8 Side Effects of Brandon Weeden's Addition to Cleveland Browns Roster

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8 Side Effects of Brandon Weeden's Addition to Cleveland Browns Roster
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Stone in the NFL Pond

Like most NFL teams, the Cleveland Browns are engaged in a delicate roster balancing act and the sudden acquisition of new starting quarterback Brandon Weeden has tipped the dominoes into motion and set off a ripple effect that will be felt across the league.

While the most obvious domino is Colt McCoy, he is by no means the only person to feel the wave. There are both substantial effects to Browns personnel and potentially more meaningful consequences to franchise records and power rankings.

Oh, come on—Weeden is only one player. Really? Sports professionals and fans alike have experienced the "for want of a nail" phenomenon, when one seemingly innocuous play, player or moment turns the tide of a season.

The recent Peyton Manning-neck-injury/Andrew Luck-staying-in-school perfect storm is the quintessential example of how one or two dropping shoes can cause tectonic shifts in the NFL juggling act.

Examining possible end games and unanswered hypotheticals resulting from the Cleveland Browns' decision to change partners at quarterback should, at the least, be entertaining. At the most, dare one say—prophetic?

Okay, okay—maybe not. The Oracle at Delphi is probably safe, but let's have some fun.

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