. Watch Dwayne Bowe wind up with more pts than Jeremy Hill because fantasy.

  49. Dwayne Bowe: 1 catch, 4 yards..9 million dollars in 2015

  50. Dwayne Bowe with first catch as a member of #Browns.

  51. Dwayne Bowe has caught a pass.

  52. Dwayne Bowe with his first catch as a Brown. Gain of 4.

  53. Confirmation: Dwayne Bowe is still in the NFL. Confirmation: I had forgotten how to spell Dwayne Bowe.

  54. #Browns Dwayne Bowe catches his first pass of the season for 4 yards to the Bengals 11

  55. Phil Simms says Dwayne Bowe had great OTAs is the name of the DVD you can buy on the 2015 Cleveland Browns.

  56. Dwayne Bowe catches a pass. Something that I thought would never be said this year.


  58. Dwayne Bowe played that series. He has played 4 games, been targeted 3 times this season and caught 0 passes. Nine freakin' million bucks.

  59. Marlon Moore was #Browns 3d WR ahead of Dwayne Bowe.

  60. Browns WR Dwayne Bowe active for TNF - Hot News for WR Dwayne Bowe https://t.co/vK9wjInFEv