Debunking the Biggest Myths About the New York Jets in 2012

Aidan MackieSenior Analyst IAugust 1, 2012

Debunking the Biggest Myths About the New York Jets in 2012

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    The Jets are the most intriguing team in the NFL

    No one knows what to expect of the Jets this season. 

    Will we see the Super Bowl contender of old, or the media circus of last season?

    It is the unpredictability of Gang Green that make them so hard to predict, but there are several notions being thrown around the media that are pure baloney.

    These concepts are nothing but myths, and will turn out to be dead-wrong by midseason.

The Jets Have a Quarterback Controversy

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    The belief that the Jets have a quarterback controversy is probably the biggest myth of all heading into season. 

    Many experts, including former Jets head coach Herm Edwards, are firm believers that a Tebow-Sanchez position battle is due to take place in training camp, as well as throughout the season.

    Despite the rumors, the Jets front office and coaching staff have backed Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback all offseason. 

    Sanchez is undeniably the better quarterback. The former USC product has a more accurate arm, faster delivery and is an all-around better pocket-passer. 

    Tebow may be the team's Wildcat option and red-zone quarterback, but he will not be starting at any point throughout the season. 

Stephen Hill Is Too Raw to Make a Sizable Impact in 2012

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    The selection of wide receiver Stephen Hill was met with much praise from fans and experts alike. 

    Hill has tremendous talent, but he is also widely regarded as extremely raw. He only caught 49 passes in his entire college career and his route-running is subpar.

    Many experts believe that Hill's impact in his rookie season will be small because of his lack of experience. 

    However, Hill seems to have things pointing his way as we near the beginning of preseason.

    Rex Ryan has said that Hill will start this season, and the rookie wideout has impressed early on in training camp

    The 21-year-old will make a monumental impact and be one of the top playmakers in Gang Green's offense all year long. 

The Locker Room Problems Are All Cleared Up

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    New York was plagued by locker room turmoil all of last season, and it eventually led to their demise as a winning team. 

    The franchise used numerous tools to rebuild the chemistry among the roster this offseason and many believe the locker room is finally unified.

    However, recent public outbursts by Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie prove otherwise.

    Holmes recently said that he was the "scapegoat" for the media last season. These comments show that Holmes is unable to take responsibility for his immature actions and that he is a selfish teammate.

    Cromartie also went on a limb and declared himself the Jets' second-best wide receiver. Cromartie's comments could be taken offense to by the numerous New York wideouts vying for playing time this season.

    Holmes and Cromartie are just adding fuel to the fire. They seem to be on their way to causing chaos in the locker room again this season.

The Jets Secondary Isn't Elite

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    The Jets boast the best cornerback duo in the league, but safety has been a position of weakness in recent years. 

    However, the franchise drastically improved at safety this offseason, as they acquired former Redskins star LaRon Landry and veteran Yeremiah Bell.

    Landry is a tremendous hitter and superb blitzing safety. Bell is a terrific open-field tackler and he is solid in zone coverage. 

    Despite the upgrades, the Jets' secondary is still not getting the respect they deserve.

    New York will undoubtedly rank among the best passing defenses in the league next season, even while playing the Patriots' high-flying aerial attack twice.

Rex Ryan Is Coaching for His Job

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    In the span of 10 months, the Jets went from being at the top of the mountain to the bottom of the pit in the NFL landscape. 

    The team went from being a viable Super Bowl contender to a media circus. 

    Many blame Rex Ryan for the sudden regression. They believe he has no authority over the locker room, and that the team will never be successful again under his leadership. 

    However, rumors that the bombastic head coach might be coaching for his job are crazy.

    Ryan has led the Jets to a 28-20 record in his three-year tenure as head coach. The franchise has appeared in two AFC Championships with him at the helm, despite mediocre play from the quarterback position.

    Ryan is also one of the game's finest defensive coaches. His superb blitz packages and defensive schemes have helped the Jets rank in the top five in total defense in every season he has been running the team.

    Despite his loud mouth and inability to control his polarized locker room, Ryan is one of the best minds in the game.  

    He will be in Gotham for a while. 

Mark Sanchez's Contract Extension Was a Mistake

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    Experts and fans alike were stunned when the Jets announced that Mark Sanchez received a contract extension this offseason. 

    Why would the team give a quarterback who is plagued by inconsistent play, deflated confidence and below-average leadership qualities another huge contract?

    Well, for many reasons. 

    Firstly, the Sanchez contract extension opened up a cool $6.4 million in cap space. This space allowed the Jets to bring in top free agents such as LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell. 

    Secondly, the deal makes it easier for the Jets to cut ties with Sanchez after the 2013 season. 

    Therefore, if the USC product does not live up to their expectations within the next two years, he will likely be out of Gotham. 

    Extending embattled quarterback Mark Sanchez was a genius move by Mike Tannenbaum and the Jets front office. 

The Jets Are Not a Playoff Team

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    The Jets may be the NFL's version of Jersey Shore, but they are still among the league's most talented teams. 

    New York may have regressed last year, but they were 8-8, not 4-12. 

    This is why it is puzzling to see Gang Green ranked as low as 28th in Matt Miller's latest power rankings, and 20th in ESPN's rankings.

    Can some experts really believe that the Jaguars are a better team than the Jets?

    Gang Green was a playoff contender all of last season, even with locker room problems and regression on both sides of the ball.

    After a solid offseason, the Jets are a better team entering this season.

    Expect Rex Ryan and company to be playing January football.