Top 10 Greatest QB's in The Past 10 Years - My Top 10

Brendon TateCorrespondent IFebruary 18, 2009

Over the past 10 years QB's have been getting bigger, stronger, faster, better, and smarter. This is why I decided to break down a list of my top ten QB's in the past ten years. Players who are currently playing and players who are retired.

10. Jake Plummer- Now wait a second before you snap. This guy has one of the best winning percentages when he was with Denver, he also took the Cardinals to the playoffs when he was with them. Even though he is retired and went out of the NFL because he did not want to compete for a job, you gotta look at the statistics. 78 T.D's to 47 int in his four years with Denver. Over a 90+ QB rating in two years with Denver. He also posted a 40-19 record before being benched in favor of Jay Cutler. One more side note he was the first player to beat the Patriots in the postseason under Bill Belichick.

9. Carson Palmer- This guy has put up some monster numbers already. Besides last season when the Bengals were injured in many places, he has done his job. In four full seasons with the Bengals Palmer has threw for 104 T.D's and over 15,000 yards. People tend to not talk about Palmer because his team is dragging him down. More specifically his defense. But if the Bengals even get an average defense, then Palmer will no doubt bring his team a ring in his future.

8. Matt Hasselbeck- This man has continuously lead his team to the playoffs. Every year, besides this year he has been doing his work and putting this team in great places. Year in and year out Matt has won his division and done it under the radar. He may not get much recognition but he is one of the best when it comes to winning games. Every season, with the exception of last season, Matt has got at least nine wins in seven seasons with the Seahawks.

7. Donovan Mcnabb-Talk about a love-hate relationship. That is what the Eagles fans and Donovan Mcnabb have. I can't see why Donovan is hated on Philladelphia. He takes you team to the playoffs every year. He has taken this team to the super bowl and he has done it with screaming fans saying "He has to go". I mean when you look at a guy like Mcnabb you realize how amazing he is. He only had a stud at receiver once in his career, Terrell Owens. He has been working with short recievers his whole life and he still finds a way to squeeze the ball in there.

6. Philip Rivers- This man has took over the Chargers, it is no longer L.T's team. Philip Rivers should have made the Pro Bowl over Brett Favre. I mean when a guy throws for 34 T.D. passes and lead his team in the last second to overthrow Denver you should at the least make the Pro Bowl. Philip has won 33 games over the past three years and has done fine by me in the playoffs. I am a Denver fan and I hate the guy, but that does not take away that he is a hell of a player and will eventually win a ring.

5. Eli Manning- Whooo! Everyone wanted him out two years ago. They wanted Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning out of town for always getting killed in the playoffs. Then something magical happened, Eli comes out of nowhere and dominated the post-season, first ripping through the Buccaneers, then taking it to the Cowboys. Then it came down to Brett Favre and the Packers. There was noway Eli was winning in Lambeau Field. Haha he did, he took his team to the Super Bowl and he made one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history. That's why he is in my top ten!

4. Kurt Warner-Talk about a journey man. He started out his dreams working in a grocery store and playing Arena Football. He then signed with the St.Louis Rams in 1998 as Trent Green's back up. You all know the rest of the story from then on. He directs the "greatest show on turf" and throws for 4,353 yards with 41 touchdown passes and a completion rate of 65.1% in the 1999 season. He won the super bowl that year and after a couple of stints on other teams he found a home in Arizona where he and Larry Fitzgerald tore it up and reached the super bowl only to lose with one final drive.

3. Peyton Manning- What else do i have to say. Three time MVP, Super bowl champion. Has been winning games since like.............Forever! He also is going to end his career being the new all time winningest QB. This man is a legend and is the standard for how a QB should play, this man is already a Hall of famer if he ever decides to retire early.

2. Tom Brady- What a player this is. He went from being a 5th round draft pick to being a three time Super bowl champion. He is arguably the best QB week in and week out. I mean come on 50 T.D. passes in a year. Without that injury he sub stained in the first week of play, he probably would have took his team to the Super bowl again. There is just too much to say about this guy, he has enough years in him to win another ring, and i believe it will happen.

1. "Big" Ben Roethlisberger- This man is only 26 but he has won two Super bowls. Need I say more. He has thrown for 101 T.D's ran 10 more T.D's and thrown for a little under 15,000 yards in 5 years. He arguably had one of the best drives in Super Bowl history and capped it off with a dart to Santonio Holmes. This man still has 10 good years left in him and he has two rings. It will be very scary for all of the NFL is the Steelers can keep playing at such a high level.

Side-note: Top five up and coming QB's (some are on the list)

5. Matt Ryan

4. Joe Flacco

3. Tyler Thigpen

2. Philip Rivers

1. Jay Cutler