The Quest For Honor: So Many Colors, But Red Is Amazing

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

I'm about to travel to other lands. I encourage my fellow B/R writers to do the same. I thought of my trip as voyaging into the unknown, but i'll call it abstract. I went into my mind, but the table of contents or index could supply me with what I was looking for. It was bits and pieces but I have to put them together.

With abstraction, I think of paintings and colors. Vibrant and dull, dark and light. Within the vault I navigated through my usual WWE references and found a nicely concealed pack of crayons in the back. I searched around the box and looked for "childhood references".

There was none.

Where had this box come from? I consider myself an artist of sorts, but never used crayons in my drawings.  I grabbed the box and got ready to dispose of it. I threw it and sorted my WWE references. When I was about to close the vault, the back glowed.

Clearly annoyed I returned to the back of the vault and the box was glowing. I clenched it in my palm and began to squeeze. The light shined brighter and I stepped back. I then knew that this box wasn't going to go away, I had to embrace it. I was nervous.

Out of all of my memories I'd never recalled this crayon box before. I opened it and stared at the box. I'm cognizant of my colors alright. It was nothing special. All of a sudden, a beam of light came out of the box bounced off every angle of vault and resulted in a new dimension. It was terrifying, yet exciting.

I looked to the edge of the vault inquisitive be on what I might discover. Was it a lost WWF match I hadn't seen before?! I pounced to the edge and saw three letters. R.....O.....H. The crayon box had transformed to a  slide show like projector. Every glimpse was as wonderful as the last.

I didn't know where I was, but I was sure as heck going to find out. Wrestlers I haven't seen before, moves I haven't seen before...a world I haven't seen before. The flashes continued, but I wasn't completely lost, I had a small sense of direction. I saw CM Punk a couple of times so this land couldn't be too unfamiliar.

The ring work I saw was out of this world. I must have been in an alternate reality. When I checked my location, I was still in the vault ans the WWE memories were right inside the vault. If I wasn't in an alternative reality, then where the heck was I? I hastily grabbed the crayon box like a preschool student getting ready to color like a maniac and searched the box. I went with instinct, so I chose the red crayon for RAW. I looked for the crayon name and it read

"Amazing Red"

"Amazing Red? Is this a color?!"

I threw the crayon on the vault floor and it lit up. I was taken to an empty storage slot with my mind. Like a lecture, I sat, watched and learned.

Amazing Red was a wrestler who wrestled for All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW), TNA, and Ring of Honor. I saw him in action. The slides were presented to me one by one. He had a relentless moveset that a WWE wrestler would dream for. The vault lit up like a supernova and all I saw was red. My eyes feasted on pure elegance. I have never seen this much red before in my life.

Code Red (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)

Red Star press (running standing shooting star press)

Red Alert (Springboard swinging reverse STO)

Red Edge (Running sitout one shoulder powerbomb)

Red Spike (Back to belly piledriver)

Red Fusion (Double Springboard corkscrew 450 degree splash)

Seeing Red (Hip toss that ultimately leads to a full nelson facebuster)

Infrared (540 Degree senton)

I was amazed, truly amazed. I thought of love at first sight, but It was red at first flight. Red was lightning quick and reminded me of someone. Before I could pinpoint who it was, matches were displayed and I payed attention as I didn't want to miss any Amazing Red.

He was ROH tag team champion with current TNA wrestler, AJ Styles. Flashes even showed him in TNA as he was once an X Division champion. He wrestled across many promotions.

He was apart of the East Coast Wrestling Association, where he won the ECWA Heavyweight championship twice. Red was also in Maryland Championship Wrestling  where he captured the MCW Crusierweight championship. Amazing wrestled for the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC), where he once held the the NYWC interstate championship.

Red reminded me of the flash.

He was quick and exciting. I was really drawn in by is ROH matches. Red went by other monikers. One of them was Misterio Red, which once again reminded me of someone, but more Red was shown before I could figure it out. Red has many matches including one against Teddy Hart, which was a favorite of mine.

Red flew with flying colors and took exciting to the next level. My pupils were pure red, but I kept watching. He was billed from Brooklyn, New York and that was fantastic to have a wrestler like red from New York. I saw moves that defied gravity and every execution was as good as the last.

I saw the 7-1-8, Rey Mysterio's 6-1-9. I loved the the 7-1-8. Even though it was the same move 718 was my area code, so it felt like a shout out I suppose. Standing shooting star presses at his mercy, it was marvelous.I continued to observe until the crayon stopped glowing.

"Was I dreaming?"

I looked at the crayon one more time.

"Amazing Red" it read and I put it back in the box. I closed it and the box had a writing on the front. "Ring Of Honor" it read. I've heard of that place, but never bothered to explore I suppose.

The box vanished and I panicked. Just when I thought I had lost this fabulous new dimension, it had infused itself within the vault. Amazing Red was now in the index. WWE memories were orbiting just fine.

I knew that they wouldn't go anywhere, so I had to take this trip. I had to see who or what else was in this "Ring of Honor" box, so I set off. Red has suffered serious injuries and is currently on the self, but is working on a full time return to the ring. Hopefully he return to ROH. I had many thoughts of what I might run into. It didn't matter, I knew everything would be Amazing like Red.