Ranking Kevin Durant's All-Star Stat Line with Best Performances Since 1985

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2012

Ranking Kevin Durant's All-Star Stat Line with Best Performances Since 1985

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    Kevin Durant claiming MVP honors in the 152-149 All-Star game in Orlando has some wondering just how good his game was from a historical perspective.

    Wonder no further than this list right here.

    Durant provided an exciting element of intrigue to a game that was dominated by offense, but there were more jaw-dropping games than the one Durant played.

    Since 1985, we've seen a lot of great action and a ton of hideous uniforms.

    But which player belongs at the top of this list?

15. Clyde Drexler, 1992

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    Stat Line: 10-of-15 (2-of-4 from deep) for 22 points, nine rebounds, six assists, two blocks

    The most impressive part about Clyde Drexler's game in 1992 was that in came in limited minutes, and "Clyde the Glide" never gets the credit for how well-rounded of a contributor he was during the course of his career.

    With just a single turnover, Drexler turned in one of the more impressive games in the 1990s when there were several good stat lines produced on a year-to-year basis.

14. Kevin Durant, 2012

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    Stat Line: 14-of-25 (3-of-8 from deep, 5-of-7 from foul line) for 36 points, seven rebounds, three assists, three steals

    Durant took home the MVP award because he delivered a memorable performance, but he's at the back end of this list for good reason.

    There is no question that he's a scoring machine, but there were several others before him that brought in a better balanced performance.

13. John Stockton, 1993

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    Stat Line: 3-of-6 (1-of-2 from deep, 2-of-2 from foul line) for nine points, six rebounds, 15 assists, two steals

    Karl Malone and John Stockton were inseparable during their careers, and it was only fitting that they were named co-MVPs for this particular game.

    Despite Stockton having to share the nod, his incredible 15-assist performance was reminiscent of what made him such a popular point guard for so many fans during his playing days.

12. Scottie Pippen, 1994

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    Stat Line: 9-of-15 (5-of-9 from deep, 6-of-10 from foul line) for 29 points, 11 rebounds, two assists, four steals, one block

    Most people can't discuss Scottie Pippen unless it's about Michael Jordan in a greater context, but Pippen was a phenomenal player and deserves more attention as one of the greatest ever.

    Pippen caught fire from beyond the arc, worked the glass with ease and even played some defense in a contest that is typically largely void of it.

11. Isiah Thomas, 1989

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    Stat Line: 7-of-13 (1-of-3 from deep, 4-of-6 from foul line) for 19 points, two rebounds, 14 assists, four steals

    Isiah Thomas is the popular butt of jokes because of his inability to build something successful in New York for the Knicks, but it shouldn't detract from how talented of a player he was in his prime.

    Thomas went in for this game, racking up a ridiculous 14 assists in a contest that is typically known for players making selfish decisions with the basketball.

10. LeBron James, 2008

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    Stat Line: 12-of-22 (2-of-7 from deep, 1-of-1 from foul line) for 27 points, eight rebounds, nine assists, two steals, two blocks

    Some Cleveland fans might be a little bitter about this particular performance, but LeBron James sought out to show just how emphatically he can dominate the action in this one.

    27 points on 22 shots might draw some criticism, but he got others involved and was at the epicenter of everything that was happening throughout.

9. Magic Johnson, 1985

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    Stat Line: 7-of-14 (7-of-8 from foul line) for 21 points, five rebounds, 15 assists, one steal

    Some don't give enough credit when talking about just how difficult it is to play as a successful point guard, but Magic Johnson can have that effect with just how much talent he had at the position.

    Racking up a double-double is one thing, but to have a 20/15 game in an All-Star event is simply nothing short of awesome.

8. Kobe Bryant, 2011

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    Stat Line: 14-of-26 (2-of-7 from deep, 7-of-8 from foul line) for 37 points, 14 rebounds, three assists, three steals

    Kobe Bryant wanted everyone to know that this game belonged to him and him alone, and he was going to do anything to ensure he walked out as top dog in 2011.

    Bryant's 26 shots in 29 minutes indicate that he had the ball in his hands quite frequently, Bryant was the most prolific performer in terms of scoring as well as on the glass in leading his club to a win.

7. Dwyane Wade, 2010

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    Stat Line: 12-of-16 (4-of-6 from foul line) for 28 points, six rebounds, 11 assists, five steals

    There seems to be something about the All-Star break that brings out another side of Dwyane Wade, and it's a good stage for him to show just how much talent he harbors.

    An absolutely ridiculous effort from Wade that was marked by incredible efficiency throughout the game, and the MVP award was well-deserved.

6. Moses Malone, 1987

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    Stat Line: 11-of-19 (5-of-6 from foul line) for 27 points, 18 rebounds, two assists, two steals, one block

    With the utmost respect to all of the talent that has come through the ranks over the years in the NBA, we do not talk about Moses Malone nearly enough.

    Malone was a dominant force inside, and despite spending a very short amount of time with the Washington Bullets, Malone surely made the franchise proud with his performance in this one.

5. Kevin Garnett, 2003

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    Stat Line: 17-of-24 (3-of-3 from foul line) for 37 points, nine rebounds, three assists, five steals, one block

    There is no doubt that the league should bring back the sweet trophies like the one seen with Kevin Garnett here, but the way he played in this one, K.G. deserved something even better.

    In an absolutely thrilling contest, Garnett dialed up one of his classic games and was absolutely blazing hot at both ends of the floor.

4. Michael Jordan, 1997

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    Stat Line: 5-of-14 (4-of-7 from foul line) for 14 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists, two steals

    It wasn't Michael Jordan's best shooting night, but games like this one are perfect examples to express how different Jordan was from anyone else who has ever played the game.

    He got other things working in his approach, was able to play the role of facilitator and a triple-double in limited action should never be something that flies under the radar.

    Even if it is from the greatest player of all time.

3. LeBron James, 2011

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    Stat Line: 10-of-18 (9-of-10 from foul line) for 29 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists

    Kobe Bryant was the MVP on this night, but James' ridiculous performance was not one that should have been overlooked by anyone watching.

    Despite the lack of peripheral statistics, James shot better than 55 percent from the floor, was involved in every aspect of the approach and played a game-high 32 minutes in the process.

2. Dwyane Wade, 2012

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    Stat Line: 11-of-15 (2-of-2 from foul line) for 24 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, two steals

    It was a tough game for Dwyane Wade, as a triple-double wasn't enough to secure a victory for his team nor for him to take home the MVP award.

    Wade's performance was spectacular despite many paying more attention to other players on the court, and he remains one of the more under-appreciated players to ever suit up.

1. Michael Jordan, 1988

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    Stat Line: 17-of-23 (6-of-6 from foul line) for 40 points, eight rebounds, three assists, four steals, four blocks

    Anytime anybody scores 40 in an All-Star game one knows that the player was on a mission, but Michael Jordan did it on just 23 shots.

    When someone mentions "23" as it refers to professional basketball, the first thought for most people brings Jordan to mind.

    Is it a coincidence that he shot it 23 times? Maybe, maybe not.

    Either way, this game was all about M.J.