The WORLD Revolves Around The Oakland Raiders (theory)

King KContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

Help me out...basically I bleed silver and black, and hence anything that I see or hear I try to relate it to the Raiders...sounds dumb so hear me out with other teams in the NFL. I took this from my topic posting in a facebook group page.

Help me out and add with other teams or more info or anything else that relates to the Raiders, even if very far fetched.

Baltimore - Rex Ryan brother of Rob Ryan Oakland Def. Cooridinator

Buffalo - Has been to five superbowls, same as Raiders...but We WON three! They lost all five!

Cincinatti - often compared to the Raiders, not on just their number of losses, but also number of "criminals" on the team

Cleveland - Dog House similar to the Black Hole.

Denver - div rival, plus shanahan was fired by Al Davis...hope Mike never gets a job.

Houston - only team to be undefeated against Oakland...until this year baby!

Indianapolis - We "borrowed" Dominic Rhodes.

Jacksonville - Jerry Porter defected to this team, ended up being useless.

Kansas City - div rival, tons of off field the Raiders.


New England - Where to start? Them stealing Moss, them dtealing AFC from us with the Tuck Rule etc.

New York Jets

Pittsburgh - "Immaculate Reception", both '70s powerhouses.

San Diego - div rival, but also California State rival.

Tennessee - Kerry collins former Raider...who would have thought? Chris Carr ex-raider shined with Tennessee.


Atlanta - we grabbed D. Hall and gave our 2nd round pick to we have nothing.

Carolina - Al Davis got in a legal battle with the Panthers black jersey saying it was copying the famous black & silver of Oakland.


Dallas - another famous silver, we drafted McFadden they took Felix Jones both from Arkansas.

Detroit - critics argue Oakland is worse off than the Lions...I think that's a crock. We have all young big potential players...they have Calvin Johnson. Period.

Green Bay - they took Woodson, only thing famous coming out of there is the packers...kinda like Oakland is mostly associated with Raiders (sorry A`s fans...and it's GOLDEN STATE Warriors...not Oakland).

Minnesota - Moss came from Vikings to come to the Raiders to go to the Pats, plus we had Culpepper for a while, and one of our superbowls was a mashing on Minny.

New Orleans

New York Giants - We picked up safety Gibril Wilson from Giants, Oakland a possible home for Plaxico Burress?


San Francisco - Battle of the Bay.

Seattle - used to be an old divisional rival.

St. Louis - played in Los Angeles, as did the Raiders.

Tampa Bay - friggen stole our symbol with two crossing swords, buccaneer is just a another term for Raider...if your gay. Plus Monet and Lane Kiffen, plus that tRAIDER W. Sapp, and losing to them in the Super Bowl 2002.

Washington - They took D. Hall...and for what?

John Madden, his announcing on Monday Night and now Sunday Night, and the best NFL video game for many years.