Sunday Rewind: Jets Get Help from Refs, Lose by 17 at Pittsburgh

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Sunday Rewind: Jets Get Help from Refs, Lose by 17 at Pittsburgh
Joe Sargent/Getty Images
Why couldn't Tebow have been in for this play?

The Steelers-Jets game was the most atrociously refereed game of the week, bar none. Though thankfully for the league office, all the calls went in favor of the team that got trounced anyway, so there was no controversy in that regard.

There were three separate pass interference calls on the Steelers (two on Ike Taylor) against Santonio Holmes that were just absurd. On one of them, it clearly looked like the zebras threw a flag for a blow to the head, realized that Holmes actually got hit in the chest, and changed the call to pass interference just to justify the original flag.

It was embarrassing, really.

What was more embarrassing, however, was watching Mark Sanchez try to throw an accurate pass over the course of the final three quarters. He was kinda like Ricky Vaughn from “Major League” before they got him glasses, “Juuuuuuuuuuuust a bit outside.”

It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who sliced and diced the Bills last week, though to be fair to Sanchez, he did have a lot more time to throw against Buffalo. The Steelers rushed him well all game, sacking him twice and hounding him at least a dozen other times.

Basically, this is how we thought the Jets' offensive line would play after watching the preseason. That week 1 performance was a tease.

So too was the successful debut of rookie WR Stephen Hill, who was completely shut out at Pittsburgh.

Joe Sargent/Getty Images
You, yeah, you, the guy with the helmet, here.

You almost have to feel sorry for Jets' coach Rex Ryan. He wants so badly to have a “ground and pound” offense, but it’s become so apparent that Shonn Greene stinks and can’t do that. There probably isn’t a team in the league with a worse collection of running backs. The backup on just about every other team in the league would start for the Jets.

Maybe they should try Tim Tebow at running back. Or at right tackle.

On the other side of the ball, the difference between having Darrelle Revis and not having him made itself pretty apparent, no?

All of a sudden the Jets had to cover the entire field instead of half of it, which made life much harder for their secondary. It didn’t help matters any that Ben Roethlisberger felt like playing Santa Claus and decided to give every damn guy on his roster a present, with 10 different Steelers catching at least one pass.

Pittsburgh can’t run the ball either and they don’t look all that good to me early, but they’ll get a chance to fatten up their record with a game coming up at Oakland and then a bye to heal up Rashard Mendenhall and their defense. 

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