NBA All-Star Game 2012: Celebrity Doppelgängers for the Starting Lineups

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2012

NBA All-Star Game 2012: Celebrity Doppelgängers for the Starting Lineups

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    The NBA All-Star Game is a time for many different things.

    It's a time for appreciating the league's best talents. It's a time for reminiscing about All-Star Games of the past. And it's a time to for the offensive gurus to shine and the defensive enthusiasts to take a backseat.

    Perhaps most importantly though, it's a time to ponder which celebrities this year's All-Star starters resemble most.

Center: Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum

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    Dwight Howard

    The possibility of Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard being dealt for each other remains a long shot, but given their recent link to each other, it would have been extremely convenient if they resembled each other. 

    That being said, they don't.

    Howard, though, bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Wesley Snipes. Their facial structure is the similar and they share the same taste in eye wear.

    If Howard earned his claim to fame in a basketball film alongside Woody Harrelson, the two would be as good as twins.


    Andrew Bynum

    As for Bynum, if he were 15 inches shorter, he could fill in for Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock if called upon.

    True story.

Forward: Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant

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    Blake Griffin

    If we were talking animation, Blake Griffin boasts hops that rival Buzz Lightyear's and looks just like Hey Arnold's Tucker. But we aren't.

    In terms of celebrities, Griffin bears resemblance to Taylor Lautner of the Twilight franchise. I'm not sure how happy he is about that one, though. 

    Perhaps if we referred to it as Taylor Lautner of Abduction?


    Kevin Durant

    What about Kevin Durant? 

    Well, he's got Jamie Foxx written all over him. Fittingly enough, Durant is a music enthusiast.

    How much do these two resemble each other? So much so that any mistakes Durant makes on the basketball court tonight, he could blame on the alcohol and we wouldn't think twice. 

Forward: Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James

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    Carmelo Anthony

    Chase Budinger jumped over P. Diddy in last night's dunk competition, but if the music mogul were any taller, many would have sworn it was Carmelo Anthony.

    The "Coming Home" mantra that was featured upon Anthony's arrival to New York only furthers the argument behind this pairing.


    LeBron James

    You didn't think we would leave out the self-proclaimed King, did you?

    There was a short period of time where many weren't sure who sang I Believe I Can Fly—LeBron James or R. Kelly.

    As it turns out it was Kelly, but once you catch a look of these two side-by-side, you can understand the confusion.

Shooting Guard: Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant

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    Dwyane Wade

    Did Dwyane Wade star in a trio of movies alongside Jackie Chan?

    No, but he does look a bit like Chris Tucker, who did.

    All Wade really needs to do is a parody of Michael Jackson on the set of any movie and you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.


    Kobe Bryant

    While Kobe Bryant does bear a resemblance to Tupac Shakur, his endeavors on the rap scene didn't fare too well, so let's go with Shaft instead.

    Like Shaft, although on the basketball court, Bryant is the epitome of suave.

    And much like Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Shaft, Bryant can be found everywhere.

Point Guard: Derrick Rose and Chris Paul

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    Derrick Rose

    Derrick Rose hasn't released any rap albums, but his celebrity look alike in Nelly has.

    Like Nelly, Derrick Rose has an affinity for sunglasses. And like Nelly, Rose is extremely agile.

    Most importantly, like Nelly, Rose is also Number 1.


    Chris Paul

    If one of your guilty pleasures is watching reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then you're familiar with Carlton Banks and the actor Alfonso Ribeiro who portrays him.

    Should Paul ever opt to trade in his basketball kicks for a sweater vest, and then proceed to partake in what is known as the Tom Jones shuffle, then these two would not be able to be told apart.