NFL Trade Odds: 5 Players the Kansas City Chiefs Could Make a Play for

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIIOctober 31, 2016

NFL Trade Odds: 5 Players the Kansas City Chiefs Could Make a Play for

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    The Kansas City Chiefs are in a very interesting position this year. With a new head coach in Romeo Crennel, the culture at Arrowhead Stadium is changing and Crennel wants football to be played at a high level.

    In a very rare outcome, the Chiefs are in a division where they finished in last place in 2011, but were only one game behind the division champions. It is no secret that the AFC West is not a strong division, and all four teams playing in this division have a legitimate shot at coming away with the division title in 2012.

    Crennel wants nothing more than to win the division in his second tenure as an NFL head coach. He wants to make the most of his second chance.

    In the past, it was known that Todd Haley was never really involved with the personnel decisions. After watching Crennel's press conference at the combine, it should be clear to everyone that he wants to give general manager Scott Pioli his input.

    Crennel stated that he would be crazy not to consider Peyton Manning. Crennel was also very vocal about Robert Griffin III and how impressed he was with him during a 15-minute interview.

    This isn't to say Haley never spoke about players. Nor did he have a chance to talk to Pioli about personnel decisions. However, Crennel seems far more serious about his job than Haley. It began when Crennel felt the need to yank Tyler Palko as the starting quarterback and place Kyle Orton as the team's leader to close the 2011 season.

    Crennel spent his offseason forming a new offensive coaching staff to help Kansas City be better prepared for the 2012 season.

    The Chiefs have some options to work with. In order to get something big, the Chiefs must give up something big. The Chiefs have receiver Dwayne Bowe under the franchise tag, along with the No. 11 pick of the draft, which might come in handy sometime this offseason.

    With a player and a valuable draft pick on Kansas City's side, what players could they target and what are the chances that they could make a trade?

Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall

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    With the St. Louis Rams owning the No. 2 pick in the draft, the Miami Dolphins have every reason to send Brandon Marshall to the Rams and allow him to reunite with Josh McDaniels so they can get the second overall pick in return and draft Griffin.

    However, Manning's release gives the Dolphins another option to explore. Is it possible that the Chiefs would reach out to the Dolphins for Marshall? After all, Brian Daboll, Miami's offensive coordinator in 2011, has some familiarity with Marshall.

    If the Dolphins pick up Manning and trade Marshall for Kansas City's first-round pick, they would have the No. 8 and No. 11 picks of the draft. This would give Miami a big opportunity to build a strong draft and give Manning some tools to work with.

    For the Chiefs, they would have a strong core of wide receivers and can be considered as the front-runners in the AFC West.

    The chances of this happening are slim. But if anything, they are higher than before now that Manning is available because Miami does not have to make a trade with St. Louis to get Griffin.

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

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    If the Chiefs are not able to come away with Marshall, they might be able to get DeSean Jackson, who received the franchise tag from the Philadelphia Eagles.

    As one of the most electrifying receivers in the league today, Jackson would be great for any team, including the Chiefs. But would the Chiefs be able to keep Bowe?

    If the Eagles give up Jackson, they might not be as interested in a draft pick. They have a complete team that did not coexist last season. Perhaps the Eagles are more interested in a player-for-player trade rather than receiving an extra draft pick in the first round.

    In another unlikely situation, it would make sense if the two franchises swapped their top receivers. It would give the both the players and the franchise an opportunity to work with something new and try to improve from their past errors.

Dolphins S Yeremiah Bell

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    Here is another player from Miami that the Chiefs should consider. This time, we are looking at the defensive backfield, where the Chiefs could excel.

    Many people are still unhappy about losing the Chiefs signing Stanford Routt and most likely losing Brandon Carr.

    With Eric Berry coming back, it would be smart for the Chiefs to consider a veteran safety with a lot of playing experience. If the Chiefs trade away a second- or third-round pick, that might be enough to bring in Bell to help build depth at defensive back. And in a pass-heavy league, it doesn't hurt to have a lot of bodies at defensive back.

    The chances of this trade taking place might be better because the Chiefs would not have to give away Bowe or their first-round pick, which they really need.

Redskins WR Santana Moss

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    Here we are, back with the wide receivers. Santana Moss played under Jim Zorn in 2008 and 2009.

    Moss has had some up-and-down success throughout his career. Since he turns 33 in June, the Redskins won't be able to ask for a high price. Therefore, Kansas City should be able to keep Bowe and their first-round pick.

    The reasoning as to why Moss is on the list is not much different than why the Chiefs may go after Marshall or Jackson. The Chiefs simply need receivers on the team because a strong-yet-inconsistent Bowe can not do it alone.

    With the Zorn connection, the Chiefs may do something in which they could get Moss to join the receiving corps.

Chicago's First-Round Pick

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    Obviously the 19th overall pick is not a player, but it will eventually become one. Among all trade possibilities for the Chiefs, this might be the biggest one.

    Phil Emery left Kansas City to become the general manager of the Chicago Bears. You can bet that he wants to recruit some players from the organization he worked with. He knows that the Chiefs and Bowe are not on the same boat, and he might have a plan that will make Bowe happy.

    By giving up the No. 19 pick of the draft along with another draft pick, the Bears will improve their offense, if they can stay healthy.

    The Chiefs would lose Bowe in this case, but can use their draft picks to really rebuild and perhaps find a replacement for Bowe.

Why Even Consider Trading Bowe?

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    I know the comments will soon be filled with infuriated Chiefs fans because they do not want Bowe out of Kansas City.

    The fact is, the NFL is a business. I'd like Bowe to stay as well, but you have to be prepared for the unexpected.

    Bowe and the Chiefs are not on the same boat right now. Therefore, trading him away is a possibility. And in order for the Chiefs to receive anything valuable, they will have to give up something valuable as well.

    Seeing how Pioli does business, I doubt he will let another team win a trade by getting Bowe and not giving up anything in return. If he and the Chiefs feel they can't come to an agreement with Bowe to keep him happy, Pioli will do what is right for the organization and help the Chiefs move on.