NBA Trade Deadline: Pau Gasol and One Trade Candidate for Every Team Part 2

Zac Chow@Z_NBAContributor IIIMarch 9, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline: Pau Gasol and One Trade Candidate for Every Team Part 2

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    Despite all the trade rumours, only one trade has occurred this season: one involving Marreese Speights and Xavier Henry.

    It's not exactly the type of deals the fans are looking for.

    Some could argue that the lack of movement can be attributed to the shortened season. General managers and coaches are more willing to give players every opportunity to regain their match fitness and blend in with their respective teams before making a decision.

    By March 15, the teams will have enough evidence to determine which players to keep and which to let go. At least, one would hope so. 

    This article covers teams from Indiana to New York. The previous ten teams alphabetically are covered in my first article

Indiana Pacers: Tyler Hansbrough

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Psycho T is capable of starting for half of the league. Unfortunately, in Indiana he is stuck behind two far better players in Roy Hibbert and David West, meaning he will have to play as a sixth man for a long time should he stay with the Pacers.

    While the Pacers are seemingly set on every position, they can use a scorer like J.R. Smith who can provide instant offense off the bench. Hansbrough would likely be the greatest asset they have available for trade. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested?

    Teams in the midst of a rebuilding process, such as Houston and Charlotte, should be interested in the University of North Carolina legend. With sufficient amount of touches, Hansbrough can give those teams 15 points and seven rebounds per game easily. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Indiana send Hansbrough and Danthay Jones to Charlotte for Reggie Williams and Eduardo Najera's expiring contract.

    If there is one thing Reggie Williams can do, it is scoring. Hansbrough, having played at Chapel Hill for four years, should be very comfortable playing in Charlotte. The reason why Jones and Najera are added is because the Pacers swap Jones' two-year contract for Najera's expiring contract, which allows them even more room to go for Eric Gordon, their prime target this summer.  


    Possibility of Hansbrough Leaving 

    Since the Pacers are currently third in the Eastern Conference, it is unlikely that Larry Bird would make a deal. However, if the Pacers do move this trade deadline, it should involve Hansbrough. 

Los Angeles Clippers: Mo Williams

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     Why They Should Trade Him

    Excluding Chauncey Billups, the Clippers have four guards: Chris Paul, Eric Bledsoe, Randy Foye and Mo Williams. The starters are Foye and Paul, while Bledsoe was held out of the trade that landed CP3, showing the team's faith in him.

    Guess who is the odd man out?

    Mo has played well enough to keep his spot in the rotation, but not great enough to earn himself a contract extension. With his poor defense and questionable shot selection at times, the Clippers can live without him. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested

    No team particularly needs Williams, but throw in some picks and there will be teams out there taking the bait.  


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Clippers send Mo Williams and Ryan Gomes to Milwaukee for Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston

    Milwaukee's style of play, or should I say Scott Skiles' style of play, does not fit Captain Jack at all, which is why he is getting benched in favor of Tobias Harris and Luc Mbah A Moute. Re-acquiring Mo would give the Bucks that little bit of extra scoring they yearn for. 

    With Caron Butler struggling recently, getting Jackson would keep the Clippers offense running and because he can play both shooting guard and small forward, the lack of size at the two-guard position is no longer a problem. 


    Possibility of Williams Leaving

    Had Billups not tore his Achilles, Williams' departure would have been a certainty. Now, with the Clippers still in the midst of the fight for the West, they will need Mo's contribution, or at least someone who can provide as many points as Mo. Not many alternative options are available.

Los Angeles Lakers: Pau Gasol

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Lamar Odom was not the only one who wanted to leave after the Chris Paul fiasco. 

    Gasol, while still a consistent option on offense, has showed little desire in helping Kobe continue his quest for another championship. 

    With Dwight Howard in a Lakers uniform an unlikely story, Mitch Kupchak must now look to improve on the team's supporting cast, and their greatest asset available is Gasol.  


    Which Teams Would Be interested?

    Any time an All-Star calibre big man becomes available, teams are going to enquire you. Houston were interested and are still interested. Likewise, Minnesota is interested in pairing Gasol up with his national teammate Ricky Rubio.


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Lakers trade Gasol to Houston for Terrence Williams, Jonny Flynn, Jordan Hill and Luis Scola.

    If Jerry Buss is unwilling to use the trade exception obtained in the Odom trade, then this potential trade would be the one which gains Lakers the most assets. If one of Williams, Flynn or Hill turn out to be a stud, then the Lakers win this deal. Worst-case scenario, they become role players. Scola is just as solid as Gasol in terms of performing every game. 

    Houston and Kevin McHale gets the big man they coveted for as long as the legendary Celtic's tenure. The Rockets become a very, very solid team and a playoff regular.   


    Possibility of Gasol Leaving

    If a package like the one above is offered, then I can see Kupchak making the deal. This mess involving Gasol has gone on for way too long, and even Kobe seem less than pleased to see the lack of assurance from the Lakers management.

    Get prepared to see the key big man of the past two Lakers championships in a different uniform. 

Memphis Grizzlies: O.J Mayo

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    With three years of NBA experience under his belt, it is fair to say that Mayo has not reached the high hopes many expected from the former high school phenom. Stuck behind Tony Allen and Mike Conley, the guard from USC faces little challenge for rotation minutes, and also little potential to improve his game.

    While the Grizzlies may be content with that, it is unclear whether Mayo feels the same, and he was very nearly traded for Josh McRoberts last season.


    Which Teams Would Be Interested?

    Indiana are likely still attracted to the talented scorer, but the interest has cooled off significantly. Still, Mayo is only 24 and a team like the Clippers, which is looking for a shooting guard, would likely be willing to trade a first-round pick for the third pick of the 2008 draft.


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Memphis trade Mayo and Jeremy Pargo to Cleveland for Ramon Sessions and Anthony Parker.

    Memphis has been searching for a solid back-up point guard ever since they drafted Mike Conley. With Sessions, Lionel Hollins no longer has to worry. Parker is another solid player who gives the Grizzlies depth.

    Cleveland gains Mayo, who will be the starting shooting guard instantly. Pairing Mayo up with Kyrie Irving makes the Cleveland backcourt very respectable. 


    Possibility of Mayo Leaving

    With the Grizzlies winning even without Zach Randolph, Chris Wallace may be reluctant to change his team. It all depends on whether Mayo would be willing to start games off the bench for the rest of his contract year. 

Miami Heat: Mike Miller

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Miller is not expected to do much with the Heat, as the one three-pointer, as well as a couple of rebounds per game that the sharp-shooter provides per game are considered to be a job well done. 

    Still, the Heat have a gaping hole in the middle and with Shane Battier a better defender all around, Miller's contract makes him the easiest to move for the right big man. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested?

    No particular team needs Miller, although if draft picks are thrown in then the interest may rise. 


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Miami send Miller to Denver for Chris Andersen.

    As mentioned in my first article of the series, Andersen is no longer required in Denver and his high energy plays makes him an instant fan favourite in any city. Picks may have to be involved for this deal to occur, but the Heat would get an instant upgrade at the center position with Birdman. 


    Possibility of Miller Leaving

    You never know with Pat Riley, but if the Heat are going to make any transaction before March 15, the chances of it being a free-agent signing is far higher than a trade. Be more prepared to see players such as Rasheed Wallace and Kyrylo Fesenko on the transaction page instead of Miller on 

Milwaukee Bucks: Ersan Ilyasova

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    If Ilyasova does get traded, it is definitely not because Ilyasova has played terribly this season. In fact, the 2003 second-round draft pick has played out of his mind for the past 11 games, including a stunning 29 points and 25 rebounds effort against New Jersey. 

    However, these performances could be attributed to the fact that Ilyasova's contract is expiring after this season, and chances of him remaining in Milwaukee is slim. 

    Now that he has attracted attention, it is time for the Bucks management to trade him to ensure that he would not leave for free during the summer. 


    Which Teams Would be Interested?

    After his performances against teams like the Bulls (32 points and 10 rebounds) and the Celtics (25 points and 10 rebounds) , one can only assume that many teams would be interested in at least "renting" Ilyasova.

    Not a classical big man, Ilyasova can stretch the floor and that style of play fits teams like San Antonio and Dallas. 

    However, should Ilyasova get traded, look for the Bucks to package along a player with a large contract, such as Beno Udrih or Stephen Jackson.


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Milwaukee send Ilyasova, Udrih and Mike Dunleavy to Portland for Jamal Crawford and Raymond Felton.

    The Bucks are not lacking in talent, but merely some luck and some scoring. Jamal Crawford brings the scoring. Felton is included because of his expiring contract. 

    Portland gets three quality players, which would help them steer their season back on track. 


    Possibility of Ilyasova Leaving

    Very likely, because of how well Ilyasova has played recently and how likely teams would be willing to give up quality players in acquiring the slender big man. 

Minnesota Timberwolves: Michael Beasley

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    When the guy starting in your place (Wes Johnson) averages half your points on 38.5 percent shooting relative to your 44.1percent, you know you are getting traded. 

    The Timberwolves have no need for Beasley thanks to the ever improving Derrick Williams as well as Johnson and Martell Webster, leaving the former No. 2 pick with very little opportunity to showcase his abilities. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested?

    Teams that desperately need scoring or talent, such as Charlotte, would be interested in "renting" Beasley for half a season. Even if they don't need Beasley, his expiring contract makes him somewhat more attractive to potential enquirers.  


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    Minnesota send Beasley and Darko Milicic to Charlotte for Boris Diaw's expiring contract.

    For this trade to occur, David Kahn must sell Michael Jordan on Darko. If Jordan share the same aspirations that Kahn had two years ago for Milicic, then this deal is worth doing for the Bobcats. (Don't forget, MJ was also the same guy who drafted Kwame Brown and then gave him a second chance in Charlotte.)

    As for Minnesota, getting Boris Diaw's expiring deal while shredding Milicic's two-year contract suddenly allows the Timberwolves to become a very attractive team for sign-and-trade deals during the summer. It took a very long time, but Kahn has made this team an option for free agents to consider going to.  


    Possibility of Beasley Leaving

    While Minnesota may keep Beasley and let his contract expire, there is no way Beasley would be willing to come off the bench for the rest of the season. Consider him gone. 

New Jersey Nets: Anthony Morrow

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    Well, this slide should have been about Brook Lopez, but thanks to a knee injury which will leave Lopez on the disabled list for the remaining trade period, Morrow fills in thanks to MarShon Brooks' emergence and the lack of consistency from the undrafted three-point shooter. 


    Which Teams Would Be Interested?

    While the lack of defense exhibited by Morrow may scare off teams like Chicago, some teams must have been impressed by his 42-point outing earlier in the season. The Minnesota Timberwolves, who were the winner of that game, are reportedly interested.


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    New Jersey trade Morrow and Sundiata Gaines to Minnesota for Michael Beasley.

    Gaines was included to make the salary work. New Jersey gets a huge upgrade at the small forward position while the Timberwolves acquires Morrow. 


    Possibility of Morrow Leaving

    If someone with the talent of Michael Beasley is included, Nets general manager Billy King would definitely pull the trigger. No one other than Deron Williams in this team is untouchable. 

New Orleans Hornets: Chris Kaman

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    If Kaman wasn't happy about getting traded to the Hornets at the start of the season, he certainly isn't going to smile about it now. The Hornets are a horrific 9-30, and the future is anything but bright. 

    The former All-Star has to look on as his former team emerge as one of the Western Conference's top teams and instead of playing with Blake Griffin, Kaman is now playing alongside Solomon Jones.

    It's a big difference.

    Besides, it's not like the Hornets didn't try and trade him before. It didn't attract many suitors, but with Kaman possessing one of the largest expiring contracts of the season, Dell Demps would hope that interest have grown.


    Which Teams Would Be Interested

    Indiana are rumoured to be interested in acquiring Kaman as Roy Hibbert's backup, at least for the rest of the season. Other teams are possibly interested in Kaman as well, but the lack of cap space or the lack of willingness to throw in assets blocks them from having any chance. 

    Indiana, thanks to some good management, has enough cap space to trade for Kaman without giving up anything back.


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    New Orleans trade Kaman to Indiana for a second-round pick.

    The best part about this deal for the Pacers? When Kaman's contract expire, they can use the cap room to sign Eric Gordon, who is destined to leave the Hornets. 

    The best part about this deal for the Hornets? They shed salary and got nothing back. Yes, that is a positive point.


    Possibility of Kaman Leaving

    Might as well put Kaman in that Pacers jersey now. The Hornets are willing to deal him, and the Pacers are willing to accept him. Everybody wins.

New York Knicks: Carmelo Anthony

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    Why They Should Trade Him

    While the recent losses cannot be blamed all on Carmelo, the truth is that the Knicks are simply a better team without him right now. The special ability that Jeremy Lin has is that his plays doesn't revolve around him, but rather around his teammates. The Knicks have guys who can knock down shots, and Lin can find them.

    Melo can't. And there is no reason for him to do so because of how good he is at scoring himself. 

    So unfortunately, for all the work the Knicks put in to acquire the former Denver superstar, the person blocking them from success is in fact, Carmelo Anthony.

    Life is cruel sometimes.  


    Which Teams Would Be Interested?

    For a superstar like Carmelo, you can bet your life that almost all the teams in the league will be interested. Behind Kevin Durant and LeBron James, Melo is the third best small forward in the NBA, and you can't find that type of talent everyday.


    An Example of a Potential Trade

    New York trade Anthony to Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala, Craig Brackins and Nikola Vucevic.

    Philadelphia needs a closer. New York needs a star who can function without the ball. This trade satisfy both teams' needs. 

    Granted, Iguodala is not on the same level as Anthony, but he would play great under Mike D'Antoni and alongside Jeremy Lin. He doesn't need to score, and the little things he does all across the board will be much appreciated by the fans in New York.

    On the other hand, Carmelo will have the ball in his hands most of the time in Philly, and if there is one thing Anthony can do, it is to put points up on the board. He gives the 76ers the central player to build around on. 


    Possibility of Anthony Leaving

    Not likely right now, simply because Linsanity is still high and Carmelo still need more games to prove that he is not fitting in with the Lin-fuelled Knicks. 

    But during the summer, when critics will begin to wonder whether New York is Lin's team or Carmelo's team, that's when the trade talks will heat up.