3 Reasons Matt Flynn Makes Most Sense for Miami Dolphins in 2012

Mike Shiekman@TheRealShiekFeatured ColumnistMarch 1, 2012

3 Reasons Matt Flynn Makes Most Sense for Miami Dolphins in 2012

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    Matt Flynn is the one passer on the NFL free agent market that screams production in South Beach.

    In one week, the Dolphins will find out whether Peyton Manning will be in Indianapolis next season. Regardless of what happens with No. 18, Flynn waits on the Green Bay Packers to see if they will franchise him. If not, he becomes one of the cheapest and most interesting cases in NFL free agency.

    Signing Flynn is not the sexiest move, but it’s a smart and sensible decision for this Dolphin organization.

    Here are the reasons why Matt Flynn makes sense in Miami.

Familiarity with the Offense

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    Trivia Question: Who is the only AFC East quarterback who will be receiving play calls from the same offensive coordinator they had last season?

    Wait for it...

    Who is Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    That's right, the Buffalo Bills will be the only team in the Dolphins division with their same offensive coaches.

    The New York Jets hired former Dolphin coach Tony Sparano to run their offense and revitalize Mark Sanchez’s career. New England will be going back to Josh McDaniels to call plays. He will certainly have a few new wrinkles for Tom Brady next year.

    That’s why pairing Matt Flynn with the Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin will give Miami a leg up on its AFC East counterparts. No learning curve would be needed if Flynn were the Miami quarterback.

    He would be another teacher for the receivers and offensive line to help them get acquainted with the system. When coaches aren’t present, Flynn would be a resource for the Brandon Marshalls and Anthony Fasanos to get up to speed.

    Flynn’s familiarity with Philbin’s system would ensure the Dolphins offense doesn’t get dragged through the mud early on.

Great Fit with Dolphin Personnel

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    With the current personnel on the roster, Flynn would be in a position to thrive more than any other QB available. His strength in the short and intermediate passing game would be emphasized in Philbin's West Coast spread attack.

    The coaching staff would mold the offense to his strengths, much like Alex Smith in San Francisco last season. Missing in the Bay Area, however, is the host of pass catchers fit for an NFL spread formation. The personnel is already set in place in previous years, only needing a competent QB to finish the puzzle.

    I wouldn't sell this Miami receiving corps short. They have yet to have a effective passing offense installed since Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland began rebuilding in 2008. If this offensive scheme is anything like Green Bay's attack last season, there will be tons of catches to be had.

    In Brandon Marshall, he would have a receiver in the mold of Greg Jennings, who can make plays even when double-covered all game. Davone Bess would be his sure-handed zone killer, similar to Donald Driver.

    In addition, Flynn would have a more than serviceable checkdown option in Reggie Bush, who can extend a short dump-off pass into a big gain anytime. Also, the offensive line should be upgraded on the right side before the opening weekend.

    Flynn would have a surplus of offensive toys and protection in Miami.

The Significance of His Big Game Against Detroit Last Season

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    Matt Flynn’s lack of experience has become more than food for thought in NFL conversation.

    He has been sheltered under Aaron Rodgers under Joe Philbin’s system. At 26 he hasn’t seen much NFL action behind the clipboard.

    His short resume may be the most impressive of any quarterback with two starts in NFL history. There is no question he has been cool under pressure when his name has been called. Two effective starts against two playoff teams: one against a New England team that would finish 18-1, and another that set Green Bay records in all major quarterback categories.

    Pretty good resume for only two lines.

    Kevin Kolb comparisons are a ridiculous notion. Flynn would be at home playing in Joe Philbin’s system he’s studied for years. Kolb never broke any records as a Philadelphia Eagle. Flynn holds single game records in multiple passing categories for Green Bay, one of the most storied franchises in the NFL.

    How impressive was Flynn’s record-breaking day against Detroit last season? Grantland Bill Barnwell had some startling finds researching Flynn’s historic start here.

    Scroll down to the Quarterback ‘Great Games’ chart. Flynn has set the criteria with his game against Detroit. Every quarterback on that list had played in a divisional playoff game at least once, and except for Mark Bulger, a conference championship game as well. Matt Flynn is on that list.

    If there’s any better indication of future success, I would love to see it.