Randy Moss and the Most Overrated New England Patriots in Franchise History

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Randy Moss and the Most Overrated New England Patriots in Franchise History
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Is it possible to be simultaneously fantastic and overrated? Yes.

Take Tony Romo, for example. Romo has a tremendous skill set, but he has a knack for collapsing in December. Plus, he has only has one playoff victory on his resume. Still a damn good quarterback, but there's a limit to how much praise he deserves.

If Romo were considered a mid-level quarterback, then this wouldn't be an issue. Thing is, Romo is generally considered a high-end quarterback. That's what makes him overrated.

Let's switch gears to basketball just for a minute. Look at Derrick Rose. Rose is a phenomenal basketball player, but the guy's overrated. Chris Paul's stats in 2007-'08 were just as impressive as Rose's stats in 2010-'11, but Paul didn't win MVP and Rose did.

During Rose's MVP run last year, Russell Westbrook was just as dynamic and brilliant, and his numbers were comparable. Westbrook was knocked down a few rungs on the MVP ladder because he had Kevin Durant on his team, while Rose excelled without another superstar on his squad. But to use that logic against Westbrook is to essentially penalize him for having a good team. That's just silly.

Rajon Rondo gets the same unfair treatment. Year after year, Rondo gets snubbed from the MVP race because he has three future Hall of Famers on his team, which gives the impression that it's somehow easier for him to assist, rebound, cook up triple doubles and play with heart. It's ridiculous.

We have this perception that Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the NBA, but the truth is that the league is peppered with floor generals who are just as good or better.

But I digress. Back to football.

The Patriots are one of the greatest organizations in the history of sports. They're considered an elite team, and they truly are. In fact, they're the definition of elite. As a whole, nothing about this franchise is overrated. And yet, a handful of overrated players have waltzed through their halls over the years.

All the players on this list were (or still are) good, some even terrific, but they're still overrated. Just like Romo and Rose, great talent can still get blown out of proportion a little too wildly.

Here are the most overrated New England Patriots in franchise history.

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