Tennessee Titans Need to Cut Bait with Kenny Britt

Michael SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterAugust 9, 2012

NASHVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 18:  Kenny Britt #18 of the Tennessee Titans celebrates as he leaves the field after a win over the Baltimore Ravens at LP Field on September 18, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee won 26-13.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Kenny Britt has been on the Tennessee Titans' last nerve for long enough. It's time for the Titans to finally cut bait with their talented, yet troubled, wide receiver.

Britt's latest indiscretions go to prove that the 23-year-old's problems aren't just youthful indiscretion, but a completely backward view of life that isn't changing anytime soon. He seems petulant, selfish, egotistic and impulsive.

The NFL is Britt's personal Never Never Land, and he isn't ever growing up.

On July 20, at 3:30 in the morning, Britt was pulled over and arrested at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. He was driving a female soldier back to base, and Britt was charged with driving under the influence. Note: It was originally reported (and reiterated here) that teammate Tommie Campbell was with Britt, but that report has since been proven false.

This wasn't Britt's first run-in with the law. Last spring, Britt pleaded guilty to reckless driving following an alleged car chase with law enforcement. It started when officers attempted to pull Britt over for going 71 in a 55 in the receiver's hometown of Bayonne, N.J.

Yes, for those keeping score at home, Britt was that guy who attempted to get out of a speeding ticket by going even faster. He did so in a town of 63,000, of which he is the most famous resident.

Stupid does not begin to describe Britt; stupid would've learned better by now.

The day after Britt pleaded guilty to the "reckless driving" incident—a reduced charge, which is one of those benefits of being Bayonne's most famous resident—Britt was charged with two counts of resisting arrest, according to the Jersey Journal. Yes, the day after Britt was in court for trying to elude police like a Duke of Hazzard, he decided it was a good idea to resist yet again.

One of the weird and unexplained facets of that story, though, is resisting arrest for what? The Journal says they were narcotics officers, but no drug charges were filed. At the very least, Britt was, once again, in the wrong place at the wrong time—a scenario he seems to relish.

Go even further back in Britt's past and one finds outstanding traffic warrants, more outstanding traffic warrants, bar fights and "theft by deception." That last charge was also downgraded to a misdemeanor because, apparently, the good people of New Jersey think Britt deserves some sort of leniency.

Maybe some of these look worse than they are, but the volume of offenses paints a pretty clear picture.

This is Kenny Britt. This is who he is.

"Talented receiver" is not even on the first page of descriptors one would use for Britt. "Criminal" makes the first paragraph. "Idiot" is near the top. "Menace" is quickly rising up the ranks. "Keeps horrible company" is almost certainly there as well.

So we arrive at the latest of Britt's indiscretions, a missed rehab session and a social media outburst after the Titans fined him for said missed session. Britt replied to the latest fine on his Instagram account (via The Tennessean):

Yu gotta be (expletive) kidding me.. walk back to dis.. Don’t dey know I have kids .. I’m tired of did (expletive).

*Deep breath*

OK, Kenny, let's talk. I'm positive the Titans know you have kids, but do you? Did you remember you had kids when you decided to skip a rehab session for your knee? Your knee is a pretty important part of your livelihood. If you would like to keep providing for them, you should probably take care of that thing!

Did you remember you had kids when you were out at 3:30 in the morning? I have kids, Kenny, and do you know the only reason I'm ever up at 3:30 in the morning? To take care of those kids, not to be out partying and running around with women who aren't those kids' mother.

The fact that Britt would dare bring his children into this situation is one of the most vile excuses in the history of vile excuses for behavior. Don't fine you because you have kids? How about you stop acting like a complete moron because you have kids. That is how grown-ups act. That is how men act.

So Britt is tired of "did (expletive)." The Titans should be too.

Cut Kenny Britt.

It's as simple as that. You have talent at wide receiver and you have depth as well. Kendall Wright has every chance to be as good as Britt, and he doesn't carry anywhere near the baggage. Jared Cook, too, would benefit from the targets Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker would be wasting on Britt.

Need another wideout? Go out and grab Plaxico Burress, because at least he was forced to pay for his stupidity and hopefully got the message.

Let the Oakland Raiders or Cincinnati Bengals deal with Britt. Maybe he could convince one of his old coaches—Greg Schiano or Jeff Fisher—to take a shot on him. Wherever Britt ends up, there is little chance he will get the message until he finally hits rock bottom. Britt has been coddled and pandered to his entire career, and continuing to do so isn't going to help him or the Titans.

Training camp is the time of year when most young players are doing everything—absolutely everything within their power—to make an NFL roster, to keep their dream alive. Britt is seemingly doing as little as possible.

Talented or not, the Titans need to cut bait with Britt. He has been nothing but trouble since entering the NFL, and he stopped being worth the risk long ago.


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