New York Jets' Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes Voted Among NFL's Least-Liked

Rocco ConstantinoContributor IOctober 25, 2012

AP Photo/Frank Franklin
AP Photo/Frank Franklin

In an annual poll among NFL fans conducted by Forbes Magazine, New York Jets stars Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes were voted among the 10 least-liked players in the league.

Holmes and Sanchez were the eighth and 10th least-liked players in the NFL, respectively, and were the second and third least-liked players in the AFC.  Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart was the only AFC player that was more hated than Sanchez and Holmes.

According to Tom Van Riper of, the rankings are based on a formula that calculates "appeal rating" among fans polled by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research.

Holmes scored a 28 percent appeal rating while Sanchez had a 31 percent rating.  Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was voted as the most-liked player in the NFL with a 63 percent rating.  Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was voted the least popular player in the NFL with a 19 percent rating.

Now that diva receivers like Plaxico Burress, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson are out of the league, the only star receivers who fit that mold are Holmes and Randy Moss.  Moss placed fourth on the least-liked list.

Holmes was nowhere to be found in last year's poll, so it's safe to assume that his very public meltdown in the 2011 season finale still resonates with fans.  

The case of Sanchez is a more puzzling one however.

While there have been discussions about Sanchez's insecurities and potential as a franchise quarterback, he has by and large conducted himself extremely well during his time in the NFL.

Sanchez has entirely avoided trouble during his career and has had a number of charitable ventures.  Among Sanchez's charitable partners are Sam's Club and Tuesday's Children 9/11 fund.  Even his much-maligned GQ photo shoot had connections to a charity.

Despite his goodwill, Sanchez found himself on the least-liked list while Ben Roethlisberger, who settled a case of accused rape in 2008, apparently is back in fans' good graces and not among the least-liked. 

The fact of the matter is that the Jets are the NFL's most polarizing team, so it's no surprise that the team leader ends up as one of the least-liked players in the NFL.

Throw in Sanchez's tendency to turn up on Page Six and his laundry list of model/actress girlfriends, and one can start to understand why that would rub fans across the country the wrong way.

One of the more surprising developments of this poll was that Tim Tebow didn't show up on either list.  You'd figure that the owner of the third-highest selling jersey in the NFL would at least be able to crack the top 10 of the most-liked list, but that didn't happen.   

Here's a look at the complete lists of the most-liked and least-liked players in the NFL.



1. Troy Polamalu

T2. Drew Brees

T2. Charles Woodson

4. Peyton Manning

T5. Aaron Rodgers

T5. Rob Gronkowski

T7. Robert Griffin III

T7. Donald Driver

T7. Brian Urlacher

10. Matthew Stafford



1. Ndamukong Suh

2. Jay Cutler

3. Michael Vick

4. Randy Moss

5. Matt Leinart

T6. Kyle Orton

T6. Tony Romo

8. Santonio Holmes

T10. Mark Sanchez

T10. Brady Quinn