NFL Mock Draft: Version 1.0

The SportmeistersAnalyst IFebruary 21, 2009

With the Combine going on right now, Sportmeisters Justin and Ryan decide to reveal their first NFL Mock Draft of 2009. Expect some updates after this next week.

No. 1--Detroit Lions:

Sportmeister Justin: Matthew Stafford (QB): With not many elite quarterbacks in this year’s draft class, Stafford is the clear-cut best quarterback in the draft, and the Lions struggled all year to find a signal caller.

Sportmeister Ryan: Andre Smith (OT): They have passing options in Daunte Culpepper and Drew Stanton; they need a solid offensive line to establish a running game before looking into a quarterback.

No. 2--St. Louis Rams:

Justin: Andre Smith (OT): Smith could make an impact right away on the field. He can run and pass block effectively.

Ryan: Aaron Curry (LB): Curry is the top LB on the block. Although the Rams want Smith, they will fall back on another team need.

No. 3--Kansas City Chiefs:

Justin: Aaron Curry (LB): With new GM Pioli coming from the Patriots, they are guaranteed to pick a defensive player. The Chiefs invested in the defensive line last year and need an linebacker this year.

Ryan: Matt Stafford (QB): Personally, I do not think there are many good quarterbacks out there this year.  Kansas City cannot wait for another quarterback, and a long-term investment will help Tony Gonzalez and Dwyane Bowe.

No. 4--Seattle Seahawks:

Justin: B.J. Raji (DT): Seahawks need a playmaker at wide receiver, but a more pressing concern is the defensive line.

Ryan: B.J. Raji (DT): Agreed here, their two biggest weaknesses are offensive and defensive line. I like Raji in this spot.

No. 5--Cleveland Browns:

Justin: Everette Brown (DE): Browns could not put pressure on opposing quarterback last year, so Brown could be a welcome addition.

Ryan: Malcom Jenkins (CB): Eric Mangini loves physical corners, and it is too much of a reach to go after an outside linebacker. There are other big needs.

No. 6--Cincinnati Bengals:

Justin: Micheal Oher (OT): Once a strength of the team, the tackle position is a dire need this year.

Ryan: Jason Smith (OT): I agree. The team gave up 51 sacks, and cannot afford many more injuries to Carson Palmer.

No. 7--Oakland Raiders:

Justin: Micheal Crabtree (WR): Quarterback JaMarcus Russell needs a consistent target, and Crabtree is the best option.

Ryan: Michael Crabtree (WR): It is a tossup right now between Crabtree and Maclin, but Crabtree is the healthier prospect to take at this spot.

No. 8--Jacksonville Jaguars:

Justin: Eugene Monroe (OT): Jaguars need to revamp their offensive line that suffered many injuries last year.

Ryan: Eugene Monroe (OT): A beast of an offensive lineman, he can shore up the line immediately, provided he stays healthy.

No. 9--Green Bay Packers:

Justin: Brian Orakpo (DE): Orakpo is a pass rushing specialist, and the Packers ranked last in the league with sacks.

Ryan: Aaron Maybin (DE): With the Packers switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4, the spot is perfect for a defensive end who can switch back and forth, a la Jason Taylor, to help the team make the adjustments.

No. 10--San Francisco:

Justin: Rey Maualuga (ILB): Thanks to coach Mike Singletary, the linebacker position will be a strength of the 49ers.

Ryan: Brian Cushing (OLB): While the 49ers do need key help at linebacker, they need a pass-rushing outside linebacker more than an inside linebacker.

No. 11--Buffalo Bills:

Justin: Aaron Maybin (DE): Bills need to improve their defensive edges.

Ryan: Brian Orakpo (DE): With Aaron Schobel returning, throwing another defensive end on the line should help improve a pass rush that was 26th last year.

No. 12--Denver Broncos:

Justin: James Laurinaitis (ILB): Broncos need to desperately improve their defense.

Ryan: Rey Maualuga (ILB). The Broncos need a linebacker, and again, it is a toss up between the top two linebackers left.

No. 13--Washington Redskins:

Justin: Jason Smith (OT): The Redskins need to strengthen their offensive line, and Smith has the best feet of any lineman in the draft.

Ryan: Everette Brown (DE): The defensive end position was a huge bust for Washington this season, and with two guys over 30, it makes sense to go for a young end.

No. 14--New Orleans Saints:

Justin: Vontae Davis (CB): A cornerback is a more pressing need than a linebacker.

Ryan: Vontae Davis (CB): While the Saints could use some linebacker help, Davis is just the smarter pick for a weak secondary.

No. 15--Houston Texans:

Justin: Brian Cushing (OLB): He is a gifted athlete, and he flies all around the ball.

Ryan: Tyson Jackson (DE): With a young complement of linebackers, the time is right to get a big end opposite Mario Williams

No. 16--San Diego Chargers:

Justin: Terrance Cody (DT): Chargers need a linebacker, but with the big names gone, they will look to strengthen the defensive line.

Ryan: Knowshon Moreno (RB): LaDanian Tomlinson has peaked, and even if they re-sign Darren Sproles, his size prevents him from being an every-down back. Moreno would be a nice complement

No. 17--New York Jets:

Justin: Mark Sanchez (QB): With Favre gone, they are in need of a quarterback.

Ryan: Mark Sanchez (QB): Even though Coach Rex Ryan is a defensive mastermind, they need a quarterback.

No. 18--Chicago Bears:

Justin: Michael Johnson (DE): His massive size (6’7’’) will apply pressure to opposing quarterbacks.

Ryan: Jeremy Maclin (WR). No need to grab an injury-prone clone of Devin Hester like Percy Harvin, the 6'1" Maclin will fit in just fine.

No. 19--Tampa Bay:

Justin: Knowshon Moreno (RB) : Tampa needs an insurance plan for Cadillac Williams.

Ryan: Peria Jerry (DT): Since Warren Sapp left, the Bucs have struggled to find a defensive tackle that could help improve their defense.

No. 20--Detroit Lions:

Justin: Malcolm Jenkins (CB): Due to a porous secondary, this would be a smart pick.

Ryan: James Laurinaitis (LB). This team has a lot of holes, but bringing in Laurinitis could go a long way to shoring them up.

No. 21--Philadelphia Eagles:

Justin: Brandon Pettigrew (TE): He is the best all-around tight end in the draft.

Ryan: Michael Oher (OT): The team is doubtful they can keep Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan, so drafting a solid OT would be the right step here.

No. 22-Minnesota Vikings:

Justin: Tyson Jackson (DE): He will compliment Jared Allen nicely.

Ryan: Josh Freeman (QB): Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer, and unless the team makes a big free agent hit, they will need to spend their draft pick grooming another option. The 6'6" quarterback might be the right one.

No. 23--New England:

Justin: Taylor Mays (FS): The Patriots' secondary is a big concern in 2009.

Ryan: Chris “Beanie” Wells (RB): A wide receiver would also be a nice pick here, but the speed of Wells can infuse their 2009 rushing game.

No. 24--Atlanta Falcons:

Justin: Peria Jerry (DT): He is one of the most productive pass rushers in the nation and one of the top two defensive tackle prospects.

Ryan: Brandon Pettigrew (TE): Most people do not think he will fall this far, but I do. He will be a perfect safety valve in the middle for quarterback Matt Ryan next year.

No. 25--Miami Dolphins:

Justin: Clay Matthews (LB): The Dolphins need a playmaker on defense.

Ryan: Percy Harvin (WR): We all know how much the Dolphins love the Wildcat. With the speed of Harvin and Ginn, the Dolphins will fly in 2009.

No. 26--Baltimore Ravens:

Justin: Jeremy Maclin (WR): Baltimore needs to get a playmaker on offense, especially at wide receiver.

Ryan: Kenny Britt (WR): They need a wide receiver, but I like the size of Britt (6’4’’) over other options.

No. 25--Indianapolis Colts:

Justin: Percy Harvin (WR): The Colts are going to need to replace Marvin Harrison.

Ryan: Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR): Again, you have the right position but the wrong player. Heyward-Bey is the top-rated wide receiver in this spot.

No.26--Philadelphia Eagles:

Justin: Alex Mack (C): The Eagles have a huge need to upgrade their offensive line.

Ryan: Eben Britton (OT): They will take two offensive lineman in the first round!These young players could help save their older guys.

No. 27--New York Giants:

Justin: Hakeem Nicks (WR): With the loss of Buress, it showed a distinct weakness in the Giants.

Ryan: Hakeem Nicks (WR): The Giants need a wide receiver, point blank.

No. 28--Tennessee Titans:

Justin: Darius Heyeward-Bey (WR): The Titans need some more weapons in the passing game.

Ryan: Ron Brace (DT): A reach here, but without Albert Haynesworth, the team needs this hole to get filled quickly.

No. 29--Arizona Cardinals:

Justin: Alphonso Smith (CB): Arizona needs definite improvements in their secondary.

Ryan: LeSean McCoy (RB): The Cardinals have only one running back on the roster, so look for the shifty McCoy to be the best option here.

No. 30--Pittsburgh Steelers:

Justin: Eben Britton (OT): The Steelers showed huge holes in the offensive line during the Super Bowl, so protecting Big Ben is the big choice.

Ryan: Alex Mack (C): Agreed on protecting Big Ben, but Mack is the top offensive line prospect at the end of the first round.


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