Five Reasons for Brett Favre To Come Out of Retirement—Again

Josh RosenbergCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

People said Brett Favre made a mistake by coming out of retirement this past season.  Whether this is true or not, Favre made an even bigger mistake by retiring again after his 9-7 season with the Jets.

What the haters and critics don't realize is that Brett Favre is perfect for this year's New York Jets football team.


1. Run-First Offense

During Rex Ryan's first press conference as the coach of the Jets, he told reporters, "We'll run the ball more this year."  This is very smart considering the Jets have Thomas Jones, who ran for 1,312 yards and 13 touchdowns and led the AFC in rushing last season.

They also have the explosive Leon Washington, who ran for 448 yards on only 76 carries for an average of 5.9 yards a carry and six touchdowns.  Washington also had 47 receptions for 355 yards and two touchdowns and averaged 7.6 yards per catch.

This run-first style of offense fits Favre's situation greatly.  At 39 years old, he is an old man by NFL standards.  One reason for the Jets' collapse was Favre's mediocre play.  He threw nine interceptions in the last four games. 

Part of this was due to a torn bicep in Favre's right arm. The other part was because he is old and was throwing too many passes for his arm not to get tired and worn out toward the end of the season.

With the run-first offense, Favre will have to pass a lot less.  This way he will have full arm strength and accuracy all season.  Since Favre is passing less, he will throw fewer interceptions, which is something the legendary quarterback was known for.


2. The System

Another year on the Jets means another whole offseason to learn the playbook and get to establish a better relationship with the rest of the players on the team.  Favre was expected to learn the Jets' playbook, offensive schemes, and strategies a month before the season started.

Yes, he had the whole season to learn it better, but balancing that and the opposing team's defensive strategy, film, and just having practice didn't help him learn everything at an amazingly fast pace.


3. Don't Quit after the First Try

What do I do if I'm a great cyclist and I stop riding a bicycle? Get rid of my bike, then decide I want to try to win the Tour de France again, and ride for a bit only to fall off my bike and lose the race because I tore a ligament in my leg?

I would get right back onto that bike and try to win the Tour de France again, especially if, as in the Jets' case, that bike got a major tune-up for the better.

4. This Year's Sleeper

What people—and I guess Brett Favre himself—don't realize is that the Jets can be an even better version of this year's Tennessee Titans.

The running back tandem of Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are mirror images of the Titans' speedy and powerful LenDale White and the explosive Chris Johnson.

The big, disruptive, run-stopping defensive tackle Kris Jenkins is the big, disruptive, run-stopping Albert Haynesworth.

Cornerback Darelle Revis—could he be the next Chris Carr?

Add in old veteran quarterback Favre, who is like the Titans' veteran quarterback Kerry Collins.

The biggest difference between the two teams is Favre versus Collins.  The Titans' four losses last season were all attempts to come back from behind, usually needing a long drive downfield.  Collins proved that he couldn't lead those drives anymore while Favre is known for being able to do this.

With Favre on the team, the Jets have the potential to be able to beat a Tom Brady-run Patriots team.


5. If Not Favre, Who Else?

The Jets' options are:

1. Kellen Clemens: Proved to have horrible decision-making. Clemens has to wind up completely to throw for 30 yards, while Favre barely has to fling his arm.

2. Brett Ratliff: Untested in a real game but was impressive during preseason games and showed a Favre-like style of play.

3. Erik Ainge: Last year's fifth-round pick out of University of Tennessee.

4.  Draft Someone: Either Georgia's Matt Stafford or USC's Mark Sanchez.  Hey, It worked for the Ravens with Joe Flacco in the 18th pick.  The Jets have the 17th pick and Rex Ryan worked for the Ravens last year.

This was rare and most first-rounders end up like JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn when forced to play early on in their careers.

5.  Free Agents: Jeff Garcia, Byron Leftwich, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, and Chris Simms.  This doesn't sound that appealing, even to the Lions.  Actually, maybe the Lions.


Favre has better arm strength and a quicker release than anyone else that they currently have or will get.

We can see Favre is a perfect fit for the new Jets. 

I just ask you, Mr. Favre: Try one more year, get back on that bicycle for one last race, one last season.

Forget last year.  This is the year of Broadway Brett.


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