Another Inspriation: Spinebusters, Ankles, and C4: Top 25 Finishers; Part One

KumarCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

An article by Brendan O’Neill about favorites was written two days ago (see here) and once again, my mind started to work. Things were brewin’, I was seein’ finishers after finishers, debating which Numero Uno was, and guess what, kids?

I made my own friggin’ list of 25 of the best finishers I’ll ever see. I searched the Indy circuits long and hard, and thanks to AkD, my brolito, I’ve got some Red to share around. Oh, note to everyone here, Japanese finishers aren’t going to count, because well, all of them are either hard to remember or really just botched….

 I based my listing off of how easy it is to get to (think Pedigree), how fast the finisher is (think RKO), and how exciting the move is (think 619). Listed first is the finisher, then the wrestler, last what promotion he’s wrestled for, or is right now.

I also am guaranDAMNteeing you that you’ll see the unexpected. No powerbombs allowed.  Alright, let’s roll….

25)  Chyna’s Varieties of Low Blows- WOW. I just had to include this right here because I wanted one woman’s finisher. Chyna’s had her moments with a lot of jewels. Her best was probably in the SummerSlam Ladder Match between the Rock and Triple H. That blow sent Rock right down a 15 foot ladder gripping; you know…his parts together.


24)  Gringo Killer, Homicide, TNA- Everyone knows Homicide deserves a push. He’s part of LAX, which is probably one of the best Tag Teams out there, and also looking up for them is Homicide’s finisher, which also leaves just about anyone laid out after the finisher is done. Seriously, though, that Piledriver makes a guy look like his neck is broken off a video game’s German Suplex.


23)  Double-A Spinebuster, Triple H, Batistaroid, Arn Anderson, WWE/WCW- Many have tried this move, but really, only these three people can pull it off. The Spinebuster has been a Triple H signature for years (The guy got this one on tape). The Spinebuster is also the only reason I bother to watch a Batistaroid match, but for some reason, Orton's always getting owned. Arn created the first one (that’s why it’s Double-A (watch at 4:40), for all of you non-knowing marks).


22)  C4, Paul Birchill, WWE- How in the BLUE HELL can Paul Birchill pull this off? Technically, we’d call it a Standing Moonsault Side Slam, but other than that, it takes a TON of strength to do one. If you thought doing a Rock Bottom would be hard, try this. I don’t think ANYONE else has tried this out, because it’s so hard not to botch….


21)  Angel Wings, Chris Daniels, TNA- This is why I didn’t put the Pedigree on this list. Why havethat when Christopher Daniels can give you this? This is a combination of both (in my mind) the Batista Bomb (or at least the end) and the Pedigree. This is technically “shortened” as a Spinning Delayed Sitout Pedigree.


20)   Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy, WWE- Although this was never quick, or good, or impactful, and really hurt Jeff Hardy more than the opponent (WHAT??) Jeff Hardy has used it in MANY extreme situations, and some I’ll never forget. Jeff’s pulled off this move, along with his trademark leg drop, just about on every surface at about every height. My favorite Jeff Hardy extremist move comes from WrestleMania XXIII. Hardy, with the encouragement of Matt, nails a leg drop on Edge, who is on a Ladder which lies on a Table.


19)  Frog Splash, RVD/Eddie Guerrero, WWE/ECW- In tribute to Eddie Guerrero, we have to have this hell of a finisher here. Also, RVD can make the Splash interesting by doing it off either a ladder, springboarding it, or even as simple as when he bounces off the man he splashes on. This movewill also almost always get a positive reaction out of fans, even when Eddie was a heel, or when RVD was a heel. The only person who really would get booed doing this would be (sadly) Chavo Guerrero, even though he’s doing it (as a heel) for Eddie.


18)  3D, the Dudley Boyz, WWE/TNA/ECW - Probably the best tag finisher of all time right here.   The Dudleys have been using the cutter-flapjack combo for over 10 years, and guess what? The fans never get sick of it. And if you think that fans don’t get sick of things, think again. Poetry in Motion? I’m hearing the boos every now and then. But for the Dudleys, this is a reliable and legendary tag team move that revolves a match to them every time.


17)  Spiral Tap, AJ Styles, TNA- This may be to most, just a signature move, but to me, it’s a finisher, and one of a young star’s best. AJ Styles doesn’t really use this anymore, but when he does, it reminds me of a certain Infrared, by an Amazing fellow of sorts…


16)  Jackhammer Slam, Goldberg, WCW/ WWE- Many could argue that this slam doesn’t belong here, but I have to contrast once again when it comes to Goldberg. The only reason I love this finisher is for every single time he does it, the WCW fans start to chuck stuff everywhere. Now this is only a funny aspect, mainly because this is the only time when the (dumb) WCW fans threw stuff and they liked the wrestler in the ring. So may I argue that this strongman variation of a running diving powerslam is reversing the fans in wrestling?


15) Styles Clash, AJ Styles, TNA- To be honest with everyone here, I am not impressed by this finisher. What stuns me, though, is how AJ gets to it. Usually, as a counter to a powerbomb, or any other power or top rope move, AJ gets in position, sometimes so quick the fans don’t get it right away, and pounds the opponent with the inverted belly-to-belly mat slam.


14)  Code Red, Amazing Red, Independent/ROH- Like AkD said, this is part of one hell of a moveset. Code Red is basically a sunset-flipped powerbomb, and if no one understands what it looks like, it’s similar to the Canadian Destroyer. The only reason it’s not higher is because of the fact that he doesn’t have enough time behind it, enough legacy. But, I’m commanding you with my mystical Indian powers, if he makes a trip to WWE, you will watch him.


13)  Ankle Lock, Kurt Angle, WWE/TNA­- Made famous by Kurt Angle in his WWE tenure, like the Styles Clash, I’m not impressed by the overall function of the move, but moreover the emotion that Angle’ll put into it, and the way he at times would get to the position before he applies the move.  Ever heard of a Victory Roll anyone? (see No Mercy, 2003, Angle vs. Cena, or WrestleMania XXI HBK/Angle)


12) F5, Brock Lesnar, WWE- This move is just scary, and every time Brock comes in and pulls it, it looks like someone’s gonna get their intestines rearranged. What looks like a simple fallaway airplane-spin flapjack is really a huge pain in the neck for anyone who’s tried this at home. Recklessly, it affects the whole body, and the sequence is just as exciting to watch as the set-up.


Alright, thanks to everyone for reading and commenting, and once again, thanks to AkD for helping me on this list. Disagree on something? Comment me! I'm looking for a great debate here...

The second part (No. 12-1) will be up tomorrow, or if I get enough reads and comments, and everyone's done with this, tonight. Trust me, though, you'll get some Indy moves and some shockers on that one, too. This is just a warm-up, LOL!


Now...Can you dig THAT? Suckaaaaaaa!