WWE WrestleMania 28: Is Aksana Going to Turn Heel Against Teddy Long?

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMarch 23, 2012

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Everybody knows the match by now. Wrestle Mania is next weekend, and we will be seeing Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny. The winning team will decide who is the General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown.

I like this story line. It is giving a ton of deserving talents a match at Mania, while also creating some intrigue. With a big stipulation on top of that, what's not to like?

With all things, fans are trying to figure out the most logical way for this feud to end. That's fine. It is human nature to what to "know everything now!"

In my opinion, there needs to be a major conclusion to this story. A simple pin fall and a celebration will not do this feud justice. Without a big event on April 1st, I will not be satisfied with Teddy Long and Mr. Excitement taking up so much time.

Realistically, there can only be a few options.

1. The Miz joins a side and wins the match for his team.

I wrote this back in December. Miz turning face in 2012 is almost a must. I understand the brands are not separate very much anymore, but a move to Smackdown would also do him wonders.

He has already had a few chances to join Team Johnny. He has failed each time. Is he heading towards a shocking appearance on Team Teddy? You never know.

2. Mysterio returns and wins for Mr. Long. Right now, this seems likely. However, it wouldn't really be worth all the hype. Again, a plain victory for either side will not be satisfying.

3. Lord Tensai debuts to make an impact. Based on the vignettes, the man is looking like a heel character. Nothing about this seemed "nice" or "cheerful."

Who is to say this man won't be on Johnny Ace's side? Could a surprise member be waiting for us all in Miami? Both sides do not have a complete team.

4. Do not forget about Drew McIntyre. He has been feuding with Long for awhile now. Could he help him keep his job or could he help get rid of him? Very interesting time for the Chosen One!

5. Finally, could all of this be leading to a heel turn by my "it" girl? Has Aksana been playing Teddy all this time? Would their relationship finally be exposed as to being a power play?

Anybody that has followed Aksana's career should know her strengths by now. She plays a great heel. Like many performers, fans hating her just comes more natural.

In 2007, Long also lost his job thanks to a woman gaining his trust. Vickie Guerrero took over Smackdown, and her time on television has been excellent since.

With David Otunga, Mark Henry, and others starting to almost look like a legitimate "stable" around Big Johnny, you know a valet is needed. You know Aksana next to Mr. Excitement would fit well.

My only issue with that is I still see Teddy Long's team winning. Johnny Ace will stay on WWE TV, but not in charge. In the end, that is the problem with all of this.

Is there any way this can end with a satisfying finish? Both are great characters, and both men shouldn't be leaving right now. How WWE will get out of this is anybody's guess...


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